Will Ferrell to appear on The Office

From Deadline.com:

Will Ferrell has committed to a four-episode arc of The Office. He will play a branch manager who comes from the home office and is just as inappropriate as Steve Carell’s Michael Scott character. Ferrell has committed to one episode beyond Carell’s finale, to help create a bridge.

From NBC:

“We found Steve Carell when he was nothing but a movie star and we turned him into a television star,” said executive producer Paul Lieberstein. “We are proud to continue ‘The Office’s’ tradition of discovering famous talent, and we hope that once America gets a good look at Will, they’ll see what we see: tremendous raw sexuality.”

Here is the schedule of Ferrell’s appearances on The Office.


  1. Guess this IS a sign I should stop watching. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I loathe Will Ferrell. Not to mention his “star-power” will overshadow the rest of the show. I’ve always enjoyed (up until recently) how most the guest-stars weren’t THAT big of names. Sigh.

  2. fjnvbwrgydgrbfnjsode!!! That’s how stoked i am! lost for words with excitement!!! nice one NBC!!

  3. I can’t stand Will Ferrell. Hate this news. It also seems like this will take some of the spotlight away from Steve’s departure.

    What happened to no big name guests on “The Office?”

  4. I can’t decide if this is going to be the best thing The Office has ever done or the worst

  5. Not a fan of this at all, I’m afraid. I think the focus should be on Carell, and not on any more guest stars. This screams “stunt casting,” and I honestly think The Office is better than that.

  6. As Michael Scott would say:


  7. I like Will Ferrell, but not as a multi-episode guest star on The Office. Not a fan of this one bit.

  8. I thought The Office always said they wouldn’t do big name guest stars because it takes away the mockumentary premise. Yes, Steve is a big star, but Steve has also been there since the beginning, so it doesn’t mess with the mockumentary feel. With this, and the slapstick nature of this season and last year’s, it’s like The Office is no longer a mockumentary, but just a typical sitcom. And that makes me really sad.

  9. Absolutely terrified by this news. I dislike Will Ferrell as an actor because of the characters he plays. And if his character is Michael-esque, that doesn’t bode well. If he replaces Michael forever, this show will drop in the ranks for me.

  10. Terrible idea. Will Ferrell apparently has a thing for stealing people’s thunder. He did it to Conan on his last episode of the Tonight Show, and now he’ll do it again to Steve.

    This will be the last season of the Office that I watch if this is how the show is going to continue to drive itself into mediocrity.

  11. I love this idea! I don’t care what others think, this is going to be awesome!! I cannot wait. Hip hip hooray!

  12. I can’t see him being a permanent part of the show, but if he is on for a few episodes to bridge the gap – I am all for it !!

  13. amazing, I always said Will Ferrell or Will Arnett would be the only decent replacements for Steve.
    If he’s only hanging around for a few episodes, it could be really funny.

  14. Will Ferrell too big of a name? It never stopped those that suggested the likes of Carol Burnett or Stephen Colbert to guest on the show. I’m impartial when it comes to Will Ferrell, & I understand if you’re not a fan of his, but maybe the writers/producers know what they’re doing. I’m sure they have every intention of giving Steve Carell a nice, fitting send-off.

  15. Don’t really care for Ferrell but saw someone’s comment about Paul Rudd…can’t go wrong with him! :)

  16. I think Anna summed it up pretty well. Quite frankly, this sucks. I had all the trust in the world the writers and cast would be able to continue on without Steve, but if this is any indication, I’m afraid my faith was misplaced.

  17. I’m a fan of Will Ferrell’s work so I’d like to see this play out. I think everyone on here should give it a chance!! Michael Scott will be gone so…it’s worth a shot…

  18. Anchorman is his really only good film, hopefully his character will be along the lines of what he did there. Otherwise i don’t know, not sure how he’ll mesh with The Office style. Think i’d prefer just a one time appearance, with Todd Packer. I really hope they’re not doing this for the star-power. To keep viewers after Steve’s departure. Because The Office IS above that.

    I’d much rather have Paul Rudd or Will Arnett. Lower key and much funnier.

  19. I can’t decide if I should be excited or nervous to see how this plays out. I love Will Ferrell, so I’m going to be optimistic. can’t wait!!

  20. Not a fan of his style or comedy. Not really a fan of him appearing on the Office at all, but certainly not for a multi episode arc. Out of all the great NON big name choices, why him? No reason for it other than stunt casting. I will continue to watch after Steve leaves for my invested interest in the other characters and my faith in the writers. Nothing else.

    If they must bring in a guest star, Krasinski is buddies with Will Arnett, come on John, hook it up!

  21. I really like Will Ferrell (Elf Rules!)Besides, he’s not replacing Steve, he’s just coming in for four episodes (heck, Kathy Bates and Idris Elba were on longer than that). The reality is, it is going to be an adjustment no matter who “replaces” Steve. I think it’s important to be open-minded about the whole thing and not decide we hate someone before we’ve even seen them on the show.

  22. Will Ferrell in a 4-episode arc on The Office- 3 episodes with Steve, and one episode without Steve?

    It’s a gamble worth taking. If the ratings with Steve & after Steve show strength-or improvement-Ferrell just may be the replacement for Steve that gives us 5 more new & reinvigorated seasons of The Office.

    Sure, Ferrell is a “like him or hate him guy”. He steps all over other actors. He often isn’t funny. His presence may ruin The Office brand.

    However, Ferrell can play humor, pathos, off-the-wall characters. While his movies bombed, his SNL years proves that ensemble work on TV is his specialty.

    Steve’s “Michael Scott” took 3 seasons to create. His replacement may take a season or two. If Ferrell brings out the best in EVERYONE on The Office, and the ratings remain strong, The Office may survive.

    I’m very WILLing to take the gamble with Will Ferrell.
    And I applaud NBC for rolling the dice to save my beloved show!

  23. Oh no…. I absolutely hate Will Ferrell. I know hate is a strong word, but not strong enough for how I feel about that overrated actor… Don’t see this going well for lots of people or the show. I don’t even know if I could watch those episodes, or if he becomes permanent for any reason, I don’t know if I could even continue watching the show!!

  24. I’m unsure how I feel about it until I see it…Will Ferrell is very hit and miss. Depends on the “Ferrell” he’s going to play.

    Although, Brick and Ron reunion? Gold. Surprised such a big name is appearing on the show.

  25. Will Ferrell can be hilarious, but will he be in Steve’s final episode? I hope not, I kind of wanted that one to be all about Michael.

  26. I love Will Ferrell so much that is not even funny. This is really awesome. Thank you, thank you dear Lord baby Jesus!!

  27. I am willing to wait and see before i use a strong word such as “hate.” I’m really hoping to be pleasantly surprised. And i do find it amusing that we’ve got an Anchorman and Blades of Glory reunion going on here.

  28. If anyone watches Eastbound and Down, then you’d know that Will Ferrell as a guest star is genius. Eastbound and Down is a relatively under the radar show. If he could be on that, he can be on The Office. Do you forget that The Office is a monumentally big show? Things change. You can’t hold the writers and producers to everything. He and Steve work very well together so, just have faith!

  29. Is this really that much more unrealistic or out-of-place than Tim Meadows (another well-known SNL castmember) guest-starring back in season 2?

  30. @ Jamaican_Jan. Yes, but don’t forget that Will is one of the producers of Eastbound and Down (wich is also awesome)

  31. @ #46 Tim Meadows played a business client. It was a subtle role that probably could’ve gone to just about any character actor. From the description (and Will’s star power, which is miles ahead of Tim Meadows’), it sounds like they got Will Ferrell to agree to do the show and wrote a role for him rather than the other way around. It’s the definition of stunt casting.

    Still, at least it can’t be as awful as the desperate (and completely unfunny) Jack Black/Jessica Alba/Cloris Leachman fake movie a few years ago.

  32. “You had to have the afternoon delight, I understand!” – The Delivery. Yup, time to get a little afternoon delight! Hope this goes well. It should as long as it doesn’t feel like he’s overshadowing everybody else.

  33. I really hate using the letters OMG, but, OMG OMG OMG!
    I don’t think I have ever looked forward to something so much as this. It’s like adding McDonalds fries to Burger Kings burgers! What a combination this is going to be! Will and Michael Scott, or how about Will interacting with Dwight? OH, AND RICKY GERVAIS TONIGHT, THE OFFICE RULES!!!!!!!

  34. I don’t know if I would like Will Ferrell as the long term boss, but for a couple of episodes it could be hilarious

  35. Ugh.

    Not a fan of his, and even less a fan of him appearing on The Office.


    At least I’ll get to see Ricky tonight.

  36. Will Ferrell has actually appeared in the same movie as:
    – Steve Carell, David Koechner and Jack Black (Anchorman, Melinda & Melinda, Talladega Nights)
    – Amy Adams (Talladega Nights)
    – Jenna Fischer (Blades of Glory)
    – Koechner, Tim Meadows and Ed Helms (Semi-Pro)
    – Zach Woods and Andy Buckley (The Other Guys)

    And he can perfectly be a part of an episode without doing too much. He was great for instance as a video game and speed addict in “Undeclared”.

  37. I’m not really a big Will Ferrell fan but this role does sound right for him! It should be good hopefully!

  38. This is a terrible idea. I don’t have anything against Will Ferrell, but he does not belong on The Office. Considering the amount of talent on this show, you’d think they would stay away from this kind of pathetic ratings stunt.

  39. I am excited about this! Let’s not pass judgement on this news until after the episodes have aired, then vote. :) Will’s done a ton of work with our fave Office cast and that chemistry is important. The writers totally have the ability to write in story arcs that are seamless. I’m hoping for the best!

    It would be hilarious to see Will have dialogue with Jenna. In a commentary or interview, she had said something to the effect that the only person she felt comfortable fondling her breasts was Will Ferrell, in regards to the lactation nurse scene in The Delivery.

  40. i’m with you, escayna (58)… first off, i don’t think will ferrell is funny. second, the cast were all virtual unknowns when the show started… this is what put them on the map. they shouldn’t be putting big names on the show. i love kathy bates, but i hated that they had her on the show.

  41. Excited but I really really really want to see Hank Azaria or Jon Lovitz as the character that Will Ferrell is going to portray.

  42. Ha, love the Will Ferrell pics you added. I’m just going to continue with trusting the writers like I always do. It should be interesting whatever they decide to do with Will. And for the others who mentioned him, I also would not mind Paul Rudd coming on board.

    [from tanster: thank you! took me awhile to find them… :) ]

  43. While I was skeptical hearing about Will Ferrell at first, I then remembered the great guest roles he’s had on Undeclared, Eastbound & Down, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and 30 Rock. He could potentially be great!

  44. Yeah. You hungry? Hey, Ma! Can we get some meatloaf? Hey, Mom! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf! What is she doing? I never know what she’s doing back there. Ma, the meatloaf! Bleep!

  45. booooo to Will Ferrell on The Office.

    he’s ok for the kind of movies he’s in, but for The Office? we don’t need his weird crass “silly” immature humor.

    this actually makes Michael’s last few episodes worse for me now.

    very disappointed.

  46. Not a big fan of the idea. It is like they are adding another Michael character. Will is ok, Steve is so much funnier. The only big name I have liked so far was Kathy Bates, she is famous, but not as much as Will. She was a lot more famous 10 years ago. Will in four episodes is a bad idea, one might work, but four is a little much.

  47. Hopefully the writers don’t overplay the character’s ‘inappropriateness’ to the point where he comes off as a cheap Michael Scott clone.

  48. I believe that this is a sign of where the office is headed, and this fact makes me extremely sad. The office was a cast of virtual unknowns who eventually developed a chemistry that is rare to find on television today. The show is no longer what it set out to be, and I believe that the producers are soiling its good name by trying to further extend a series for the sake of money. Although the show hasn’t been at its best since seasons two and three, I believe that moves like this will destroy the show I grew to love.

  49. I really like Will Ferrell and I think this will be hilarious, but I wanted Steve’s last episodes to just be him and the original office gang. I am really going to miss them all together.

  50. Now they’re only one character shy of the Channel 4 News Team. Someone should give Paul Rudd a call…

  51. The Office is supposed to be a documentary set in the semi-real world. Unless a big huge name is appearing as him/herself (a la Christian Slater), then it doesn’t seem to fit with an Office at least partially up with current events and pop culture. Kathy Bates, Tim Olyphant, and Jack Coleman may have been okay, as their status hasn’t exactly made them instantly recognizable household names and faces. I felt like Idris Elba was stretching it, as Michael has stated that he regularly watches The Wire. Nothing against Will Ferrell, but I feel his name is too big, and his face too recognizable to be on The Office.

  52. I’m unsure about the whole thing, but the pictures in the poll made me laugh. :)

    [from tanster: me too! :) ]

  53. I love Will Ferrell but let’s face it, the line is completely gone between sitcom and documentary. If you can let that go, he’ll be AWESOME!

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