What’s your speculation?

I’m putting the entire contents of this post behind a jump link, to shield the eyes of our anti-spoiler/speculation brethren. :)

Now that we’re just hours away from The Office Season 3 finale, I figured you guys needed some kind of outlet for all that nervous energy you’re undoubtedly feeling.

So tell me, what’s your speculation?

Lots to think about:

  • Now that Rashida Jones’ show The Rules for Starting Over has been officially picked up by Fox, how does this affect Karen’s appearances on The Office?
  • Will we see any JAM action tonight?
  • Who will be offered the job at corporate? Who will take the job at corporate?
  • And my favorite, regarding the “literally big” Michael/Jan development that various members of the cast have been alluding to for weeks, what is that big development? Is Jan pregnant? Did Jan get a boob job? Does Jan take Michael’s old job in Scranton?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Predictions:

    Well, BJ was on KROQ in LA this morning, and he gave some MAJOR hints……again, he said that Jan comes in with news…and what ensues is hilarious.

    He then said that Dwight takes over Dunder Mifflin…at least in this episode…

    And that there are “quite a few” Jim and Pam moments

    He then said the episode will leave “everyone psyched” and that they’ve already started writing season 4, and what they are writing is based on what happens in the finale……..

    My personal opinion:
    * Pam and Jim confront the issue, but they are going to “work on their friendship”
    * I think Michael will get the job at corporate…but then maybe next season miss DM so much that he comes back
    * I also think they give Rashida an option of staying at corporate, which she ponders….and we might not know the answer until next season..

    As for the “Big News” from Jan – Maybe she is coming to DH to be closer to Michael (?) That is, if he doesnt get the job at corporate.

    THE END.
    9.5 hours and counting.

  2. My guesses:
    I think there will be some JAM action, but not as intense as last year’s kiss.
    I think Jim will be offered the job, but for some reason or another Karen will somehow wind up with it in the end.
    And I think Jan is pregnant.

  3. It’s ridiculous how nervous I get before finales like this one… seriously. Based on things I’ve read, I’m saying Michael gets the job. I’m not sure HOW in the world that’s going to work considering… it’s Michael. And it will totally change the tone of the show if Dwight – or someone else – is in charge in Scranton, BUT putting Dwight in charge does bode well for lots of Jim and Pam pranks, so hey, works for me. I just don’t think it makes sense to send Jim away for the second year in a row. And surely it’s not something crazy, like two of them get corporate jobs or something… no, no, no…

    On the Jim/Pam front, I don’t think (no matter how hard I might wish) they’re “getting together” tonight. My biggest hope at this point is that Jim tells Pam he misses her as well and they start rebuilding their friendship. I’d love to see S4 Jim and Pam return to their S2 state… And honestly, I’m still waiting for a bit of a fight or argument between the two about everything that happened.

    The wild card is Karen. With Rashida’s pilot picked up, how will they handle that relationship? Will she and Jim break up or try to get through this “rough patch” – eventually to no avail? How much can Rashida actually be around if she’s on another show and how do they handle it in the finale since they had no “for sure” on her pilot getting picked up…

    *sigh* Is it 7 yet?

  4. Here you go:

    1) Rashida doing another show will lead to her not having enough time to be a regular, thus breaking up Jim and Karen.
    2) Of course. But I doubt they’re going to reconcile the whole thing. They’re going to want to milk this for as long as possible. I’m guessing until the SERIES finale.
    3) Jim will have it offered to him, but Karen will take it (her being in New York is a good excuse to get her out of the picture but still have her available for the occasional cameo.
    4) Karen is pregnant. That’s 99% sure.

    I’m pulling on the writers to put Jim and Pam together so we can be done with that and move on to other plot lines. Honestly, it’s dragged on to the point that JAM is taking away from the show and I’m not sure if I’m watching The Office or The Young and the Restless. For most other shows getting the star-crossed lovers together might spell doom, but The Office is unique and creative enough to pull it off. The only question is: Do the writers have the guts to do it?

    Tonight we’ll find out.

  5. Okay, here goes:

    I am so beyond speculation this point, but my biggest fear is that the cliffhanger will be who actually ends up going to corporate. If they do this, I will cry!

    I tend to lean towards Jan being pregnant. I think that Karen will get the corporate job. I think it might be offered to Jim, though. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we ended up with a scenario where Karen got a job in NY, and Jim was also offered one? Then Jim’s choice would be between NY-bottled-water-Karen, or Scranton-grape-soda-Pam. hmmmm.

  6. I think Jim gets offered the job but turns it down without telling Karen why; she takes the job and they try the long-distance thing (confirming reports we’ll see “more” of corporate next year). I can’t imagine Michael getting a promotion, and I don’t like to think that the Office producers/writers would be so unoriginal as to have Jim leave the office again. I don’t think the boob job proposal is in line with the show’s humor/style, but I really can’t figure out what her “big” news is. I guess I’ll just have to wait 6 or 7 hours and find out…

  7. i think jim will be offered the job, but he’ll give it up because he won’t be able to stop thinking about pam’s speech. i think that karen will take the job instead. i really think jan is preggers…i think that jim will confront pam about her speech. pam will admit that she has feelings for jim, and that she’s jealous of karen.(that’s my hope anyways), i don’t know, but all i know for sure is that the writers won’t disappoint…

  8. *applauds*

    I love the speculation page :-)

    I’ll return with my predictions later.

  9. I think Karen is off the show.
    Definitely some JAM action…I want to see everyone’s (of course Jim’s)reaction to Pam.
    Jim will be offered the job…Karen will take the job.
    I think Jan will interview Michael and when he sees her, she have HUGE boobs. This will cause him to act more Michael than usual.
    I think we’re going to get some major Dwangela action as well.

  10. Wow….soooo much to think about. I don’t think Karen gets offered the job, but I think she does go to Corporate (does that make sense?). Like maybe Jim/Michael gets the job but they turn it down. I would love if Jim turned it down and I think it would be kind of full circle, dont you think? Last season, Jim made a confession and ran. It would be a pretty big character development if he stayed, I think.

    And what’s the big “game changer” ala Lost? The only thing thats coming to mind is Michael leaving, but given the spoilers, and Rashida Jones’ show being picked up (which in the very least means she has a reduced role on the show), I’m not sure Michael does get the job.

    ARGH! I don’t know…..only 6 hours and 19 minutes.

  11. 2. I’d really like to see Jim come back to Scranton from New York as the “old Jim,” with his floppy hair and rolled up sleeves, and planning to pull a prank on Dwight with Pam. I’m okay with them just being friends again at the end of this season.

    3. I think Jim will get offered the job, but turn it down when he realizes he’s not New York Jim, he’s Scranton Jim. Then Karen will take the job.

    Either that or Karen will get offered the job and Jim will assume that he’s going to New York with her until she tells him otherwise.

    4. I have no idea what the big Jan surprise is. I think she’s pregnant, but since Melora has vetoed that idea, I’m not sure.

  12. The suspense is killing me! I’m still wondering what they mean in the summary by “Pam plays an interesting role.” Could it be possible that the fancy new Beesley decides she wants a shot at a corporate job herself? I know that’s far-fetched, but I’m not discounting any curve balls that these writers may throw our way tonight. I do feel good about so many of the cast members saying that “questions will be answered.” Can’t wait!

  13. Karen is out.
    Definite JAM action tonight and they will definitely be dating next season. The writers aren’t going to drag it out any longer.
    Jan and Michael switch jobs.
    Jan’s getting huge “chesticles”!

  14. My predictions

    Michael is offered the job

    Karen doesn’t get job but stays in NYC

    Michael picks Dwight for RM job — Jim doesn’t get RM Job because he turned it down last week –

    Jan definitely getting boob job (hence the title of episode “The Job”)

    sets up next year where Michael is at corporate and Dwight is RM with Jim back at scranton

  15. i think jan is pregnant. i think karen will get the job. i think pam and jim will get married and live happily ever after…it’s not going to be that simple is it?

  16. I agree with most of what Toby from HR says about JAM happening and Jan pregnant. I think Michael goes to corporate because Jan is pregnant. If Jan is not pregnant, I think they reconcile and get married, and again, Michael goes to NY. I think Jim will be the RM in Scranton.

  17. I definetly think that Jim will be offered the Job but turn it down, instead Karen gets it. But I dont see how this would involve changes for the whole office…
    Anyway, I think the Jam action will hapen after Jim comes back from NY, just telling Pam that he turned the offer down.
    Just a guess.

  18. Ok. I really have no clue what’s going to happen tonight, so I am just going to list my ideas.

    1. I think Jan is pregnant, especially after hearing Angela put the emphasis on “big” changes for Jan and Michael. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, it doesn’t sound like Michael and Jan are expecting a baby, but I really do think that’s it.

    2. About the job in corporate- I think that they will offer Jim the job, but of course after Pam’s heart-wrenching speech, he can’t leave her again, especially knowing how she feels about him now. So, somehow he realizes he’s not meant for New York material, he’s a Scranton boy for lifee =).

    3. Once, Jim turns down the job, I think it will be offered to Karen. Michael, on the other hand, will most likely stay as regional manager. Then, I think Karen will expect Jim to move to New York with her, since the relationship seems pretty intense. But, he won’t && I think tonight’s the eppisode where they break up (hopefully!! *crosses fingers*

    4. PLEASE WE NEED JAM ACTION. I really want to see some juicy JAM. Whoop! That’s my #1 priority of the night! Ha-ha.

    Ok, that’s my speculation. Thanks for reading! Respond if you agree/disagree! .

  19. I think the letter Toby deposited in the mailbox last week will come into play during Michael’s job interview. Very suspicious.

  20. Based on the spoiler pics we saw of John and Rashida filming in NYC, I wonder if Jim will finally realize he’s changing himself too much. Shorter hair, bottled water, fewer pranks; I keep thinking he’ll add these things up and realize he’s not the guy he used/wants to be. As for Pam playing a big role tonight, I’m hoping FNB stays gutsy and does something to help Karen get that job.
    I really hope Karen breaks it off with Jim tonight; she would win back a lot of points with me as a character if she finally sucks it up and realizes “he’s just not that into you.”

  21. I think the letter Toby deposited in the mailbox last week will come into play during Michael’s job interview. Very suspicious.

    Wow, Elizabeth, I didn’t even catch that!

  22. Jim is offered the job but turns it down after realizing that his friendship with Pam is more important than his relationship with Karen. Karen takes the job, and Jim and Karen break up. Jim and Pam restart their friendship to get to know each other again.

    Michael is also offered a job at corporate and he takes it. Jan is sent to Scranton to replace Michael. Michael doesn’t do well in NYC, and eventually returns to Scranton in season 4. Hence us seeing more of corporate next season.

    Only 6 more hours…

  23. Jan and Michael are fired. THAT’s big news.
    Karen gets NYC position.
    Jim is Scranton Regional Manager.
    Pam is reconciled to Jim.

  24. I think Smartone is correct in post 16. These episodes all tend to have double meanings, and “The Job” makes perfect sense for her geting some implants. I hadn’t even thought about that till reading the posts.

  25. yeah, here’s the thing though,
    michael wouldn’t give up on his crew, but I think Steve Carell is like crazy insane busy. they’ll give him the corporate job, he’ll be in like 5 minutes per episode, and then he can make movies and be in a lot during sweeps week etc.

  26. This will be the dialogue in the last 10 seconds of tonight’s finale:

    Jim: I’m so confused. What am I gonna do?!?
    Pam: Real quick, without thinking, what do you want to do about Karen?
    Jim: I want to be with you.
    (Pam smiles)

    (End Credits/End of Season)

    Jan is pregnant with Kevin’s baby.
    Ryan is pregnant with Kelly’s baby.

  27. Yes, I really do believe that it is a boob job:

    1) Angela has said the news is “literally big.” Literally big can only mean pregnancy or implants. And Melora has kind of said it isn’t pregnancy.

    2) “The Job” can then have multiple clever meanings.

    3) Michael has mentioned Jan’s shrunken testicles and her lack of self-confidence in “Women’s Appreciation.”

  28. It’s hard to even predict. But I will say this about Jim and Pam: They need to become friends again before they can become lovers. I think Jim not taking the job after having it offered would be ideal. But I think there should not be a romantic scene between Jim and Pam. Jim choosing to stay is a gesture that says I’m staying for you. They can develop the romance in season four.

    Having said that, Karen needs to be off the show. A friend I hadn’t seen in a long time told me last week how much hotter Karen is compared to Pam. And I thought blasphemy! Karen must go! Jenna Fischer– I mean, Pam –is the ultimate girl next door.

    And as for Michael and Jan, definitely implants for Jan. And I agree with those who think she might end up being the RM in Scranton with Michael in NYC.

    Dwight will not take over the Scranton branch … in any official way.

    Anybody else dreading summer reruns? Although, it’s good time to dust off your season two DVDs. Watched Office Olympics and Michael’s Birthday last night. Classics.

  29. Elizabeth-

    Great catch! I hadn’t given much thought to the letter Toby mailed, but I’ll bet you’re right.

    As for speculation, I’m about speculated out, but I think they’ll throw a curve and make us wait all summer before they correct it. In the long run, the show won’t be without Michael, Pam, or Jim. But it could very well go on without Karen.

  30. I hope Karen ends up in Corporate, not just because of the JAM issue, but also, I want it to be about an incompetent boss in Scranton with his “family” in season four, just like every season. Change is good, but too much is a turn off.

    It might not end in a big ol Jam make out session, but I’ll be happy if Jim/Karen are done and we have the hope of a JAM packed future. Cliffhanger, no.

    On another note, I really miss the awkward pauses. This isn’t Gilmore Girls, let the scene breath once in awhile!

  31. Jim gets the Job in NY and keeps it. Michael stays as Regional Manager of Scranton. Karen stays in Scranton.

    Pam either

    moves to NY with Jim
    gets Jim’s old Job as Michael was impresses with her speech and going over the fire.

    Jim then would visit Scranton, but would he visit for Karen or for Pam?

    I love story time.

    Also I noticed my DVR says The Job part 1 of 2.
    Does that mean the Season 4 premiere will be The Job part 2?

    mmm :)

  32. Okay, so not only is it not on until 8, but I have to wait until 10 to watch it tonight, AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

    Okay so speculation –

    Karen ultimatums Jim after she gets the job, only after finding out he turned it down “Me as your girlfriend, or Pam as your best friend, you can’t have both.” He picks Pam, she leaves in a huff for NYC.

    Jan is preggers which gives her large boobs

    Dwangela, Jam, and Relly – Go kids go

  33. I like #22 speculation esp. what happens with Jim and Pam, I don’t think it will be a Season 2 ending, but something like that. I have to disagree with the Jan boob job thing, all of the cast people seem to be hinting that Michael and Jan will have the big cliffhanger-esq ending for the season. And Jan having a boob job doesn’t quite fit that. I mean who cares?! But Michael and Jan preggo…well that is just comedy gold :-)

  34. Hey ya’ll – I’m trying to avoid working in my own office, so here goes:

    I thought I was being clever when I thought about Jan having an “augmentation” – but it seems that great minds think alike! I think Jan is just slightly off enough to do that. Honestly, though, I think she’s pregnant.

    I was talking about tonight’s episode with one of my co-workers and I honestly will be happy or at least okay with whatever happens. As much as I want Jim and Pam to get together to fulfill my own need to live vicariously through them, if they don’t I’m cool with it. It’s real life, and I am so impressed with the way they have dealt with Pam’s personal growth this year, that whatever happens is going to be great. I don’t need a big cliffhanger.

    By the way, I was thinking about this the other day, and haven’t had time to go through the archives to see if anyone else has mentioned this, but if Pam had married Roy her name would be Pamela Anderson. Yikes! Thank goodness it didn’t happen :) Enjoy the show all!

  35. One hour is divided into two episodes, like Benihana Christmas.

    I think BJ Novak wrote this, since he’s doing the live blog, and his episodes are great for their JAM moments.

    The Fire: Jim/Pam make each other jealous
    Sexual Harassment: Which one is Jim?-Pam’s Mom
    Initiation: THE phone call
    Boys and Girls: Supportive Jim moment
    Safety Training: Kevin’s comments and Karen’s TH

  36. #38 – Benihana Christmas was an hour long and it said Parts 1 & 2…That could be what your DVR is trying to tell you.

    I totally missed the Toby letter thing…I’ll have to watch that again.

  37. I’m totally skipping the last half of class tonight to get back in time for the finale. I have no idea what’s gonna happen. My thought is that, if indeed there is a big “game-changer” then it will be Michael who gets the job, with Jim becoming regional manager. Before you start flaming, hear me out. Once Michael has the job, as we will see in season 4, he won’t be able to stay away from Scranton, driving in at least once a week (every episode?) to check up on things. Then he probably will make some big faux pas in terms of an ill-timed Thats what She Said and be sent back to Scranton, with Karen sent up to corporate. This will probably happen within the first 2 or 3 episodes to release Rashida Jones to film that fox show, similar to how Oscar was “on vacation” to film that weird show on Comedy Central.

    too much?

  38. I like # 22 also :)

    Here’s my spec: Jim gets the job but, after thinking about it, he turns it down. Somehow, Karen ends up getting the job. I am not sure if she and Jim will be broken up by the end of the ep but I really don’t think so. I think that they will try the long distance thing for a while. This will open the door to Jim and Pam being able to re-establish their friendship next season and head towards couple hood, possibly this time next year.

    The final Jim/ Pam related shot: Jim walks back into DM Scranton after turning the job down. He pauses for a moment and then goes to sit down at his old desk. He swivels around and he and Pam share a meaningful smile.

    The only thing that worries me and throws a wrench into the whole “Karen gets the job” theory is BJ’s comment that the finale is game-changing for everyone and that next year will be different. Karen getting the job effect no one but Jim and Pam. I do kinda wonder if it will be Michael that gets the job.

    Regarding Jan’s “BIG” news, no idea. I can only go with the pregnancy or boob job theories, neither of which I really like.

  39. In the UK version there was a similar (though not exactly the same) situation in which the regional manager was offered a promotion, but if he took it, that would mean everybody in the Slough branch would close.

    I wonder if they’re using that for inspiration at all. Maybe not, just thought I’d through that out there. Anything is possible.

  40. One thing that absolutely cannot happen: Karen staying in Scranton. Too much background work, and her show has been picked up.

  41. 1. Jim will get his haircut before his interview.

    2. There will be a response to Pam’s speech, it may be as simple as Jim apologizing for “putting her through all this.” I think Jim will ask Pam a hypothetical: if i hadn’t left for Stamford, would we be together? Pam will answer: yes. This leads to the following:

    3. Jim stumbles in the middle of his interview and tells Wallace that he’s decided to stay in Scranton. He’ll recommend Karen. She is offered the position and takes it.

    4. Jim will tell Karen that he’s going to keep his old job while he looks for a new one in NY. He won’t try very hard.

    5. Jan gets implants. Michael immediately takes her back. She finds a house midway between Scranton and NY and her and Michael make plans to move in.

    There’s been rumor of a “game-changer” but I can’t see any realistic scenarios built around Michael taking the corporate job, Jan taking Michael’s job(a demotion?) or Jim leaving Scranton(S3 all over again.) The writers have to find a way to move Karen out of Scranton–we know this for sure.

  42. Micael sees Jan for the first time and thinks she got a boob job BUT she is instead she is pregnant……

  43. I don’t have time to read everyone’s comments before running to a meeting but I think the boob job is it! Melora said something “big” happens and that when we see it, we’ll see how “big” comes into play. Wasn’t Michael talking about her boobs being blah in Women’s Appreciation? And she’s “out of town” last week? Recovering from surgery?
    Karen will go to NY, she and Jim will try an ldr but that leaves Pam & Jim to rebuild their friendship, which will lead to them finally getting together. I predict them getting together during the 1st sweeps in season 4. Mark my words. I was right about Pam opening up and saying something to Jim last week ;)

    Tanster, you rock, I was thinking “I wish OT had a finale speculation section”, I hit refresh and there it was!

  44. I love the idea that Jim is going to be offered the job, but that he’s not going to take it, because he feels like he can’t run away from Scranton again. So, then it’s passed on to Karen.

    I do feel like we’re going to be left with the understanding, some way or another, that Jim and Pam are going to begin (at last!) a romantic relationship. I don’t know if we’re going to see them making out or getting it on in the supply closet, but I feel like there’s not going to be any sort of cliffhanger there.

  45. “3) Michael has mentioned Jan’s shrunken testicles and her lack of self-confidence in “Women’s Appreciation.””

    Read that again, tanster. ;)

    Cute misspelling, I’m laughing like an idiot at work a that.

    Annnyway, I also expect the boob job thing. It just seems to fit perfectly. That’s what she said.

  46. What I really meant to say (sorry for the typos in the above post):

    In the UK version there was a similar (though not exactly the same) situation in which the regional manager was offered a promotion, but if he took it, that would mean everybody in the Slough branch would lose their jobs.

    I wonder if they’re using that for inspiration at all. Maybe not, just thought I’d throw that out there. Anything is possible.

  47. I had a dream last night that Toby finally confronted Pam and told her how he felt… its about time for that side of the story, ya? And I’m going to cast my vote that Jan will be pregnant. BUT… I think the Office writers are smart, and they KNOW that that is what we are thinking. It’s very predictable. So I will un-cast my vote for Jan being pregnant and re-cast it for something that I cannot predict. :)

  48. Hi. I am trying REALLY REALLY HARD (thats what she said) to not read or watch any spoilers for the season finale. And I have been really good and did not watch anything. But I couldnt resist this post.

    The only comment I read was #22 since so many people have referenced it (as I quickly scrolled through). I think that the Jan/Michael thing is going to be that she asks Michael to marry him. I think that she is going to come running back. I think that the office will finally find out about Dwangela somehow, and I really cannot even begin to think about what will happen with JAM. I am too excited to even ponder. I just hope that they finally have one of their “Looks” like they used to at each other.

  49. I think Michael and Karen are both going to corporate. Jim will turn down the Scranton branch manager job and it will go to Dwight. Jim and Karen will break up and Jim and Pam will be friends again and hopefully more. Jan has a boob job and Michael proposes to her.

    The unfortunate thing is if they had split Karen from Jim months ago, they could have kept her as a regular cast member for next year as a regular salesperson.

  50. this is what is going to happen., they all go to new york, and karen and jim talk about what pam said to him. then they all go into their interviews, which michael will obviously mess up with his ways. then jim will go, and he’ll do a good job, but in the end, karen will get the position. they will then discuss their future together. and when jim and all them get back to scranton, jim and pam have their confrontation. and i have a feeling it isnt going to end up the way we all want it to end. but i hope i am wrong!!!!!!! dwwight will be crushed he didnt get the job after all, but he will be happy that michael stays.

  51. what about ANDY? I love Andy!
    If Michael goes, and I agree that this would both be a huge change that is being hinted and also free up his super star schedule, Andy would be a great replacement. At least as far as paving the way for more pranks and testing “Drew’s” patience. Love it!
    Karen’s hanging around, but I think there will be a break up, leaving Jim and Pam ready to “start over.” (twinkles in their eyes.)

  52. PS: I read a few more and I remember Melora saying in numerous interviews that Jan is NOT pregnant. I still think she is going to ask Michael to marry him. The boob job theory is interesting though. Remember how David Wallace said Jan was out of town? Perhaps she was at the Dr getting implants. (though I agree with others that that is a little far fetched.)

  53. I agree, #22 would be zoppity! I can’t wait…I can’t wait…I can’t wait…

  54. I agree with the boob-job. But I think it’s more than that as well. Maybe Jan quit her job and is coming to Scranton for good. Maybe she gets the job as regional manager so she can be a good mom if/when the time is right. Maybe.

    I agree that I would respect Karen a lot more if she would put a stop to the Jim thing. While I am on Team Pam, I think Karen is cool too, but she’s GOT to get a ride on the self-respect train soon or she’s just lame. I think Jim turns the job down too, but I don’t think he tells Karen. I think Karen asks him to quit his job and move to NYC but he turns that down. She thinks because of Pam, but it’s really because he’s already determined that NYC is not him.

    JAM: I think there will be no romance tonight. I think Jim and Pam have a lot of trust issues that they need to work out just to continue to be friends. I am sure he doesn’t quite trust that the new Pam is here to stay. Plus, she may feel guilt about the Karen break-up/trouble that is bound to ensue and may have a hard time interacting with Jim because of that. Even though, she would have been just the catalyst, since Karen and Jim were never meant for each other.

    Maybe Jim breaks up with Karen, but separates himself from Pam too because he needs a break in general so that he can “find himself” the way Pam did.

    All I know is the writers never disappoint. I don’t care what happens. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for Season 4 no matter what.

  55. That’s kinda funny that the whole ‘boob job’ thing is being talked about because that never crossed my mind…especially the episode being called ‘the job’ that’d be hilareous though…but has anybody thought of Jan buying a house close to Scranton? come on! that is literally HUGE!!!! also Melora Hardin (Jan) has said many times that there won’t be a pregnant Jan this season…although it makes me wonder if she’s lying…but I highly doubt it…anyways I can not WAIT to find out what the news really is…I’m really hoping that it’s none of these things…because that just shows how amazing the writers are!

  56. Jan will get demoted and be placed at Scranton as Regional Manager…..as Michael’s boss who has also been demoted to Sales.

  57. I just thought of something else…

    If Jim becomes the Season 4 Regional Branch Manager, that means more incredible JAM tension for the whole next season. She’ll have to work for him!

    Also, I would love to see her be something more than the receptionist. She could totally do it. Sales Manager or whatever.

  58. I agree that for KAREN, she should break it off with Jim, but for PAM to accept Jim back, I think she would want to know it was his deliberate decision. Probably she gives him an ultimatum, and he decides?
    Also, how do you guys think Kevin will play a part in ‘Jim’s decision’? (that was a tv guide “spoiler”)

  59. I forgot: Jenna’s comment in an interview last week where she said that she was happy with the ending. She said: “It may not be everything that everybody wants” but she thinks the fans will be happy with it too. Her husband also made a joke that, if he were to ever direct an ep, it would likely be the one where Jim and Pam finally “do it”.

    I think the “not everything everyone wants” comment means that she and Jim won’t be making out behind reception by the time the ep is over but they will be on a path towards reconnection.

  60. I think the idea of Jan moving to Scranton is a possibility. The boob job maybe makes sense now that I think of the episode title and all, haha…but I’ve been thinking that Jan’s “big news” deals with her quitting her job at corporate and either requesting a job in Scranton or looking for a new job…all along I’ve been thinking that the job Michael/Jim/Karen are interviewing is indeed Jan’s job. As far as other surprises go, do we know for sure that Jan doesn’t have kids? What if her big surprise is that she got custody of her kid from Gould and she’s moving with the kid(s) to Scranton to be with Michael? Ok, that’s far fetched, but we’ll see.

  61. Perhaps Jan is pregnant and is going to take a leave of absence from work. That could mean the position for which Jim, Karen, and Michael are interviewing is Jan’s. And it’s only a temporary position, just while she is on family leave. Whoever takes would only be in New York for part of season 4, then return to Scranton when Jan returns to work.

    I know Melora said Jan is not pregnant this season, so maybe she needs to a leave from work for another reason.

  62. i personally think that nothing is going to happen with JAM. its gonna be all michael/jan with like one or two jim/pam scenes.

  63. I’ve been trying to come up with my speculations on tonight’s finale in reference to some of the patterns that have been followed from the original UK version of the show.

    In the UK version, the boss David/”Michael” is actually fired and we follow him along on his new exploits as a traveling salesman who still can’t keep away from Wernham Hogg/”Dunder Mifflin.” He is replaced by Gareth/”Dwight.”

    This only confuses me and I have NO IDEA how it’s gonna turn out, but this is what I WANT to happen:

    1. Michael gets corporate job, makes up with Jan, Jan announces pregnancy.
    2. Dwight gets the boss job. Makes out with Angela in his new office with the blinds drawn.
    3. Karen does such a great job on the interview, they also offer her a job at corporate. Jim and Karen (finally) break up.
    4. Kevin talks to Jim about the break-up and says he finally has a chance to make it with Pam (a la Roy-pushing-Pam in the other episode.)
    5. Jim and Pam finally get together and make out and get married and have babies.


  64. I was just reading all these and tanster you had me laughing out loud here at work when I read that you wrote “shrunken testicles”…haha…I know you meant chesticles though ;o)

  65. The reason that Jan and Gould divorced is because she wanted kids and he didn’t. She explains this in “The Client”… So highly unlikely she’s got kids hidden anywhere.

    Could this day go by any slower??? AAAArrrrrgggghhh.

  66. I think Jan getting a boob job definitely fits. I can think of a couple episodes where the title applies to two things (The Secret, The Return).
    And at the risk of having too high of expectations I’m gonna hope for at least a Jim-Pam hug.

  67. I have a feeling Jim and Pam are going to hash something out tonight. I don’t think they’ll get together, but I think maybe a lot of the feelings that they both have for one another will come to the surface when he comes back from New York. They will get into a big fight where he says, “I waited all that time for you, and you tell me NOW?!” and she will respond that he didn’t really give her a chance or something, esp. because she was about to marry Roy. The big cliffhanger will be what happens afterwards.

    Karen is definitely staying in New York. She can’t be on the show anymore.

    I just had the awesome idea that Jim gets offered the job, accepts it, and then he and Karen break up because she can’t really take the fact that he won over her. Then Jim goes back to Scranton to get his stuff and break the news…and he sees Pam, they have it all out, and he realizes that there’s still something worth staying in Scranton for. He calls and decides not to take the job. They offer it to Karen, and she stays. Meanwhile, Michael has revealed a bunch of unsavory stuff about Jan during his interview, killing his chances at the job, and causing DM to fire Jan. Michael comes back to Scranton all hang-dog. Jan has been fired because of her unprofessional behavior and follows Michael to Scranton, and in a moment of vulnerability, proposes to him. Michael says, “Jan, I…” Fade to black.

  68. 1.FNB is somehow instrumental in Michael getting the NY job and Jim getting the RM position.

    2A. Jim uses the new RM job as an excuse to break it off with Karen (to not date an employee), but at the same time it’s a roadblock for becoming involved with Pam. Season Four is either the moral struggle against getting involved… or the hijinks of keeping it secret from everyone.


    2B. Karen becomes a road rep like Packer… still in sales, but not in the office constantly so she can still date Jim. But with her gone most of the time, Jim and Pam still have opportunities to re-bond while Jim and Karen slowly grow apart.

    3. Jan’s ‘chesticles’ are bigger because she’s pregnant. LOL

    4. The only true JAM moment will be at the very end, more of a friendship thing than a romance, something like the Dwight/CIA/Helicopter prank, but with more underlying sexual tension. Something to give us hope for Season 4….

  69. Whoa, AndyW, I actually think you might be right on the Jim-pulling-off-his-mic thing. It’s stealing from the British version, but man, that was such a good scene that it might be hard for the writers to pass up.

  70. #78 Andy

    Good call on your last comment. That would DEFINITELY be a correlation to a scene in the original UK version, which I loved. I was trying to make comparisons, but I totally missed this possibility!

    Nice speculation!

  71. What if it’s Karen who tells Jim that he should be with Pam? She already knows he has feelings for her and it’s been quite obvious to her to she has feelings for him (and hello, Pam’s speech!), and she doesn’t seem like she’s all that bad, really…I’m all about some JAM, but I think she might be the one to tell him to go for it. (Kind of like Roy…)

  72. I think Jan gets a boob job. I’m not sure what will happen with Jim/Pam/Karen, but I hope Jim and Karen break up, and Jim and Pam start to be friends again. I trust the writers that everything will turn out great. :)

  73. Despite the UK precedent, I don’t see how Dwight could become the head of the Scranton office. Everyone would be fired except for Angela. LOL

  74. Re: Toby mailing the letter last week meaning someithing interesting…maybe that was Toby’s recommendation for the new regional manager of the Scranton branch. He is in HR and I would think that he would have a say since he is in the branch full time. Maybe he recommends Pam.

  75. WOW..so many grand ideas… I don’t have a clue what’s gonna happen and I cannot even express how nervous/excited/anxious I am for tonite. Crazy..it’s just a show..right?
    I think the obvious is that Jim and Pam are not going to end up together tonite. Their friendship needs to be re-established but I do believe it is the end of the road for Jim and Karen.
    I think Michael will get the job at corporate but sometime in season 4 he will return. A chicken just can’t survive w/out it’s head.
    I don’t have a clue what Jan’s “BIG” news is but I don’t think she is pregnant. As for a boob job…always possible but I just can’t see that.

  76. Let’s not forget Michael and Jan’s “love contract.” It was there to prevent the wronged lover from suing the company, but would most likely also prevent inappropriate behavior following a breakup.

    Perhaps Jan’s week off could be investigated and reflected negatively in light of the contract, leading to her termination? I just have this feeling that the contract is going to come back somehow and bite one or both of them in the butt.

  77. If Jan is pregnant, I swear that every paper in the county will have the F word on it. You have 24 hours.

    Pregnancies ruin shows! Writers come on!

  78. I know a lot of people expect Jan’s “big news” to be pregnancy, but I absolutely love the idea that it might be her either taking over the Scranton Branch or something of the sort! The suspense is killing me!!

  79. At one point, in an interview or a blog somewhere, didn’t Brian mention that Kevin would be instrumental in Jim’s choice between Karen and Pam? And we all know that Kevin thinks Pam is hot…

    But if Jim really needs so much convincing about Pam, I’m not sure he is deserving of her at all. Oh wait, who am I kidding? I’m dying for some season finale Jam time!!!

  80. ok here’s what i think is going to happen:

    1. Jan is pregnant. although i have a small inkling that she’s had implants. but i don’t think she’d do that just for michael.

    2. Karen gets the NY job. Because, according to the show description, Pam plays an interesting role, so I think she tells Jan about her and Jim, and so in order to help ol’ Pammy out, she’s going to give Karen the job to get her out of scranton and to keep Jim there.

    i can’t wait to see them fleece it out.

  81. “Maybe I should be your boss?”

    Maybe not, but something big for pam. A promotion? Regional manager? could happen.

  82. I think everyone is misinterpreting “Pam plays an interesting role” in NBC summary– it is obvious that her “interesting role” is being “secret assistant regional manager” as was shown on preview clip.

  83. AndyW, the mic thing sounds plausible and it would give a nod to the British Office.

  84. It has been mentioned several times that Jim and Pam can’t be friends (more than that, how do you come back from that? I don’t think you can) So I don’t think Jim and Pam will just be friends. I do however think he may take her up on that offer for coffee from The Merger. I think the writers will love keeping Karen arund because it will be wildly uncomfortable for everyone involved when Jim and Pam get togther, with Karen watching.

  85. Oh man, I gotta do this again? Okay. Michael gets and takes the job at corporate, hijinks ensue. Eyecandy Jim gets the regional manager spot. Pam goes to NY for the art school. Karen remains in Scranton but broken up with Jim, maybe hooks up with Ryan. Awkward! Jan comes back from her week’s vacation where she was doing some soul searching and realizes too that she’s pregnant. Creepy awkward. Dwight and Angela are still secret lovers, some things are just too good to reveal. Toby darn well better make a play for Pam, for once, stand up and fight man! This may all be a bit too much to expect for merely an hour of tv, but here’s hoping!

  86. So why is there a job opening anyway? I think that Jan is leaving her job in New York to go to Scranton…..

  87. I agree somewhat with the boob job theory, but here’s my only concern with it: I have heard in cast interviews that Jan AND Michael have big news. So, unless Michael also decides to get an enlargement…okay I’m just going to stop with that now.

    This is my theory, although it is somewhat out there. Michael feels bad for what went down on Women’s Appreciation, so he feels the only appropriate apology would be to propose to Jan. He buys her a gigantic, gaudy ring because he assumes that’s the kind of ring a woman would want.

    As for Jim/Karen/Pam: I think Jim is either going to purposely screw up his interview OR he’ll be offered the job and turn it down to stay in Scranton. Karen will be offered the job after Jim doesn’t get it, so in the end Jim is somewhat instrumental to Karen leaving.

    I agree with #22 for the JAM ending.

    #90–Fancy New Beesley

  88. I think that Jim will be offered the job at corporate. After considering, he decides he can’t leave Pam again (after what she said on “Beach Day”), although he’s not 100% sure that Pam wants to be with him as more than friends. Karen is then offered the job. After learning that Jim turned down the job, and speculating Pam as the reason, she decides to takes it. Jim tells her that he still wants to be with her. So, next season we have a long distance Jim/Karen relationship – allowing the fun old days of Jim and Pam flirting and pulling pranks. Throughout the season they rekindle their friendship and by next years finale we have the big “I love yous” and JAM forever.

  89. Jennifer-

    “Fancy New Beasley”.

    All this speculation is just exhausting me. I love you guys, but I’m going to ignore you all for a while and try to get some work done. Really. No, really. I am, I swear.

    Criminy, 5-1/2 more hours, plus my kid’s damn concert. I’ll never make it.

  90. The words “literally big” were used to describe the Jan/Michael relationship. A lot of people misuse literally (example: My head literally exploded when I heard the news!), but I am confident that the cast and the writers used “literally” deliberately to indicate that something physically big is occurring, like bigger boobs or a weight gain or something to that effect.

  91. In Uk version the Dwight character becomes head of office BUT he doesn’t have power — Corp could make Dwight the head of office but just as Ass RM — same title as Jim so that Dwight doesn’t have power to fire people.. Jim motivation to come back to scranton would be to reconnect with Pam.

  92. Michael gets the job. Jan is still at corporate. She got a boob job. Dwight is regional manager only until someone tells him to stop and gives Jim the job. Early in Season 4, Michael has ruined corporate after some hilarious hijinks and returns, sub-ordinate to Jim. As far as JAM goes, I refuse to predict. Oh – and Karen will get the job in corporate when Michael returns.

  93. No way. If Jan told David, “I’m leaving for Scranton to be with Michael,” why would David turn around and offer her vacant job to Michael. Also, that would be insane of Jan to do! I think she’d sooner give up Michael than her job, but I think hearing what Michael said to her on the phone did cause her to take a week off from work and analyze her “self-destructive tendencies.”

  94. Wow. So much.

    I agree w/ 81, Pam is somehow involved in the decision about who gets what jobs. (see ep description (Pam has an interesting role to play) Maybe all those pages of notes she took on beach day are useful after all? Maybe she says Karen is the most professional person in the office (true, but that would also be a little self-serving on Pam’s part ;-)

    I still can’t decide about Karen or Michael for the corporate job. Karen is obviously the easiest choice, but so much more funniness if Michael is there for a bit – if Michael does get it, I don’t think it will be for more than a few episodes, though, before he is back at scranton.

    I think breast implants (Angela said LITERALLY big, and she can’t possibly be pregnant enough to be showing yet). Except that the ep description says Jan has “exciting” news and I don’t see how that is really exciting…I don’t see Jan being demoted to RM, but I could see her quitting and becoming new agey or something. I will vote for the writers to surprise us on this one. Maybe they’re moving corporate to scranton.

    As far as Jim and Pam go, I vote for something along the lines of 22 or 78.

    I apologize to my high school english teachers for horrible use of parentheticals.

  95. A quick & heartfelt thanks to tanster for providing us fanatics with a comfy home! It was awful being adrift..

    My spec: Jim is offered the job in NY, which he accepts, but on the condition that Pam takes the graphic-design internship there. Karen, rejected and bummed out, goes home to East Palookaville and marries her childhood sweetheart. She becomes the regional manager of the East Palookaville Widget Factory, of which her new husband is the CEO and great-grandson of the founder. For Jim & Pam, the energy and stimulation of NY City and each other’s company provoke major personal growth. Jim enrolls in graduate school at the Columbia School of Journalism. He’s always wanted to do something big and interesting. Pam gets a gallery in Chelsea. She becomes the darling of the art scene. They adore each other and love to wax nostalgic about the angst-ridden but tender days back in Scranton. They wonder about Michael, Jan, Dwight, Phyllis, Angela…they marvel at the news of how Creed turned the company around, pushing it into the Fortune 500. His second-in-command, Phyllis, with her superb negotiating skills, is the nerve-center of things. Since Dwight and Angela left to manage Angela’s rare-cat breeding business, the office climate has been quieter, but the entrepreneurial couple drop in from time to time to pay a social call, if they are not too busy delivering kittens to their many Japanese clientele. Jim and Pam hear from Michael now and then, who took a job with Staples management, where he was employed until he married a women from France, a financial news reporter who interviewed him about reports of a possible European expansion. He’s now based in Paris and is teaching International Business Management at the Sorbonne.

  96. Jan is pregnant.
    Karen will get the job at corporate and Michael has to stay in Scranton.
    Jim and Pam will make out tonight.

    Ah… what a wonderful world I live in.

  97. I think either jim will purposely blow the interview or Karen (starting to read the writing on the wall) will screw him over for the job when it comes down to it…she is too driven and practical to not take a chance at corporate when it is in front of her

  98. As I see it we have many pieces to the puzzle, none of which fit.

    Jan has literally big news. But it is exciting. And it is life-changing for both her and Michael. And she comes to Scranton with this news.

    I’ll be darned if I can figure it out, because just about everything proposed doesn’t meet one of those criteria.

  99. michael will stay at scranton, jan is pregnant, karen takes the corporate job after jim turns it down for pam.

  100. Perhaps Pam padded her notes with positive information about Karen – and sent them to Corporate – thus helping her win the job in NY.

    The plot thinnens!

  101. it said in a spoiler that you’d be seeing jan at a different location this year. have we? nope.

  102. Kevin plays an important role supposedly with Jim in regards to Karen and Pam. I wonder if his (presumed) failed engagement plays a factor. Maybe he never told his fiance how he felt or showed it to her and he relays this parable to Jim. We must be prepared for every possible disaster, which sounds harsh.

  103. “My spec: Jim is offered the job in NY, which he accepts, but on the condition that Pam takes the graphic-design internship there.”

    I really like that idea, but I just can’t imagine the gang being together at the beginning of next season. It was torture having Jim apart from Dwight and Michael at the beginning of this season, but it made up for it since he was able to make faces about Andy’s insanity. If he’s away from everyone, that would just suck completely. And it’s not like once the internship is over he can go back to Scranton with Pam.

  104. The episodes after the March hiatus have been fantastic (though Safety Training seemed like filler) and The Office is getting back to normal. I am hoping that the season finale gets things back to normality. Season 4 doesn’t have to be like season 2, but things shouldn’t be as crazy/awkward as The Merger/Phyllis’ Wedding. Here ‘s to Michael staying in Scranton, Jan not being pregnant or having a breast job, the big Michael/Jan news being something unexpected, Jim and Pam become friends again, and Karen moving off. Nothing against her , but she just doesn’t fit in the Office. Andy has adjusted well in terms of character interaction, but Karen just hasn’t.

  105. This whole thing that BJ told Ausiello is really nagging at me though.

    “Next year is going to be different.” And, it revolves around everyone. I mean, it has to be that there are going to be management changes in the office. Right?

    OMG, I can not wait. Is it 8 pm yet??

  106. there have been some really good specualations on here but one thing I don’t think has been thrown out there is the idea of Karen staying in Scranton. The job going to someone else entirely. Now I believe that she and Jim will break up, that doesn’t mean she’ll leave (just yet).

    How uncomfortable would it be if Jim/Pam/Karen were all still at Dunder Mifflin- Karen still having feelings for Jim, Pam and Jim starting to reunite their friendship, all the while, Jim not trying to rub it in Karen’s face, b/c lets face it, for the most part, Jim is a sensitive guy.

    Ok, thats all…only 2 more hours to go :)
    Happy watching everyone.

  107. A spoiler said that things are getting shaken up for EVERYBODY. I don’t know what that means, but it lends credence to the person who speculated corporate moves to Scranton, which would be weird, but it fits.

    Two hours!

  108. Have you all not watched the British version? Remember, David Brent is offered the job, but turns it down (we later find out he didn’t actually turn it down, but had high blood pressure, or faked it, so he says). But anyways, Michael will not get the job and neither will Jim. Jim will be offered the job, but he will turn it down. Karen will then take the job and move to corporate since her show was picked up. Jan is pregnant and it is her job that they are interviewing for b/c she has taken another job in D-M. That’s my speculation.

  109. i want to see if karen’s going to confront pam about her fireside speech? is there going to be a cat fight, that jim will have to handle? ahhhhhhh!! i can’t wait!

  110. Imake it Rainn I agree, it’s just, what will be the big Jan and Michael (what was their celeb couple name?? Jichael or Man?) anyways, I still, even though they deny it, think she is pregnant.

  111. I want to play, too!

    Karen and Jim are on the outs, but not broken up, yet.
    Pam and Jim kiss.
    Nobody expects Michael to get the corporate job.
    While at NY for the interview, Michael and Jan reconcile. She tells him she loves him and wants to make the relationship work.
    She mentions she’s been sick lately and leaves for a doctor’s appointment.
    Jan’s exciting news is that Michael got the job (much to everyone’s surprise), corporate is moving (they can’t afford to stay in NY and they bought out Vance Refrigeration’s offices), and so is she…into a new house she buys (with the money from selling her NY apartment) with Michael (since he sold his condo).

  112. i want jim and pam to make out tonight like monkeys in heat :]

    lol(for real)

  113. Wow 131, that is super creative! I never thought about that! 2h 20m …

  114. Ok, down to ONE HOUR!!!!

    #131 – that’s actually really good and it would fill the “effects everyone” spoiler and the “we’ll be seeing more of corporate” spoiler. Also, anyone could get the job and still be around a lot.


  115. Fact: Jim will be offered the job.

    Fact: Jim will turn down the job and Karen takes it.

    Fact: Despite the cast saying that she isn’t, Jan will be pregnant.

    Jim and Pam will have a development of some what mammoth proportions, yet will still end on a cliffhanger.

  116. i’m going to read everyone else’s predictions after i write my own, so sorry if it’s all been said already. anyway i’m hoping i’m wrong, since it’s more fun to have the writers come up with something i didn’t even think of.

    i’m guessing the “big” thing is something physically large…perhaps a billboard of jan’s sexy photo? lol.

    i think the corporate job has multiple possibilities, is it possible that jan could get the job, if it isn’t her position that’s being offered? if it is jan’s job that’s up for grabs, maybe michael will do something to make her want to stay, so the position will become unavailable.

    or maybe michael will somehow get the job, and then be fired by season 4’s premiere? or there’s always mr (ms??) outside hire. perhaps david brent came to america in search of a new gig? i’m sure corporate isn’t pinning all their hopes on scranton. it’d be awesome if stanley snuck in and took the corporate job. he’d be happy at first to finally be able to boss michael around, but then he’d realize that michael can be just as annoying as an employee.

    as for jam, i’m hoping that there isn’t another cliffhanger with pam kissing jim (or god forbid toby confessing his love for her). i’m not expecting anything dramatic. i’d rather see them take steps toward rekindling their friendship, and building a solid foundation for their future romance. which WILL happen, someday.

    even if karen doesn’t leave, she still might dump jim and find a job elsewhere, she’d probably have no problem finding a new job, and a guy who isn’t involved in a love triangle.

    it would be funny if everyone else in the office started looking for a new job too (as long as none of them actually leave), it’s weird how much they all resent michael as a boss, yet fantasize about leaving if someone else replaces him.

    oh and finally, did andy’s brain break again yet, or is it waterproof? if andy’s anger management wears off, angela’s got some cold vichyssoise coming her way. it’s hilarious how the cameraman just watches those sorts of things unfold and doesn’t do anything about them.

  117. jan isn’t pregnant. when michael broke up with her, she ate her feelings. “literally big.” cue michael: “Well, at least her boobs are bigger…”

  118. I did not read the predictions yet, because I wanted to really think clearly. So now that I’ve done that, I think this is when the documentary airs or will be aired, or they see “previews” of it, or something such thing that has to do with the viewing of the documentary. I’m basing this on something B.J. said about how the whole office will change/be shaken up. That’d be cool.

  119. Michael get’s the job, after jim turns it down, partly thanks to toby’s letter of recommendation. Jim and Karen call it quits (what else can she do but let him go already?!) but she stays on to add tension next season. Jim and Pam agree to start over (friends with promise) after fighting and very telling making up tonight. Andy is awarded the Regional Manager position, leading to prank opportunities for jim/pam.
    Jan is pregnant.
    Watch for more big Pam moments. you go girl!

  120. 40 MINS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok so the more I think about it, I think there’s not gonna be huge Jam love confession/officially dating, etc. I agree with the people who think there will be Jam rekindling friendship. I have to say I’d be satisfied with that.

  121. Jan’s pregnant, Jim will turn down the job at the last minute because of Pam, Karen will take it (but not before trying to convince Jim to go with her), and Michael will try to convince everybody that he has it in the bag the entire time… IMHO :) There was also a dropped storyline back in season two where Angela discovered she was pregnant… so could the producers bring that back at the same time as the Jan revelation? It WOULD make things interesting.

    Hour and a half and counting… can’t wait!

  122. # 117 rachel (2) that was absolutely hilarious and well thought out! I think this is my favorite prediction of all, and would make awesome television! ;)

  123. OMG, 20 minutes!

    My predictions/speculations:
    1) Jim will be offered the position at Corporate.
    2) Jim will not accept the position at Corporate.
    3) Michael will accept the position at Corporate.
    4) Jan got a boob job.
    5) Michael and Jan will be back together by the end of the episode.
    6) Ryan and Kelly are very close to splitting up.
    7) Some kind of move is in the future for DM – either Corporate to Scranton or Scranton branch to move to New York.
    8) Jim and Karen will break up.
    9) Jim and Pam will not make out in this episode.
    10) We will see a return to Season 1/2 Jim/Pam friendship.

  124. PLEASE let there be a karen/pam catfight, where pam finally sticks up for herself and comes out with the truth!

    While I am still being hopeful—-> JIM AND PAM. MAKING OUT. FOR 20 MINUTES.

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