1. haha, Rainn!

    hope there’s no hostile feelings between them for filming. not sure how comfy that trunk is. ;)

    and I expect the video will be hilarious tonight. but brilliant marketing anyways, just another reason why I should see The Rocker!

  2. Wow…I wonder if the studio asked him to promote the movie in a creative way (I can’t imagine they anticipated anything like this), or if he’s just having fun. Probably a bit of both.

  3. This kind of vaguely reminds me of the line:
    “Is that a threat?” – Meredith
    “No, it’s an invitation!” – Angela

  4. this is so funny! Rainn, you crack me up! haha I will HAVE to go see the movie now, I guess! just for that peach smoothie ;)

  5. It is gonna be a hilarious week leading up to the release of the movie. Looking forward to the hostage videos!

  6. Rumor is that he’s forcing her to eat brownies that have a much higher caloric count than 88.

  7. This is a very cute way to combat against FOX’s crappy advertising. Too bad David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson didn’t think of it.

    :) Go Rocker!

  8. See a great movie. Save a good person.

    HAHAHA!! This is all very hilarious. I like how much he emphasizes his promise of the peach smoothie.

  9. It’s so funny that Jenna’s going along with it…you know, just sitting at reception, posting on MySpace the things Rainn emails her. Those crazy kids!

  10. He’s evil…like a hobbit

    What a refreshing and absolutely hilarious way to promote his movie. I would have gone to see it regardless but for him to put this kind of effort into promoting it – he’s earned my admission fee and then some.

    …off to find 1800 fellow lovers of soup

    Rainn = Awesome

  11. HAHA omygosh that video is hilarious!! with a hint of Season-2-Sith-Lord-Dwight…Quiet you! oh man this is yet another reason this show is completely awesome, the actors are the greatest! :)

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