Who’s returning to say goodbye to Michael?

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that a beloved character returns tomorrow night to say goodbye to Michael.

Andy Buckley’s tenure on “The Office” ended a while ago. But he was more than happy to come back to bid farewell to an old friend.

Mr. Buckley’s character, who was let go when the printer company Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin halfway through the sixth season, was brought back by the writers to share a scene with departing Scranton branch manager Michael Scott (Mr. Carell).

Of course, the last time it was officially announced that Andy Buckley would make an appearance on The Office, it was for the episode ‘Threat Level Midnight.’ Unfortunately, his scene didn’t appear in the aired episode.

Here’s hoping that this time, we get some David Wallace!

Link: ‘The Office’ retires Michael Scott; Colleagues share emotional goodbye

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  1. Am I the only one who never really cared too much for David Wallace, although I do like the actor who plays him.

  2. YAY!!! I’m so happy! I’m glad we get to see him after not seeing him in Threat Level Midnight. Hopefully he still makes appearances after this, too. He should be manager of Dunder Mifflin!

  3. David Wallace was the most realistic character on the show, I’m psyched to see an appearance from him

  4. I want to see the Director’s Cut of Threat Level Midnight on the DVD. That would be AWESOME!

  5. I swear I saw Andy Buckley in New Orleans a few months ago. Hey Boss; he would make a great spy. Seriously

  6. I’m very happy to hear this! That’s very sweet of David to come back and say goodbye to Michael:).

  7. I’m so damn glad David Wallace finally returns to the show to say goodbye to Michael. Because the two of them were both very close and tolerable with each other. And the show wouldn’t be the same without our beloved former CFO, although he can appear on the show now and then. It’s also good to see both of them having a closure.

  8. David Wallace was a really great guy on the show, this is sure to be a treat tomorrow night.

  9. I have always enjoyed episodes with David Wallace. He was one of my favorite characters at times, until the writers turned him into a lunatic at his house singing about his “Suck It” invention.

    Hopefully the “old” David Wallace will be there tomorrow night and not crazy, “suck it” David Wallace.

  10. It was sad to see Daivd go, after Sabre bought out Dunder Mifflin, so I’m glad he will return to say goodbye to his old friend. It would be interesting to see David in the season finale competing for Michael’s old job too.

  11. I didn’t read the article as David Wallace would be making an appearance. I read it as Andy Buckley was on set visiting. I could be wrong though.

  12. Yay! I really want this to be true, I loved David Wallace (before Suck It of course). I also think he would be a good candidate for Michael’s job.

  13. Yes, I too am hoping that the David Wallace we see tonight is the non crazy version. One final appearance from his normal self would make tonight even better/more sad and emotional. However, take out your suck it and you suck it!

  14. Man, what if David Wallace steps in for the last two episodes after Vickers leaves? It’d be epic to see him run DM Scranton, but one can dream :)

  15. I hope David Wallace can be seen in a deleted scene of this episode, because that’d be probably it.

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