Petition to supersize The Office series finale!

The Office Petition: WE WON!

The Office ends its nine-year run this May with a one-hour series finale episode. Executive Producer Greg Daniels, however, needs more time.

May 7: TVLine reports that The Office finale is extended by 15 minutes. WE DID IT! The retrospective airs as scheduled 8-9pm, followed by the finale 9-10:15pm.

May 2: our petition has now collected 20,000 signatures. Woo hoo!

May 1: in a press call today, Greg mentioned that he is working with NBC to get extra minutes for the finale. Keep signing, you guys!

April 28: now that NBC has announced a retrospective airs before the finale, you can think of The Office “owning” the 8-10pm slot. This means there’s an excellent chance they could shorten the retrospective in order to “supersize” the finale. As Tallyhead Raybans commented, “…the Seinfeld finale ran from 8:45 to 10 following their 45-minute clip show.” Hey, we’ll take that extra 15 minutes! :)

March 26: Executive Producer Greg Daniels responds to the petition.

Claire and Dave (our editors) have cut together just the first act and it’s 23 minutes long, so we’re definitely going to need some extra time to get everyone’s stories in.

It’s really great of the fans to come out like they did for Casino Night and help me request additional supersizing. You guys were able to melt Jeff Zucker’s heart, so I bet you can do the same for Bob Greenblatt.

It will be worth it, I promise.

Best, Greg

Let’s help Greg get more time. Sign the petition and spread the word!

Thanks to the following sites for helping get the word out:
E! Online | TVLine | SpoilerTV | Entertainment Weekly | The Office | TV Series Finale

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  1. I’m signed up! If Greg Daniels says he needs more time, then they should give the man more time!

  2. It would mean so much to the long-term fans of The Office to get a super sized finale! Please give this wonderful show the send-off it deserves!

  3. The office is my all time single favorite show! I watch it every night before I fall asleep and can relate to every single character at times! One of America’s all time greatest shows deserves to go out with a bang! Supersize the finale= supersize the viewers and the tears!

  4. Although I haven’t been watching since it started (Seeing as I was 9), I recently watched The Office from start to finish- twice. I know I’m going to cry at the season finale and would definitely love to see an extension. More to love. Please!

  5. Please supersize the series finale of The Office to two hours. Us fans would truly love and appreciate it if we could extend this last episode of the series that we all love so much. We know how much time and care they put into making this episode because we were there on the last day of filming trying to catch a glimpse of the magic they make on The Office set. Please don’t let their hard work not be seen and appreciated by the fans that have loved The Office for 9 seasons.

  6. There would be no better way to end one of the greatest shows in television history than to have an extended/supersized finale filled with all of the characters we love! We will miss this show so incredibly much.

  7. I planned on writing a really emotional plea for a supersized finale. Then I started bawling my eyes out as I was typing. So this is all I can get out. PLEASE GIVE US AS MUCH FOOTAGE AS YOU CAN.

  8. Some scenes need to be cut down or left out entirely. I’m all for more office but only if it’s good. Don’t supersize just for the sake of it. Only do it if the material is good.

  9. If Greg Daniels requests something, it should be granted automatically.

    [from tanster: agree!]

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