Office goodies in the Target $1 bins

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 | 1,001 comments


Every year, Target stores pack their $1 bins with all sorts of wonderful Office items. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s been available!

Photos of 2009 items

Tipsters: RIP Sprinkles, James, Meggan, Katelin, Colleen

Oh, and don’t forget these items that were reported in July.

2008 and 2007 items listed on this page.

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  1. 1001. Claire  

    I have an unopened set of the 2007 word magnets (the one with 38 in the set) that I would like to give away – if anyone wants them please e-mail clairechristian47 at gmail.

  2. 1000. paperjam  

    I was just at my local Target this morning and found that some of The Office products were included in the 30% off sale which includes items with “green” dots.

    Picked up a few for use around my office and some to keep for Christmas gifts.

  3. 999. Jessica  

    Does anyone have any leftover pens or pencils from years’ past? I have checked online and found very few. Thanks!

  4. 998. Danny  

    A Brand new Target just opened in Brea, CA on Sunday! It was loaded with all 2009 items, so any Tallyheads in the OC should check it out!!!

  5. 997. jalpert  

    about to accept my defeat.. =/
    any tips? I only go to two. Norwalk.. and Norwalk?
    Either way they have nothing. The spot where they usually are has been stocked up with Sesame Street, which I don’t mind i bought a big bird stamp but i’d much rather have a new jenna pen.
    Help anyone?

  6. 996. seattle1234  

    anyone find any in the seattle area? i went to two targets and not even the employees seemed to know about this

  7. 995. NotABadDay  

    Alabama Tallyheads: The 280 Target had very slim pickin’s. A few sticky notes, some pens, two chipped WBB mugs, and about a dozen dry erase boards. :(

    I’m going to try the Alabaster Target next. Last year, I hit the jackpot there.

  8. 994. Tina  

    Okay, I need the Dunder Mifflin mug! :D

  9. 993. FlonkertonChamp  

    i got some stuff 2 weeks ago… magnets, pencils and a dunder mifflin mug (which is now the pencil holder)

    i ALWAYS use my office pencils when i do crossword puzzles. i think they give me some of stanley’s mad puzzle-solving skillz.

  10. 992. NotABadDay  

    Christina, I’m in Birmingham and will hit the 280 Target tomorrow. I’ll post if I find anything! (It was about this time last year that they finally showed up.)

  11. 991. jess1820  

    AHHHH!!!! I need to go to Target now. <3 The Office $1 items. I want that Dunder Mifflin Mug. Sad they don't make the Jim ones anymore, oh well. I'm going to go to the Redwood City Target now.

  12. 990. pamelajnewell  

    So, I am quite upset. I just moved to an area with no Target. I have bought these items every year that they’ve had them. So when you first posted these I drove an hour away to the closest Target to buy some and they didn’t have any!!! And, I just called them yesterday and they said they weren’t getting any!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!

  13. 989. What's Second Base?  

    No wonder they’re unloading the magnets: They misspelled “Feisty” as “Fiesty.” Unless Fiesty means “ready to welcome Oscar back on a burro” in which case I redact my remarks.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  14. 988. tanster  

    Mountain View had:
    barrel pens, quote pens, sticky notes, sticky flags, dry erase boards, and mugs.

    Redwood City had:
    mechanical pencils, barrel pens, quote pens, sticky notes, sticky flags, magnetic list pads, dry erase boards, and mugs.

  15. 987. Clockwise  

    Update on the Tucson Targets – as of Sept. 16th the Target on Broadway next to El Con mall had the Office mechanical pencils out. That was it but it’s a start! The other Broadway and Irvington Targets still had nothing.

    I also visited the Ypsilanti, MI and Ann Arbor, MI Targets while there for our DMI meet & greet. The Ypsilanti store had nothing but the Ann Arbor store had all of the items listed in the 2009 list above.

  16. 986. timeerkat  

    The Target on Corbin in Reseda, CA had list pads, 4-count magnets (no “how I’m feeling”), both kinds of pens, pencils, sticky notes and flags. Glad to see some new Pam items in this lot – and some featuring the supporting cast! Some items looked a little picked over, but they still had plenty of pens left.

  17. 985. Josh  

    found some items finally. target by reliant stadium in houston. mugs, magnets, dry erase boards, large and mini post its, pencils, pens, etc…..

  18. 984. Carrie  

    I just hit up Target in COSTA MESA, CA and they had some items, though not much left (or much to begin with). I grabbed the list pad, pen/pencils, magnets, sticky pads, and dry erase boards (pretty much everything Office I could find there). Unfortunately, there were no mugs which was what I really wanted. I will hit up more Targets around Orange County and will report again if I find any other Office items. Happy shopping fellow Tallyheads!

  19. 983. Clockwise  

    No $1 Office items at the three Targets I checked in Tucson AZ (the one on Irvington and the two on Broadway). They did have plenty of the special DVD sets though.

  20. 982. Josh  

    The Target in Hayward, CA had 2 diff dry erase boards, 2 list notebooks, 2 diff post-it sets, a mini post-it set of 3 diff kinds, 2 diff sets of pens, 2 diff magnet sets. Tons of it all. Looks like only thing I didn’t get was the mug.

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