One-hour Office special coming!

There is something very interesting in an article about The Office’s popularity at the iTunes Store, as reported by Newsday’s Verne Gay:

Paul Lieberstein, one of “The Office’s” executive producers (who also plays human resources manager Toby) says that when the iTunes effect kicked in last December, “it was this huge gift that made everyone kind of go ‘Wait, what’s going on with that show?'”

Ever since then, “The Office” has paid almost as much attention to iTunes as to NBC. For example, “because people are watching more than once, it’s become one more reason for us to to be very careful to include subtle things as well as broad physical stuff,” Lieberstein says. The iTunes effect hasn’t hurt in attracting big-name directors either; Harold Ramis will direct an hour-long episode to air around Christmas, while “Lost’s” J.J. Abrams is on board for a February one.

Uh, ex-SQUEEZE me? An HOUR-LONG episode?! Did I read that right?

And J.J. Abrams? Wow.

Read How iTunes saved ‘The Office’ and post your thoughts.

Update: Jenna’s confirmed that yes, there will be an hour-long Office Christmas special next month! A supersized episode this month, and a superDUPERsized episode next month. YOWSAH!


  1. All that I have to say is WOW! J.J. Abrams and the Office, that is going to be a killer episode, and an hour-long Christmas episode, there isn’t a better Christmas present ever.

  2. A supersized episode this month, an hour-long Christmas episode, Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day! One of my ‘desert island’ movies.) and J.J. Abrams?!?!

    WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW!

    What great holiday gifts for the fans!

  3. Dang yo….that’s exciting news. I know I am one of those people who buy it on iTunes because alot fo thursday nights i have other commitments to go to and I like ot be able to watch it over and over…i know they put it on youtube but for some reason that seems like stealing…i guess i felt like by buying it, i could at least say i did my part to keep it on the air…now i see thats true so great news!

  4. Oh my God! Super-sized, then an hour, then super-duper sized AND JJ Abrams?? It’s early Xmas at The Office! Thanks for this amazing tip…us fans have lots to look forward to now.

  5. Yay! This is awesome news! It’s going to be so difficult going back to 30 minute shows after all of these special super-sized episode! *sigh*

  6. I know I am checking I-Tunes every hour or so on Friday waiting for the download. Can’t wait for the hour long christmas episode.

  7. Wow! An hourlong Christmas eppy?? That’s great … can’t wait! Can’t wait for the HR and J.J. (it will be interesting to see if he puts any references to “Lost” in there, especially since Dwight mentioned “The Dharma Initiative” in “The Initiation”)directed eppies either!

  8. Ok..the super sized got me excited…the hour got me gitty and what’s with the super duper sized? Are they trying to kill me?

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