Kristin Chenoweth, here is The Office role for you

Monday, September 21st, 2009 | 79 comments


Kristin Chenoweth on The Office

When Kristin Chenoweth won the Emmy last night for best supporting actress in a comedy, from the now-canceled ‘Pushing Daisies,’ she mentioned in her must-watch acceptance speech that “I’m now unemployed … so I’d like to be on ‘Mad Men.’ I also like ‘The Office’ and ’24.'”

Then Tallyhead “Casual Monday” suggested the idea of Kristin playing Angela Martin’s estranged sister.

(In Season 3’s ‘A Benihana Christmas,’ Angela says: “I don’t back down. My sister and I used to be best friends, and we haven’t talked in 16 years. Over some disagreement I don’t even remember.”)

So there you go, Office producers. Both feisty, blonde, and tiny. Sparks would fly!

Credit: another fantastic graphic by Matt Collins


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  1. 79. Kenny  

    Meg wrote- “Oh, what if in the “Office universe,” she WAS some kind of singing star that Andy idolized and wanted to do a duet with?”

    That plot point was just used on Glee with Kristen! Too funny. Hehe.

  2. 78. Megan the Intern  

    Alike enough to be sisters, but where Kristen is so bubbly, that could only add to their estrangement.


  3. 77. Gregster  

    Oops, my now 1st concern about Kristin on “The Office”, Kristin was in “West Wing”, which Jim and Pam watched while Pam was at school. Hmmmmm

  4. 76. Claire  

    wow, this is a great pic. i could totally see them as sisters, and if kristen chenowith is out of work there’s no reason she shouldn’t have a guest gig on the office. that would be great, and i agree with everyone else’s ideas!

  5. 75. Megan  

    That would pretty much make my life. I’ve been a fan since I was 12 and saw her in ‘you’re a good man Charlie brown’. She is amazing in every way!

    Maybe they could do a duet of little drummer boy

  6. 74. Julia P  

    YES(!) Get on it!

  7. 73. Ross  

    I like this idea a lot, I’m thinking the dispute with Angela should be religious based. She should be either Mormon, Amish or a Scientologist. Any of them could be a comic gold mine.

    Hook her up Office peeps! ASAP as possible!

  8. 72. ER  

    Kristin was my favorite on Pushing Daisies (so sad it got canceled). I would love to see her play Angela’s sister. Hilarious!

  9. 71. teampammy  

    I don’t think I could handle the adorable-ness of the two of them working together!

  10. 70. Pam's Mom  

    I think Chen should be the more depressed sister…can you imagine “Angela squared??!!!”

  11. 69. Meg  

    @ Casual Monday

    I kind of agree…yeah, Cheno’s a famous stage and screen actress, but somehow she doesn’t strike me as a huge, red carpet star in the way that Jessica Alba and Jack Black were. I mean, she hasn’t starred in her own movies.

    Oh, what if in the “Office universe,” she WAS some kind of singing star that Andy idolized and wanted to do a duet with? Just thoughts…and I. Want. To. See. Her. Next. To. Jim/John. I love size gags, for some reason…I shipped Ned/Chuck, but every time she held his hand it cracked me up.

    Can Michael make an Angela 6.0 joke?

  12. 68. Anne  

    So much potential!

    Reasons for big fight: Angela stole her sister’s boyfriend, Angela’s sister is a dog person, Angela is the liberal one. Love love love the idea of Andy and the sister *harmonizing*

    Is it stunt casting if KChen basically begged for work? Usually stunt casts are being begged- not the other way around.

  13. 67. kristin  

    AND Kristin Chenoweth should date Andy. That would really get Angela’s goat. Plus, there were would be a lot of harmonizing involved. Loves!

  14. 66. casual monday  

    Wow talk about a wildfire!

    And to those that think Ms. Chenoweth is too hollywood/famous/to big a name…Amy Ryan was nominated for an Oscar before she became Holly Flax. Ed Helms was on the Daily Show, Amy Adams was hitting the big time around the same time she hit our little show. Chenoweth is a big time Broadway star sure, but the only movie I remember seeing her in was Stranger than Fiction for about 30 seconds. And it’s not like it would turn into a full time character. It’d probably end up something like Cousin Mose…we’ve seen him, what, 4 times in 101 episodes?

  15. 65. Olive  

    That would be so awesome!

  16. 64. Jules  

    I love Kristin and Pushing Daisies, and this would be AMAZing! Even though the Office peeps don’t like stunt casting, I think we can bend the rules for this!! Kristin can be the happy sister. :)

  17. 63. WishIWasEmilyBlunt  

    @57 Glee totally fills my Pushing Daisies void too! But this would be so much better. And I LOVE the pageant idea. Anything that gets KChen in with the Office boys would be amazing – can you imagine Kevin? Or Creed?

  18. 62. Jenn  

    I have always been somewhat annoyed with Kristin Chenoweth. HOWEVER (before some of you get Dwight to sick Mose on me), I think this is a BRILLIANT idea.

  19. 61. Mandy  

    Yes, Yes, yes!!! Maybe they started fighting when they were competing in the pageant circuit???

    I LOVE Cheno!

    [from tanster: omg, that is an awesome idea!]

  20. 60. jennmark  

    yeah i remember that Kristin said that in her speech! i thought it was really cool that she just put that out there, smart move. any chance the office producers/writers etc took notice and would take your suggestion to heart? it’s actually a really great idea, sounds plausible and they do look like they could be bitchy sisters ;-)

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