Kristin Chenoweth, here is The Office role for you

Kristin Chenoweth on The Office

When Kristin Chenoweth won the Emmy last night for best supporting actress in a comedy, from the now-canceled ‘Pushing Daisies,’ she mentioned in her must-watch acceptance speech that “I’m now unemployed … so I’d like to be on ‘Mad Men.’ I also like ‘The Office’ and ’24.'”

Then Tallyhead “Casual Monday” suggested the idea of Kristin playing Angela Martin’s estranged sister.

(In Season 3’s ‘A Benihana Christmas,’ Angela says: “I don’t back down. My sister and I used to be best friends, and we haven’t talked in 16 years. Over some disagreement I don’t even remember.”)

So there you go, Office producers. Both feisty, blonde, and tiny. Sparks would fly!

Credit: another fantastic graphic by Matt Collins


  1. Oh my gosh! I thought I said this EXACT same thing to my mom when she said that! She would be perfect as Angela’s sister. Gracious, Cheno on The Office… and I thought that this show couldn’t get any better…

  2. I think it’s a great idea!! However, she has to play the complete opposite of Angela and be super perky!! She has to be Kristin!! :)

  3. And what’s EVEN BETTER…not only do they have similar features, they are both ~5 feet tall!

    [from tanster: lol. true, they are both TINY.]

  4. I am all for this, I love Kristin Chenoweth! And she and Angela look remarkably similar too, I could totally see them passing as sisters!

  5. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I want to see her on the show so bad! It will be the best thing to happen to The Office since Holly and World War II.

  6. OMG YES!!! I would LOVE to see her on The Office and playing as Angela’s sister would be perfect! I’m on board with that! Come on Office writers!!! =)

  7. While I dig the idea and LUVED her on Pushing Daisies, how long are we talking here? There really wouldn’t be the need for a sibling of an employee to appear regularly, would there? One episode, maybe two, would be great, but I don’t see series regular in Kristin’s future (at least as Angela’s sister).

  8. Can follow on the “I haven’t talked to my sister in years” (or something like that) talking head of Angela’s

  9. Brilliant idea! She’s tiny, blonde, looks a little like Angela, and she showed on Pushing Daisies that she’s great at playing an opinionated, but strong woman. Furthermore, she’s not too famous to appear on the show either. Come on, Office producers, make it happen!

  10. I’m sure a good portion of the early season is written but I’m sure they could squeeze that story in for a late season episode…..

  11. That is a perfect idea! I really hope the writers jump on this… She would bring some zing to the show, for sure! I’d love to see her with Angela.

  12. I think it would be a great idea. Maybe have her and Dwight have a little flirting going on, with him not realizing that’s her sister or him realizing it and that’s why he’s doing it. To kinda get back at her for the whole ‘Andy’ thing.

  13. That would be PERFECT!
    I loved Kristin in Bewitched, it would be awesome if she had that kind of bubbly role in the office too (total opposite of Angela)…

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