A letter from The Office writing staff

To all fans of “The Office,”

Tonight is our last new episode for a while, so we wanted to write a quick note (with tanster’s help) to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown us, and other writers, in this weird and difficult time.

Every day we wake up and put on red shirts and drive to a hot, unpleasant location in Los Angeles and walk in circles for four hours. It pretty much stinks, and we would all rather be at work (by a factor of like 10,000), but we continue to do it because the things we are fighting for are fair, reasonable, and incredibly important to the future of our industry. They matter to us, to actors, to directors, and to everyone who works on a TV or movie set.

We certainly hope that this will all be over soon. In the meantime, the best way to help (if you are looking for something to pass the time that does not include watching boring non-union reality shows for three hours a night) is to write letters to the CEOs of these companies, and to tell them that you support the WGA and our attempt to secure a fair deal for our work. There is more information here.

The other thing you can do is to stay informed. The blog www.unitedhollywood.com is the best source for non-Mega-Corp-spun information. WGA.org and WGAeast.org also have updates and information, including breakdowns of exactly what we are asking for, as well as what the companies are offering (which is a fun read, if you like intimidating legalese). Nikki Finke’s site (www.deadlinehollywood.com) has become indispensable as well.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for your support and interest. Stay tuned to OfficeTally for more updates.


The Writing Staff of The Office


  1. Yes, we are all on the same page.

    Thanks for posting that letter tanster. We care for the writers and hope they get what they rightfully deserve.

  2. I feel so unfaithful for not writing a letter yet, but I am going to tonight!
    Come on office fans, let’s end this strike and keep the office going!

  3. Thanks so much for this! And thanks, tanster, for keeping us all informed. Stay strong, and I hope this is all resolved quickly for everyone’s sake. I’ll be waiting patiently for the triumphant return of my favorite show!

  4. Go writers! I support you all 100% (good thing for proofreading, that almost said 10%), and I hope that all of your wildest dreams come true as a result of the strike. I haven’t written a letter yet since I’m far away and I foolishly thought this would be resolved in less time than the 2-3 weeks it will take my letters to reach the studios involved, but I will write tomorrow. I really respect you all for fighting for what you believe is right and I wish you all the best! If there was anything I could do besides writing letters I would do it, but there’s not really anything or anyone to boycott or picket or anything where I am. I already can’t download or see anything online in a legal manner because of ‘licensing agreements’, so I can’t really do too much.
    Good luck!

  5. Love them!

    we totally support you guys!

    hopefully we can enjoy your amazing work again very soon :o)

  6. Thank you, Writers, for keeping us posted. I know it can’t be easy for you out there. Sad as I am to know that tonight’s airing of The Office will be the last new episode until… until Lord knows when, I find myself chanting the same mantra that I chanted at the end of Season 2 when Jim and Pam finally kissed:

    Trust the Writers. Trust the Writers.

    I trusted the writers then and it paid off with beautiful results (Pam’s Season 3 arc) and I trust you now. I support you now. And with that, I’m off to write that letter to Mr. Zucker.

  7. Please keep in touch through Office Tally, guys. We love to hear from you.

    I’ve already sent a letter, but I’ll start sending one a day.

  8. Stay strong! Thank you for touching base with us through Tanster – isn’t she the best? I love The Office like I’ve never loved a show before, and it’s mostly due to you (the actors are okay, too, of course, but even the best actors can’t pull off crappy dialogue). I hope this gets resolved soon. I really want to see what you guys have in store for our favorite characters! Keep fighting the good fight, and please stay in touch! We support you!

  9. “They matter to us, to actors, to directors, and to everyone who works on a TV or movie set.”

    Everyone? Really? What about all the crew members whose kids won’t be getting any presents this Christmas?

  10. Aw, the writers are amazing! It was so sweet of them to send out some love! We support you guys 100%!! Hang in there!

  11. To the writers,

    I love you guys. If there were a group hug, I would want to stand next to you all. Which I guess would put me in the middle. Let’s just say – I would be fine with that.

    I’ve written letters, and will continue to do so.

    I understand I might have to wait a good long while for the now infamous dinner party episode. But you understand that you still have to do it, no matter how long it takes, right?

    I can’t wait to get to watch my show while knowing that the brilliant people who created it are being fairly compensated, no matter what the method I use to enjoy every single word and every single awkward silence.

  12. Thanks for posting the letter, Tanster.

    I keep telling myself, as quoted by http://www.offow.com, “We’re Pam and this is ‘The Job,’ and if you never come back, that’s okay because we got this amount of time with you.” …but I still hope this isn’t the case much longer.

    We love our writers! Damn the man! Stay strong and fight for what you deserve!

  13. Keep on fighting the good fight! I’ll miss The Office, but I’d rather have you guys get what you deserve. :)

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