1. I wonder if steve carell leaves 4 episodes, or 4 half hours before the season ends…any word??

  2. Thanks for the update on all the news. I will be flying in from London the evening of the last episode and will make every effort not to miss Season 7’s closing festivities !! My flight lands around 7:15 so it’s gonna be close !!

  3. The episodes that are after “Todd Packer” are still being produced. Steve Carell has about 2 weeks left of shooting, which is 2 episodes, which means that only the episode after Todd Packer has been completed and that was just this last week, so that explains the long break. Steve only has 3 episodes left to air. :(

  4. The Tournament is not on NBC so that is not a valid reason why they only have 1 new episode in March.

  5. Oh man, Will Arnett as the new boss? that would be fantastic! he’s so great!! loved him as GOB from Arrested Development.

  6. It should be interesting to see how they handle the season finale – will they even say who the new boss is going to be, or will they leave us hanging? I really hope they don’t leave us hanging. I can’t even resist reading spoilers for next week’s show, let alone wait for six months to find out who the new boss is. I have no will power (no pun intended).

  7. This inconsistency is driving me crazy. I am surprised their production has been so wacky

  8. season finale guest stars Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett??? This is the first time I have optimism for the post michael era of the office.

  9. @#17 Will Arnett is shooting a pilot with Christina Applegate. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be the new boss.

  10. Can’t wait to see James Spader on TV again on May 19! I’m not a regular The Office watcher (I have never cared for Carell or Ferrell, sorry). Ray Romano & Ricky Gervais are also a huge attraction.

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