Office goodies in the Target $1 bins

Every year, Target stores pack their $1 bins with all sorts of wonderful Office items. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s been available!

Photos of 2009 items

Tipsters: RIP Sprinkles, James, Meggan, Katelin, Colleen

Oh, and don’t forget these items that were reported in July.

2008 and 2007 items listed on this page.


  1. I checked the bins this weekend (I’m in Northern CA) and two different Targets and nothing. It was sad. Nice haul though lemoñadé.

  2. I went right out to Target after reading this, but there was nothing there. :( I’ll have to keep checking though. I want it all!

  3. Eeek! I need one of each! Lots of magnets! And the Jim mug will be mine. The closest Target is an hour away but I will be making a special trip this coming weekend to stock up on Office goodies! Whooo hooo!! Thanks for letting us know about the nifty gifties!

  4. Has anyone in the Boston area had a successful shopping trip? I don’t have a car, so if I were to go it would take a bit of planning and I would be crushed if I got there and they didn’t have anything. But I figured before I call the store I would ask…

  5. I was at Target this morning and they had all of the bins pretty much empty so I’m hoping next time I go they will be full of Office stuff!

  6. Looks like it’s a road trip to Target today..oh darn. I really hope they are in stock, I’d hate to go to one of my favorite stores for no reason.!!!

  7. Tyler-at the store I go to they are right when you come in. There’s an area with a bunch of bins full of little stuff. A while back I got some Dora The Explorer socks there for my niece’s birthday present.

  8. I just went to Target over my lunch break and found nothing. I even wandered around the store hoping the goods were hiding someplace else other than the $1 bins. What a bummer.

  9. Has anyone gone to the Target in Brooklyn yet? If not, I will try to check it out tonight and report back tomorrow… :)

  10. The bins at my main Target (they’re all over the Detroit area) was empty over the weekend, so here’s hoping they’re stocked full at lunch!

  11. Wow! Anywhere else to find these other than Target, especially somewhere up here in Canada? Or do I have to wait and get it on ebay.

  12. At my Target, they also had a long I heart Jim memo pad and an erasable magnetic memo board. My dorm room is Office-fied now.

  13. I called around to the Targets in the Detroit area (specifically Macomb County) this weekend, but none of them had anything. I checked at one on my lunch break, but nothing. Has anyone found any in the Macomb county area of Michigan? I’m in serious need of buying everything in bulk!!!


  14. dangit, and i just quit target a week ago! now i have no discount! poo.

    well i just called the target that’s 30 minutes away, and i guess they’ll be putting that stuff out. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! i’m buying all of it. forget savings.

  15. At the Columbus-Easton Target the bins were empty but the labels on the bins did have The Office products listed. I am hoping that the bins get stocked tonight.

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