Win a walk-on part on ‘The Office’!

Sierra Mist is sponsoring another contest for a chance to win a walk-on role on an upcoming episode of The Office!

The Grand Prize includes:

One trip to Los Angeles, California, for winner and guest, and an opportunity for the winner to participate in a non-speaking walk-on role as an extra in the taping of an upcoming episode of “The Office.” Prize includes round-trip air travel, hotel accommodations for three nights, and ground transportation.

Participating NBC stations:

  • WMAQ Chicago, IL
  • WVIT Hartford, CT
  • KNBC Los Angeles, CA
  • WTVJ Miami, FL
  • WNBC New York, NY
  • KNSD San Diego, CA

The contest ends June 1st.

Unfortunately, as with last year’s contest, it’s limited to a few select cities. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of those cities, read the rules carefully and enter every day until June 1st, ’cause I want a Tallyhead to win this thing and report back!

I’ve added a link back to this page under “Activities” in the sidebar for your contest-entry convenience. :)

You know how much fun you’ll have if you win? Check out last year’s winner’s report.

Tipster: Lucy


  1. This would be so awesome! I wish I lived in Chicago… I can dream, at least =P

  2. AAAHHHH!!! I hate it when they limit it to certain areas… especially when I don’t live in them!!

  3. BOO!!! I can’t enter because I’m union! Oh, well. Guess I’ll just have to land a role which is my dream anyway!

  4. I’m in NY & it is now my top favorite place so I don’t forget to enter every chance I can!! I have to win this bad boy, haha! (Well, I don’t have to, but I really want to)

  5. Hmmm… but what if you have a friend in one of those cities whose address you could use?

    We can dream, right? Man, why not hit some of the smaller cities?!

  6. Thank God I live in Chicago!!! Born and raised!!! I promise on Thor that I will report every moment on set, if I win. Thank you so much for the info!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

    Cross your fingers for me to win!!!!

  7. I live in NYC, but I’m 17 so I can’t enter. lame. Good luck to the rest of you. =]

  8. I read the official rules and I don’t see where you have to live in one of those cities. Can someone point this out to me?

  9. No love for Motown, no hope for me, boo-hoo. Go Tallyheads, though! None are more deserving!

  10. I am from LA and currently live in Chicago for school. Which one should I enter in…

  11. Thanks for letting us know about the contest. I was reading the rules from the New York one, and 100 people will win season 4 of the Office on Dvd, and it says the season 4 release on DVD is September 9 so just wanted to let people know when season 4 would be available for purchase on DVD.

  12. Dang it, no Texas cities. Good luck Tallyheads (in eligible cities)! I hope one of yall wins.

  13. I currently go to school in the Camden/Philly area, but thank god my permanent address falls into the southernmost county allowed in NJ area to qualify as being part of the NY NBC.

  14. How lame is it that you have to live in those specific areas. It doesn’t seem quite fair now does it?

  15. I know I won’t win, but what the heck I entered the contest as well.

  16. PS, if I don’t win the grand prize, the first prize of $2500 sounds pretty appealing, too… :p

  17. Well, that’s settled. I’m going to move to one of those cities for the next few weeks just so I can try to win.

    Why don’t they have D.C. in the list?!

  18. I live in a county that’s eligible for the Miami one, BUT the supermarkets that say the code are all at least 1 hour away! :( Does anyone know how else I could get the code??

  19. Woooo Hoooo Chicago!!! : )

    And Lauren the 2nd prize sounds great but I’d be hella happy with even just a free dvd! hahaha

  20. WOW. That would literally be my wildest dream come true. Unfortunately, no matter how often they have this contest, I’m fairly certain they’ll never include Lexington, Kentucky in the eligible cities. Haha.

    Good luck, all you geographically fortunate Tallyheads! ;)

  21. Dang, I live in the middle o’ nowhere, OR. However- I’m hoping a FAN wins!!!!!!!!! (Fingers crossed!) :D

  22. YES I’m eligible for New York! I’m going to enter every day and pray I am the chosen one.

    Also I will enjoy Sierra Mist.

  23. I live in NY, but I’m only 15. I told my mom about it and she is going to enter. :D

  24. This is one of the few times I wonder why I moved from Chicago to San Francisco. Hmmm, I think I’ll be using my Mom’s address :)

  25. I entered for NY! June 16th (the day the winner is chosen) just happens to be my birthday, so if I don’t win and another Tallyhead does, taking me as your guest would be a reallly nice B-day present…

  26. Wow thats really not fair to the 99% of the country that doesn’t live in one of those 6 cities. How about something for everyone else, NBC people!

  27. I am so excited, last year Miami wasn’t included, but we are this year! I’m totally going to the local Sedanos tomorrow and getting my code. So exciting!

  28. Oh! My dream come true, I hear by pledge to submit to this every day! Wish me luck. I’m in Chicago, woo woo!

  29. Grrr! I’m moving to one of these cities for the next month! Why can’t Nashville be participating dangit!

  30. So you need a code from Smart and Final? What is this Sierra Mist code?

  31. oh damn i go to school in san diego, but i put my home address by mistake. damn hopefully i can still enter again and change the address

  32. Rats, I wish I lived in one of those areas. Anyway, I really hope a Tallyhead gets it!! I’m rooting for all of you guys!

  33. I love my college so much for providing me with an address in one of these areas!

  34. # 25, Agent Michael Scarn: Agreed, WHY isn’t DC on this list?!?

    Seriously, they need to open up this amazing contest to many more fans.

  35. I guess I can’t enter again (as last year’s winner) :( Just kidding–I want someone else to have as much fun as I did!! I don’t know if it helped but I entered almost every day and even then I only came in third place–luckily for me the first two people were ineligible due to being out of the allowed viewing areas. Good luck!!!

  36. Hmmm . . . if I live in RI but go to school in Hartford could I still enter? I think I will anyways and see what happens

  37. I’m about 4 hours from Chicago – but I’d be willing to move if it meant a trip to the set of The Office!! I’m sad I can’t enter.

  38. Thanks for letting us know. My brother lives in Miami. I’m going to beg him to enter and take me as his guest if he wins…

  39. ok- so I went to my local smart and final (which is one of the particpating stores indicated on and they have no idea what I am talking about when I asked if they had a Sierra Mist display. SO- I have no idea what the code is, or if I will ever find out!! Does anyone have the code for SoCal? AH!

  40. I think they draw the winner on June 16. At least, that’s what it said on the Chicago NBC website.

  41. So I entered the contest through perhaps maybe 10 times & received a package from NBC today stating that I won “First-Prize”, but in the package was the Season 4 DVD set. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with that (of course I would have LOVED to win the walk-on role so that I could get the opportunity to meet the whole cast), BUT First Prize was supposed to be a $2,500 check. The SECOND prize was the DVD set. I’m so confused?! Anyone else find this really weird? I’m calling the number on the letter Monday to clear up the discrepancy for sure though.

  42. Got the dvd set as well and it stated i won first prize, i am thinking this could be a typo but not sure.

  43. It’s the same for me. I got the season 4 box set but the letter said first prize. I sure wish I’d gotten the actual first prize!

  44. I got a letter saying that i was sent a DVD for winning second prize, but i never got the DVD!?

  45. do we know who won the grand prize?!
    i got a dvd which i guess was 2nd prize…

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