‘Goodbye, Michael’ promos

Here are clips of this week’s episode of The Office, Goodbye, Michael.

Clip #1: Michael gets some advice from Dwight on dealing with bears.
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Clip #2: Deangelo makes a play for Michael’s favorite truck.
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Clip #3: Michael has some pertinent questions for Angela before leaving.
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Clip #4: Meredith has a very special idea for the farewell party.
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Promo #2:

Promo #1:


  1. Tanster – He says “T-shirt idea: ‘Goodbyes stink'”. [from tanster: thanks!]

    Aww it looks amazing. I know I’m going to shed some tears. I did during the ending of last night’s episode.

  2. I am going to be an emotional wreck watching this. I was crying at last night’s episode so I don’t know how I’ll get through Michael finally leaving. It’s so so sad, especially seeing how emotional Jim was getting :-(

  3. I thought last episode was bad this one really is going to hurt like a motherF*****.

  4. That 3 second interaction between Michael and Jim, with tears in both their eyes, was enough to completely make me cry. I can’t imagine what i’ll be like next week.

  5. I cried last night and tear up every time I see Jim’s goodbye to Michael. Next week will be a 3 boxes of Kleenex affair!

  6. was it just me or did it look like angela had a neck brace on? maybe a big turtleneck…

  7. I teared up with just the promo! It is going to be so sad. But at least his exit is on a positive note (… unlike Henry Blake on MASH …)! I honestly think I will need a pallet of tissues, especially when he says by to Pam.

  8. just looking at michael’s face makes me tear up. :( I am not gonna be looking forward to thursday and michael’s farewell.

  9. I’m geeking out over the shot of him putting the Dundie on his desk, a recreation of the shot we’ve seen during the credits for the last seven seasons. It’s gonna be so sad!

  10. Oh boy. This will be the most emotional night of television for me, ever. No other show could, or has, been able to evoke this much sentiment out of me.

  11. Man, this commercial alone made me cry, and this was a 30 second clip. I can’t imagine how I’m going to be on Thursday. I know for a fact I will not stop crying. Michael, don’t leave please!!

  12. I tear up every time I see the scene between Michael and Jim. The way he tells him how great of a boss he is is so sweet. I don’t know how I’ll be able to watch this whole episode without crying if there will be many scenes like this. This is going to be so sad to watch:(.

    Isn’t Michael and Holly’s move to Colorado only going to be temporary just so she could be with her dad for sometime? It makes it seem like he’s leaving for good.

  13. #17 – it makes perfect sense that Jim would tear up because Michael is leaving. He has always showed a special softness when it comes to Michael. Jim and Pam especially always tried to help him. I felt that the Jim/Michael relationship was always very special.

  14. That was classic PCC. I loved it! But didn’t Pam shut it down? And Dwight talking about bears. Great stuff. Greg D. wouldn’t deliver anything less than an A+ episode.

  15. #17 and #19, I agree that Jim has a special relationship with Michael…maybe not as close as Pam and Michael, but don’t forget, Michael was the one who told Jim to “never, ever, ever give up” when it came to Pam.

  16. #17- Rewatch all seasons of The Office and then ask yourself the question you just asked.

  17. I know what soup snake is saying though, Kurn. Remember back in Season 5 when Michael quit DM? Jim didn’t shed a single tear.

    But yeah yeah, I realize now it’s okay for him and everyone else to be out of character because Steve’s leaving.

  18. @17 Kurn said it perfectly. Jim has showed much compassion for Michael in the past. Remember the party Jim had at his apartment, that he invited everyone in the office except for Michael? Then when Michael showed up, and started singing awkward karaoke, Jim grabbed the mic and started singing with him to make him feel welcome. A great moment between the two.

  19. Yep, this is going to hurt like a [email protected]#$%*&!!!!!

    I have watched this show from day one.. It has gotten me through the worst six years of my life. I can’t imagine how The Office will go on without Michael.

  20. oh my goodness i laughed so hard at the advice from Dwight about bears. gahhh this is exactly what i’m going to miss…what other manager is going to ask advice about bears?? really? This is going to be hard…

  21. @trippy It’s not out of character for Jim to react that way. When he quit before, there was no certain finality to it. That whole thing was a mess. Also Pam quit with him. Michael was still in their lives, in town. Now, not only is he definitely quitting, he is leaving the state. For who knows how long. This is final.

    Really, Jim, Pam, Ryan and Dwight are the only ones who have legitimate reason to be truly thankful to Michael. And Michael thankful to Jim and Pam especially.

  22. Tanster, have you announced somewhere who has written and directed this episode ? I don’t know if I missed it or maybe you just hadn’t released that yet.

  23. Prepare the tissues. We then should have seven days of being sad and then pick ourselves up for “Inner Circle” and show solidarity.
    The World’s Best Boss is Dead, Long Live the World’s Best Show.

  24. “…it feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears..and at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer..and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone..and I’m crying, and nobody can hear me, because I am terribly, terribly..terribly alone.” It’s officially midnight..the day we’ve all been dreading is upon us :(

  25. Jim has told Michael he was a good boss before – remember the scene during the Convention, where Jim told Michael, the reason he left Scranton was due to Pam and not him.

    Jim and Michael have always had an interesting relationship. Jim has always looked out for Michael’s best interests. Michael has at times mentored Jim.

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