1. As of 7:12 am PST, the videos are not showing up on the site… *bangs head in frustration*

  2. That was my favorite Office video set EVER. I love seeing what good friends they all are. Plus seeing the writers and everything…

    This just makes me wish I could visit the set even MORE. sigh.

  3. aww this mkes me wish i was part of their little group as well. i love how fun and cheerful angela is in real life!

  4. Ah, your pop-up blocker may not allow the vidoe to run. You have to allow your Active X to work…

  5. Just more proof that in addition to being on the best show on TV that they are also the best people working on TV

  6. awww… it’d be funny to see angela martin on the show get all drunk on accident and start acting like angela kinsey. imagine the look on kevin’s face.

  7. Awesome videos. I think its funny that John has an exercise ball and his character popped Dwights exercise ball on the show. I love Mindy and BJ, too, they’re funny.

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