1. lol this will only give the karen haters more fire to play with

    Wut did u guys expect ? Pam would do the same thing !! dont be hypocrite

    Meredith is dirty LOL

  2. Well this episode has established two things about Karen Filipelli: she’s a lousy prank actor, and lousy at covert maliciousness.

  3. Karen’s just floating in a sea of insecurity. Can hardly blame her for feeling insecure, but I’m wondering why she’s staying with Jim and trying to sabotage any interaction Jim and Pam might have. If she’s so worried that he’s one art show away from dumping her, then maybe that should be an indication about the state of their relationship. Karen might feel like she has to make her relationship with Jim work since she thinks she mostly left Connecticut *for* Jim. She put a lot of pressure on Jim, but also on herself.

  4. Oh yeah, it’s not surprising that Karen wanted to rip down Pam’s flyer. She ripped down Angela’s flyer, after all. I’m just joking, but notice the similarity.

  5. what do you think meredith said. something about roy having a big c*ck and hitting it from the back? no idea actually.

  6. I think I get the gist of the joke, but I can’t explain without violating the rules of this website. :) Maybe if only adults read these posts I could get away with it.

  7. I knew Karen was going to try that!! Terrible, but I’ve seen people do stuff like that before. Very true to life!!

    I guess that answers the question about who was invited to the art show… EVERYONE.

  8. I suspect when we see Karen’s ex in the next episode and we learn that he dumped her for being too clingy and needy and less fun than a root canal performed by a monkey, it will explain a lot about her.

    But yeah, they should have left that scene in. If anything, it gives further creedence to my theory that Karen forbade Jim from going to Pam’s art show.

  9. You know what, up until this point, I felt bad for Karen. It wasn’t her fault that Jim lead her on, encouraged her into moving to Scranton, and misdirected her about his feelings for Pam.

    After seeing that deleted scene, I have no sympathy for Karen. That was sneaky, underhanded, and just plain pathetic. I hope she gets burned, and burned bad by Jim. It’s even more pathetic when you consider the guise of friendship she has with Pam. Karen is a phony.

    Say what you will about Pam having no courage or honesty, but Pam is a much better person and friend than Karen. Pam helped Karen when Jim didn’t want her moving near him. Pam went out of her way to make sure Karen felt included in the Christmas party. And lastly, out of respect for Karen, Pam hasn’t actively pursued Jim. It isn’t Pam’s fault that her and Jim had a history and Jim still loves her.

    And how sad is it, that even though Pam is back with Roy and Karen and Jim are together, that Karen still felt the need to tear down the flyer?

  10. And Cousin Mose, if that’s true, then I have even less respect for Jim. If he didn’t go for his own reasons, that’s pretty bad. But if he didn’t go only to appease Karen, then in the words of Angela Martin– “Sometimes I think you just need to grow a set.”

  11. Callan – I completely agree, though my like of Karen rapidly began to fade with her out-of-nowhere territorial hug on Jim during Ben Franklin and only intensified after watching that deleted scene.

    She’s clearly insecure and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Jim and Pam aren’t even speaking to one another and she still feels the need to rip down Pam’s art flyer so that Jim doesn’t see it?

    That speaks so much to where Jim and Karen *really* are in their relationship. Or better yet, that Karen isn’t that dense and has *some* self awareness that things aren’t as peachy as she’d like them to be, despite 5 nights of talking.

    And to the poster that said Pam would do the same thing if she was in that situation?

    No she wouldn’t. That isn’t who Pam is.

    But that is apparently who Karen is. And the more we get to know of her, the less I sympathize with her or like her or even tolerate her.

  12. I’m with Chris (message 9) on this one, aside from the trashbag on Meredith’s head. Oh, and Karen’s a beeyoch. I hope Pam slashes her tires.

  13. Right on, Dorky Dancer. If the roles were reversed, I can’t imagine Pam doing the same thing, because that’s not who she is. As Callan in post 16 said, Pam has been nothing but nice to Karen…Karen trying to pull that flyer down was mean, to say the least.

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