Petition to supersize The Office series finale!

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 | 247 comments


The Office Petition: WE WON!

The Office ends its nine-year run this May with a one-hour series finale episode. Executive Producer Greg Daniels, however, needs more time.

May 7: TVLine reports that The Office finale is extended by 15 minutes. WE DID IT!
The retrospective airs as scheduled 8-9pm, followed by the finale 9-10:15pm.

May 2: our petition has now collected 20,000 signatures. Woo hoo!

May 1: in a press call today, Greg mentioned that he is working with NBC to get extra minutes for the finale. Keep signing, you guys!

April 28: now that NBC has announced a retrospective airs before the finale, you can think of The Office “owning” the 8-10pm slot. This means there’s an excellent chance they could shorten the retrospective in order to “supersize” the finale. As Tallyhead Raybans commented, “…the Seinfeld finale ran from 8:45 to 10 following their 45-minute clip show.” Hey, we’ll take that extra 15 minutes! :)

March 26: Executive Producer Greg Daniels responds to the petition.

Claire and Dave (our editors) have cut together just the first act and it’s 23 minutes long, so we’re definitely going to need some extra time to get everyone’s stories in.

It’s really great of the fans to come out like they did for Casino Night and help me request additional supersizing. You guys were able to melt Jeff Zucker’s heart, so I bet you can do the same for Bob Greenblatt.

It will be worth it, I promise.

Best, Greg

Let’s help Greg get more time. Sign the petition and spread the word!

Thanks to the following sites for helping get the word out:
E! Online | TVLine | SpoilerTV | Entertainment Weekly | The Office | TV Series Finale

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  1. 247. voodoo mama juju  

    Awesome work everyone!

  2. 246. Heffernan  

    The more time the better, but I was really hoping for at least another 30 minutes. hopefully there is some kind of insane directors cut on the DVD that is really long.

  3. 245. Richard  

    I was getting worried but I’m SO glad NBC decided to give the show the time it more than deserves – thanks to all who signed!

  4. 244. rocketfan86  

    I hope it’s a full 15 minutes of episode added and not 10 and 5 of commercials.

  5. 243. DonnaL  

    Incredible! Wish it wasn’t necessary (i.e., series not ending), but we’ll take every minute we can get.
    Great work, Tanster and everyone!

  6. 242. Bobblehead Joe  

    What exciting news! It’s amazing to see the collective support us fans have for this show. Proud to be an Office fan.

  7. 241. Rana  

    Such great news!

  8. 240. Kevin's Chili Slop  


    [from tanster: lol!]

  9. 239. StephP  

    yea, I’m so glad that the writers won’t have to cut 15 precious minutes! Thanks NBC!

  10. 238. ohhelms  

    Woot woot!!

  11. 237. Teresa  

    Yay! I knew we could do it! :)

  12. 236. Laura  

    OfficeTally Nation!!! I’m doing a subtle victory dance at my cubicle right now. :)

  13. 235. DunderJAM  

    YESSSS! This just made the worst week ever soooo much better. From the looks of things, the finale is going to be ah-mazing!

  14. 234. TobyFan  

    Yay! (And thank you, NBC – I really mean that!)

  15. 233. whitney h  

    Thank you so much for starting this petition and giving me the chance to sign it! I love this website and The Office! This made my day! We won!!!!

  16. 232. DANI3LL3marie  

    ahhhh we did it! us office fans know how to get it done!

  17. 231. kaye  

    Huzzah! This is wonderful news. I’m glad they’ll be able to close out the show the way they want to. I’m readying my tissues for the final two episodes!

  18. 230. PhillyJam  

    Just when your having a bad day, Officetally and Tanster make it all better! Then, after the happiness you just felt about the news of an extended finale, you start rolling tears of joy down your face! Emotions aren’t going to be in check for a while leading up to the finale are they! lol

  19. 229. Big Tuna  

    15 minutes! Take that local news!

  20. 228. NotABadDay  

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!! Happy — and sad. :-) :-(

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