1. Team Pam!!

    Definetely … I mean after all it was the “JAM I’m in love with you promo” that ran over the course of the summer that got me hooked and got me watching “The Office” so much that it has become an obsession!!

  2. Jim winding up with Karen at the end would be so disappointing! If his feelings for Pam are that strong, he shouldn’t give up so easily.
    I’ll bet that Karen has a dark side we haven’t seen yet.

  3. Yeah, maybe she’s one of those psycho obsessive girlfriends that go nuts with a knife after they break up with/decide they don’t want to be with her. Haha… i can see it now, actually…

    But either way – Pam will win out in the end… she’s got to! The writers know Pam is IT.

  4. Team Pam all the way! Too bad, i’m poor and can’t afford a t-shirt. i might have to just make one then

  5. It’s ALL about team KAREN!!! She is soooo hot! People have just been USED to pam…they really played it up…i think after a while, PAM is going to get jealous…but it’s KAREN all the way.

  6. seriously why would you be team karen? yes, she’s attractive but we all know that we’ve become somewhat emotionally invested in the jim/pam combo.

    yes, maybe it’s not entirely healthy to be emotionally invested in television characters but…meh.

  7. ok I understand that Pam rejected Jim and she blew it blah blah blah…but everyone knows that Pam is afraid to take chances. Season three is where she’s finally starting to come out of her shell and be her own person, so maybe she’ll realize how dumb she was and try to win Jim back!!! I do like Karen though…it’s not her fault she got in the middle of JAM. She had no idea!! Bottom Line: Team Pam ATW!!!

  8. Yeah, people suddenly on Karen’s side because she’s attractive is just weird. I’m vaguely offended by it.

  9. I’m on Team Karen because of her comments in Branch Closing. She has balls! I’m on team Pam because I think she finally realizes her feelings, and I do not want to see a season of longing looks while Karen and Jim talk. But most of all I’m on Team Jim because he’s pretty.

  10. ::Yeah, people suddenly on Karen’s side because she’s attractive is just weird. I’m vaguely offended by it.::

    have you noticed it is predominately men who are on team karen…

  11. Yes, cyclopticcupcake, i have noticed that as well… it’s very unfortunate because it’s just confirming our assumption of Men’s limited intelligence on these subjects in our society today. Pathetic!

    Why can’t they see that it was never the attractiveness all along. It was the chemistry, and sorry to be blunt, but ‘Karen just don’t have it!’. I like Karen as a character a LOT, but Karen and Jim? No way.

  12. ::Why can’t they see that it was never the attractiveness all along. It was the chemistry, and sorry to be blunt, but ‘Karen just don’t have it!’. I like Karen as a character a LOT, but Karen and Jim? No way.::

    part of the attractiveness of the character of jim is that he was attracted to this girl with a bad early nineties perm who is clearly attractive but isn’t attractive in the modelesque sense of the word. that’s what makes jim endearing.

    also it seems that the karen/jim relationship doesn’t have as much sincerity as the pam/jim relationship.

    however, i’m biased.

  13. I like Karen- I’m not on her team or anything but at least she says what’s on her mind. I’m not putting down the Jim/Pam chemestry but I think that a little fight will do Pam some good. I really hope that Pam doesn’t take on a “back off- he’s mine” attitude with Karen because that might annoy me.

  14. Pam needs a catalyst because Jim isn’t going to initiate a romance anytime soon. That catalyst might just be Karen. Karen is a necessary evil. Nah, she’s not evil, I like her, but I just can’t be anything other than a Team Pamster.

  15. This show has the intimacy between two people – Jim and Pam – and because there were obstacles: Obviously Pam being engaged; there was just nothing they could do about it in realistic terms. I think the diversity with Karen will only do Pam more good – although Fancy New Beesley has definitely stepped it up. Now, if only she can take those final steps to go to Jim and confess her true feelings. Because it was their chemistry and connection that put them in such an amazing relationship in the first place, Karen is just a small crush. Whether it be a superficial “relationship” or just a friendship, it was something special, and there’s much more to come.

  16. I may be wrong about this, but when have we had any indication that Pam loves Jim back? Yes, she kissed him- but she immediately shut him down afterwards. They are really close friends, but I am still waiting for the big moment where Pam indicates that she wants something more from Jim. Isn’t it possible that right now she just doesn’t? Could it be that the fact that he told her he was in love with her scared her away? That’s the only explanation that I can come up with to explain why she wouldn’t have contacted him when the wedding was called off. I agree that Karen is going to be the catalyst that forces Pam to come to terms with how she feels about Jim- and really do something about it.

  17. Team Pam

    Jim and Karen will probably temporarily get together, and eventually Pam will confess how she feels about Jim, they’ll get together, and maybe Karen will get together with Roy or something. Isn’t Karen listed as a special guest in credits which would mean she isn’t around for more than like a season? I could be wrong, I thought I read that somewhere…

  18. Best week ever has a hilarious clip up from tonight’s episode.

    dwight + michael should def co-host snl together..i’d actually watch it then! plus, they can sing it up with chris and andy

  19. The Antisoccermom – I think you’re wrong in thinking there’s been no obvious evidence that Pam loves Jim back. I could really go on forever in explaining why she does, because there are tons of examples, but for right now i’ll just say that in the first episode of this season, when Dwight mentions Jim’s name, Pam almost jumps out of her seat looking up in excitement. I just think all the clues are right there obvious in front of us pointing us towards the clear idea that Pam does love Jim, she just hasn’t been so clear-cut about it yet. But she will… i think we’ll see some examples of that in tonights episode.

  20. team pam!!!

    I guess i am for Team Pam simply because i was in a similar situation like Jim and Pam. one of my co workers and I have a Jim/Pam Chemistry however like Jim never wanted to over step bounds and share with her how i felt. Like Jim/Pam it just works for us however never will have the nerve to do what jim did and confess his feelings.

  21. What I’m saying Meredith, is that she needs to own up to those feelings. I don’t mean that she doesn’t care about Jim, but she needs to face up to that and for someone who just got out of a bad long term relationship that’s a lot to face up to. Therefore Karen is the catalyst that she needs- otherwise she might be more likely to sit around waiting for Jim to make a move again.

    I didn’t mean that there wasn’t plenty of evidence that she cares about Jim and misses him- but love is not something that she has admitted (possibly not even to herself) or is likely to admit without some sort of motivation.

    I can’t believe I’m analizing the motives of fictional characters… haha

  22. I guess it just seems obvious to me to assume that she is in love with Jim, when you’re right – she hasn’t made a public declaration of that fact to anyone – unless that phone call to her mother confirmed that she was indeed in love with Jim. We just don’t know what was said on her mom’s side of the convo… but great points!

    And you’re right – i can’t believe i’m analyzing the emotions of a fictional character either!! I guess it fills the time so well, i can’t resist.

  23. I’m thinking now that Pam is less like Lizzie Bennet & more like Jane Bennet who didn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and thus Mr Bingley’s sisters were able to convince him that she wasn’t really in love with him. But she felt so deeply in reality.
    Pam has some growing to do…I think Jenna has talked about this on her myspace site…Pam’s kind of unsure of herself and had been with Roy alone since high school. She’s feeling her way through and we hope will soon enough have the self-possession she needs to be an integral half of Jim/Pam. As I’ve said elsewhere, they are the people we identify with in this story…they are its heroes. We need them to be together!
    Episodes through December have been filmed and that notwithstanding, it’s my feeling that Karen is a foil and is sort of there to test the Jim/Pam union.
    May Pam prevail!

  24. Meredith, about the phone call Pam made to her mom, I’ve almost convinced myself that when Pam says, “Yeah I think I am”, her mom was asking her if she loves Jim. Who knows, but that’s what I’ve convinced myself of.

  25. ‘ok I understand that Pam rejected Jim and she blew it blah blah blah…but everyone knows that Pam is afraid to take chances. Season three is where she’s finally starting to come out of her shell and be her own person, so maybe she’ll realize how dumb she was and try to win Jim back!!! I do like Karen though…it’s not her fault she got in the middle of JAM. She had no idea!! Bottom Line: Team Pam ATW!!!’

    apparently dwigt put my thoughts down before i had a chance to. in the preview for tonight, pam runs at jim, says it’s good to see him, and asks him for coffee. she’s trying.

  26. Adriana – you took the words right out of my mouth. Whenever someone asks me about whether i’m team Pam or Karen i always say: Karen is merely the catalyst to Jim and Pam’s inevitable relationship. That’s my cold, analytical view of the whole love triangle (er, square b/c Roy’s still involved). So, yeah, i’m Team Pam.

    rachel(2) – i love that you used a Pride and Prejudice explanation for Pam :) Comparing her to Jane was perfect! Just b/c she isn’t all over him doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like him. Jane was very modest in her flirting but she still loved Bingley more than anything. It’s like when a guy doesn’t think a girl cares for him only b/c they don’t flirt w/ him like all the other girls do, but the girl really does have feelings for him.

    I think Pam’s come a loooong way though. She is definitely the Fancy New Beesly and i think Jim will see that. She’s become a little more secure and independent, and i think she’s great!

  27. I don’t understand why so many people are starting to hate on Pam. I’ve become way too invested in the Jim/Pam storyline–abandoning that for Jim/Karen would take away so much of season two and Jim’s character.

  28. im really not gonna take sides in the team pam, team karen thing. i see no point. i think they’re both likable characters. i really don’t like it when people start bashing either one of them. why can’t we just like them both? the only reason i would choose a team would be because i still believe jim and pam are meant to be.

  29. OfficeAddict! How great that you see the P&P analogies! I have been dying to discuss this with someone.
    Re Karen: I at first found her to be inoffensive, if more polished than Pam (those no-nonsense business suits)…but certainly she has no warmth. Her attraction to Jim has been obvious, and I used to think, one-sided. Now Jim may be there in body with Karen…but his soul is elsewhere. Chemistry between them – none whatsoever. There’s no warmth at all to the character of Karen, and her contempt for sweet Phyllis in unforgivable — really telling about the sort of person she is.
    …so Karen is the “Miss Bingley” who yearns for the connection with Jim/Darcy for the wrong reasons! And is never really a contender for his feelings apart from her own delusions.

  30. I have to say that I see Karen as another Katy … only another someone for Jim to date to try to lessen what he feels for Pam. The only thing is that like Katy it just won’t work.

    Go Team Pam!!!

  31. Shannon, i agree with everything you’ve said about the Jim/Pam/Karen relationship. You have a great way of explaining your perspectives. I also think that Karen is like another Katy – there to try and dissolve his undeniable feelings for Pam – feelings that he thinks will never be used. Jim thinks that he’s holding out for something that’s just a step in the wrong direction. While Pam knows she loves Jim, she can’t take that final step to tell him because she’s scared and she has every right to be.

    I also, however, think that Karen will prove to have a hidden trait that will just turn Jim away from her. I sure HOPE she does, anyway. But then again, it could turn into something much bigger… Jim almost marrying Karen and then dropping Karen for Pam at the last minute – sort of like how Pam dropped Roy. Only hopefully this time they would realize that both their intentions were coinciding and they wouldn’t make the mistake they’re making now…

  32. So are we going to get statistics about how many of each shirt are ordered? I’m guessing Team Pam will win, but would be interested to see how the “voting” goes.

  33. I was on the fence, but the team Karen was pretty convincing so TEAM KAREN! and well, i’d feel bad for roy-though he can be a jerk, but did you see his sad puppy face in diwali? its just terrible :'(

  34. team pam.

    & i think it’s awesome that john green, author of the awesome ‘Looking For Alaska’ is team pam. yay!

  35. Definitely Pam. I can’t even begin to express my dislike for Karen. I don’t know why she gets on my nerves so much, but I can’t stand her. While Pam is dorky and lovable, though admittedly a bit plain, Karen is just… I don’t know. Clingy? Annoying? And she isn’t as compassionate. It’s the little things that Pam does that make me like her. Karen is just so freaking annoying. Can she just not exist, actually? Thanks.

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