Petition to supersize The Office series finale!

April 4, 2013

The petition collected 15,000 signatures in 16 days.

April 2, 2013

The petition collected 13,000 signatures in less than 14 days.

March 30, 2013

The petition collected 11,000 signatures in less than 11 days.

March 28, 2013

The petition collected 11,000 signatures in less than 8 days.

March 24, 2013

The petition collected 7,000 signatures in less than 5 days.

March 21, 2013

The petition collected 6,000 signatures in less than 48 hours.

March 19, 2013: Original post

Ah, I feel like we’re coming full circle. :)

Just like in 2006, when The Office fanbase petitioned to supersize The Office Season 2 finale (which netted nearly 3,000 signatures), we need to now rally behind Executive Producer Greg Daniels and petition for a supersized series finale.

Here’s what Greg said to TVLine: “I was very excited with the footage we got. It’s very big. I’m going to beg NBC to super-size it or extend it.” (From this video.)

Having visited the set all last week while they were shooting the finale, I would have to agree. They shot tons of stuff. Let’s get it all in! (That’s what she said.)


  1. I’m signed up! If Greg Daniels says he needs more time, then they should give the man more time!

  2. It would mean so much to the long-term fans of The Office to get a super sized finale! Please give this wonderful show the send-off it deserves!

  3. The office is my all time single favorite show! I watch it every night before I fall asleep and can relate to every single character at times! One of America’s all time greatest shows deserves to go out with a bang! Supersize the finale= supersize the viewers and the tears!

  4. Although I haven’t been watching since it started (Seeing as I was 9), I recently watched The Office from start to finish- twice. I know I’m going to cry at the season finale and would definitely love to see an extension. More to love. Please!

  5. Please supersize the series finale of The Office to two hours. Us fans would truly love and appreciate it if we could extend this last episode of the series that we all love so much. We know how much time and care they put into making this episode because we were there on the last day of filming trying to catch a glimpse of the magic they make on The Office set. Please don’t let their hard work not be seen and appreciated by the fans that have loved The Office for 9 seasons.

  6. There would be no better way to end one of the greatest shows in television history than to have an extended/supersized finale filled with all of the characters we love! We will miss this show so incredibly much.

  7. I planned on writing a really emotional plea for a supersized finale. Then I started bawling my eyes out as I was typing. So this is all I can get out. PLEASE GIVE US AS MUCH FOOTAGE AS YOU CAN.

  8. Some scenes need to be cut down or left out entirely. I’m all for more office but only if it’s good. Don’t supersize just for the sake of it. Only do it if the material is good.

  9. If Greg Daniels requests something, it should be granted automatically.

    [from tanster: agree!]

  10. The Scranton crew is signing in – let’s do this!!

    [from tanster: love you guys!]

  11. The office is my favorite show, I wanna squeeze out every last drop that I can!

  12. Signed! Hopeful as I am, I’m sure if it doesn’t air, we’ll get it on the DVD.

  13. the office has been my life for the past 6 years. I remember spending my 3 day weekend on the couch watching the entire series with my mom. I could tell you more about these people than my own family. I cried when Michael left and I’m already crying about the end of the show.
    now that I have embarrassed myself on the Internet,
    please please please please supersize the finale. Let’s send an amazing show off right.

  14. I signed :)
    @tanster a quick suggestion is to please keep this on top even if there is new news so everyone can see :)

  15. Signed. I want to see how much more this crapfest that has been the final season can bomb.

  16. Signed. Great idea Tanster, I really hope the powers of NBC listen up. The Office deserves to go out with a 2 hour bang!

  17. You have my signature. The show deserves the best send off possible… We Will Find A Way, Or We Will Make One!!

  18. I don’t really understand why the office is ending. I have a feeling NBC will have to come up with something similar or may lose viewers. This show is just a winner.

  19. This was easily my favorite show. Even though it hasn’t been as good recently, I still want to see it go out with a bang.

  20. So sad to see an era come to an end. Thanks for giving me a show to grow up with. I’m graduating from high school this spring and have watched The Office with my parents since junior high. It is the defining show of my adolescence & I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

  21. So proud of fellow fans. There are only about 200 signatures left. Keeping fingers crossed for a super-sized episode

  22. How long are we shooting for?…2 hours?

    [ from tanster: not quite sure. just something longer than the one hour it’s currently scheduled for. :) ]

  23. Can’t believe this is the last season :( Best show ever. I think it deserves a super sized ending.

  24. The Office is a family. Obesity is a problem in America. Nevertheless, please supersize the finale.

  25. Hey you guys, need some research help…

    If The Office series finale were to be supersized to 1-1/2 hours, would that be unprecedented for a TV comedy finale?

    What about if it were extended to two hours?


  26. @Tanster – Well, I do know that the series finale of “Lost” was the longest ever episode of television, running at two and a half hours.

  27. Please supersize The Office finale! The funniest show on TV is ending. Please end it the right way! This show has so many fans who love it, it would be a shame to end it in only a half hour. Thursday nights will never be the same. There will never be another show like it.

  28. This should be a no-brainer!!! Make the finale long and strong!! (That’s what she said!)

  29. Please supersize this episode for us! It’s the ending of a great run and we’d love to see it ALL!

  30. Best show ever…. Will be as to see it end…. Please supersize, and also reconsider the farm!

  31. Please maximize the finale, I can’t believe it’s ending after 9 years. It’s going to be a sad night please extend it so it’s on a little longer! Can’t believe it’s in the last season, the cast, crew, writers, producers etc are amazing and have created a comedic masterpiece!

  32. I am just a TV novice, Tanster.
    But off the top of my head, Community on NBC had a 90 minute finale, I think. Then, there was M.A.S.H with a 2 and a half hour finale, but that show may be in a whole other class by itself.

  33. Tanster,

    Not sure if considered a comedy, the MASH finale clocked in at 135 minutes.

  34. If it’s not extended, I certainly hope that the full extended episode is available to us on dvd!

  35. “Which netted nearly 3,000 signatures…”
    We’re at over 3,600 as I write this and it’s been less than 24hrs!

    [ from tanster: you guys are awesome! ]

  36. We fans want to see what happens to all our friends at The Office. Please give them more time in the form of a full hour, at least!! Thanks!!

    Carole Allen

  37. Signed! So exciting!! SUPER size it please… I want all the “goodness” we can get!!! :))))

  38. Super Size- everyone post this link to twitter and every other social media site

    [from tanster: yes, please get the word out! thanks!]

  39. I’ve signed it. Question: How long would a supersized episode be?
    Statement: It’s already reached over 3,000 signatures. It needs 1.342 more. We can do this! :)

  40. Is it crazy that I’m actually thinking of taking May 16th off work and spending the entire day watching my favourite Office episodes to gear up for the finale?

    [from tanster: i think that’s an excellent idea!]

  41. I’ve signed, and I keep refreshing the screen to see how close we are — almost there!!!

  42. Tanster, I thought you would like to know that Office Tally and the petition are being reported on E online.
    Totally awesome!

    [from tanster: really?! can you post a link? that is awesome news, thanks!]

  43. Tanster,

    Does the show/network plan to have a show of highlights over the 9 seasons as a prelude to the finale?

    A lot of shows have done that in the past (i.e Seinfeld. Would make sense for NBC and their ratings.


    [from tanster: don’t know. but it would be cool if they made the whole evening of May 16 all about The Office!]

  44. “Friends” also had a two hour series finale and a one hour retrospective thing before it. “Seinfeld” had only one hour but had a one hour clip show before it.

  45. Well, by the time Tanster approves this comment…we’ve done it! 5,000 signatures! Now what?

  46. 10k is probably enough. Anything more than that is probably overly ambitious, and I think 10k gets the message across just as much as 20 or 30 would.

  47. Hey Tanster – do you think you could tweet to The Office cast members to get them to tweet it out themselves? We might get more signatures that way.

    PS – Thanks for all the work you’ve done and continue to do! You’re so devoted to this site and the show, and it’s so wonderful to be able to come here and see so many people as invested in the show as I am!

  48. Fans all over the world deserve an epic supersized finale. Plus, DVD sales would remarkably raise with it ;) Please supersize it.

    Thanks much.

  49. I will get all my mexican family to sign this! so excited! please supersize it c: this is my life! (‘:

  50. Yes, it wouldn’t be right for the Office to go out without a big finale! Especially given all the one-hour episodes and specials they’ve had in the past. A retrospective would be nice as well so we would at least see Michael Scott in the final showing, even if it is vintage footage. Would be great if they showed never-before seen archive or deleted scenes too…!

  51. Getting close to 6,000! People, including myself, have been posting the petition link on The Office Facbook page so I hope that’s helping. I think Rainn is the only cast member so far to tweet about it. If we could get more cast members to share it then we’ll definitely reach the goal!

    [from tanster: thanks so much for getting the word out, keep it going! rainn, angela, kate, and creed have tweeted about it so far.]

  52. Judging by NBC’s current predicament, the best thing to do for ratings is to do this.

  53. Wait…I already thought this was slated to be an hour long? According to the listing on the upper-right of this screen, anyway….

    [from tanster: correct. it’s currently an hour, and we’re petitioning for more than an hour.]

  54. Ahhh! (Thanks, Tanster, for the LIGHTNING fast response.)

    Consider me charmed and consider that petition signed! The finale of this show should stand alone. :-)

  55. Show LOYALTY to the fans who’ve shown LOYALTY = ) or else I’ll go where they Value Loyalty the Most..

    PLEASE give us 2 hrs!!

    But, If ya don’t, give us super extended episodes on the DVD set

  56. If they can air the Apprentice for 2 hours a week, they can make the Office Finale 2 hours

  57. YESS!! whoo let’s do this baby. Signed, sealed, delivered….wait where’s Jim??

    Thanks so much Tanster for everything you do! Lets do this Office enthusiasts!!!

  58. Why is this even a question? EVERYONE WILL WATCH. Please please PLEASE give us a supersize finale. It’s the final episode, get it all in!

  59. If it’s super sized, how long will the finale be? It’s already going to be an hour, so two hours? I doubt that, because NBC will want to air Hannibal. But maybe we could an extra 15 minutes.

  60. @ Timothy (Comment #131) – If enough people sign this, it’s a sign of good faith that they’d watch it the night of airing, and NBC wants the viewers, so it’s imperative we get the word out. I can’t speak to Hannibal or its future viewership, but I have a feeling more people would prefer to watch The Office finale, solely for the reason if it being the last episode of an extremely popular show.

    Also, the last show in that time slot, Do No Harm, bombed. I can’t be certain, but that doesn’t bode well for late-night dramas, especially when they’re after a block of comedies.

    Again, big props to Tanster for being our fearless leader. You’re the World’s Best Fan Site Owner :)

    [ from tanster: thank you! we’ve hit 7,000 and i have the utmost confidence that we’ll reach our goal of 10,000! let’s do it together! :) ]

  61. Also, Tanster – do you think you could get the twitterers following you to tweet a hashtag to get trending? Maybe during the next new episode? It could be something like #supersizetheoffice #twss. More people may sign up if they see it trending.

    [ from tanster: excellent idea, thank you! please remind me on april 4 during ‘promos’. ]

  62. For what it’s worth, I tweeted about this petition to a bunch of cast members.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  63. I posted the link to sign the petition on Soul Pancake, Rainn Wilson’s website! Tanster, are there a certain amount of signatures needed to extend the episode?

  64. Haha, Jenna Fischer just re-tweeted the link to the petition and it’s gone up by 1,000+ signatures in the last half hour alone!

  65. Jenna Fischer just tweeted a link to the petition a few minutes ago and that added 300-400 signatures already! I really hope NBC listens to the fans/Greg’s pleas.

    [from tanster: yay! thank you, jenna!]

  66. I really hope Greg’s full vision gets to be seen on live TV. At the very least a Producer’s cut on the DVD.

  67. AHHHH!! 10,000 – so proud of all Office fans who signed!!:) well done everyone.

  68. Congrats Tansfer and everyone who signed!

    Hopefully NBC does the right thing.

  69. Signed! We should get an extra half hour for every 5,000 signatures. So now we’d be at 2 and a half hours, pushing for 3! :D

  70. @ Tanster how many are needed to supersize the finale? Only the signature bar has now increased to 15,000 needed

    Also major kudos on your efforts in this campaign,I stumbled across the plea in EW after having signed!

  71. How many people signed the first petition? Anyone know? I started watching in Season 5, so I missed the Casino Night article. I hope this is quite a bit larger than the last one (TWSS)!

  72. I still cannot understand for the life of me why Greg Daniels, of all people, should have to plead with the executives for more time. They show “The Voice” 500 times a week, but our generation’s best writer and producer has to grovel for a little extra airtime? DID HE STUTTER?

  73. The petition is slowing down, is there anything else we can do? Storm NBC with E-mails?

  74. When Jenna tweeted the link, the number of signatures exploded. Another tweet from John K. or Ed would kick it up another notch, I’d bet!

  75. It’s the very last episode and was a revolutionary show. It deserves all the time it needs!

  76. Could we do something to complement the petition, maybe send NBC some jam or paper or something?

    I figure they can pretend they don’t see the online petition, but getting thousands of something at their corporate offices would make a statement.

    I don’t make a ton of money, but we kept it in the 10-15 dollar range, it’d be cool to see what we could make happen.

  77. Everyone I know that watches The Office regularly is genuinely devastated at the fact it’s near its end. A supersize ending would be perfect.

  78. You can’t just end a 9 year show with a one hour episode! Remember in season 4 when they tried to make the regular episodes one hour long… This is a closer to a 9year show and should not be treated like a regular episode!

  79. Supersize! Supersize! Don’t let Michael Bloomberg get this one too!

    [from tanster: lol. best reply yet!]

  80. Give us this gift, please!!! This show has gotten me through some tough times! I can’t imagine just a half hour for the season finale

  81. Pretty pretty please! As a fan that even went to the convention it would mean so much to end the series right.

  82. 45 minutes til the Office airs here in Iowa, and only 48 more signatures are needed. This is awesome!

  83. The greatest show in American history needs to have the best ending possible.

  84. Celebrity Apprentice gets 2 hours each Sunday, yet the finale of the office, a show which has been on television for nine years, only gets 1 hour? You don’t go by Monopoly, man. – Creed Bratton

  85. Did some research (wikipedia) and saw that Casino Night got supersized after receiving 2,800 signatures on the petition.

    So, we are doing awesome!

  86. @182 Paul, you are so right. In fact, thinking about that makes me kind of angry that we even have to form a petition for this even though I gladly signed it.

  87. I was in touch with Greg over the weekend. We still have time to get more signatures. Thanks to all of you for your support, let’s keep it going! :)

  88. So… when does Greenblatt plan to respond to this petition? Does anybody know?

  89. I signed the petition two weeks ago when we only needed 15,000 signatures. Now it’s up to 20,000. Why do they need to supersize when they’re using reruns for two more episodes? Why didn’t they use those time slots to finish some of the arcs they wanted to hone for the finale? That seems like a waste of airtime to me.

  90. I love this show! I wish we could see another season but a super long finale would be awesome!

  91. Obviously, everyone at NBC has heard about this petition and the request for a super-sized finale through news sources, etc. Why haven’t they responded with something?

  92. If Michael Scott does not make an appearance in the finale, it will be a complete and utter disappointment. Michael Scott was The Office. Just saying.

  93. I guess the option of airing the finale in two 1hr parts and two different night is now out, since they decided to fill this week with the “New Guys” rerun. They could’ve totally continued this week with “Paper Airplane” and aired the two parts on 5/09 and 5/16.

    [from tanster: yup, that’s what i was hoping for. don’t give up yet, i don’t think greg has spoken to nbc yet…]

  94. The finale has to be supersized because of a crossover with Parks and Recreation. Rashida Jones is two characters on the Office and Parks and Rec because it is an alternate universe. Dwight opens a dimensional portal between the universes.

    In the series finale of the Office the universes collide. So technically Michael Scott will NOT appear in the finale but Steve Carell will, as alternate-universe Michael Scarn. Jim will fall in love with alternate universe Pam, who supports his job in Philly, while Pam falls in love with alternate universe Jim, who will stay with her in Scranton.

  95. Tanster,

    If NBC decides not to supersize the finale, do you know if Greg will try and have a longer finale on the DVD?

    [from tanster: no, but that’s a good bet!]

  96. Hey I just went on NBC and sent them a message asking them to please supersize the finale, if the other 17,300 of you did the same it couldn’t hurt :)

  97. According to this link to The Futon Critic, NBC has a 1 hour Office retrospective scheduled to air from 8-9 on the 16th prior to the finale. Seems like it should be awfully easy for NBC just to give them the extra time they need.

  98. That’s exactly my goal. If a bunch of us sign a petition, and we all email NBC, it will make us sound a lot louder, and look like there are more of us. :)

  99. I agree with barney. It’s overkill and will just look like the same people doing the same thing twice.

  100. Hey Tanster, can we do what Jo (#203/205 in comments) is saying? Can we write an email that we all copy and paste and send to NBC, in solidarity – we can add our own personal touches, of course, but maybe if they see it flooding in, they’d take better notice?

  101. I’m waiting to hear from Greg on the best way to proceed. We want to make sure to send this petition at the most impactful time possible.

    Thanks for all your support! :)

  102. 200/emanon, why are you reminding me of Patton Oswalt right now? :)

    I still think it’s ridiculous that he even has to ask for it. Just make the whole evening one big block of “Office” programming and be done with it, NBC! Hell, it’s not like you have anything else that’ll pull in ratings…

  103. Tanster (not to nag or anything), have you sent the petition? Or heard from Greg Daniels? Or does the scheduling of Finale mean that it will for sure be one hour??

  104. Ok, the ratings for last night’s Paper Airplane episode should provide us all with the sad fact that NBC will not supersize the finale. The ratings keep dropping and, sorry to say, that is what the network will be using as its reason for not supersizing.

  105. You guys, have faith.

    This IS going to happen.

    Even if we get just 10 extra minutes, it will have been worth it.

    I’m so emotional over the end of the show, that every extra minute is a treasure.

    Thanks for continuing to support the petition! Getting to 20,000 is a big deal.


  106. Tanster, do you have an update? It seems that NBC are not planning to supersize the Finale despite all of the signatures. Has Greg said anything recently? I think the retrospective is great but I’d rather have a longer Finale to be honest. If we don’t get an extended finale on TV, I hope we get one on the DVD or online.

    [from tanster: i haven’t heard back from greg, but comment #8 from Raybans gives me hope!]

  107. It’s one thing that the award shows for the most part have ignored “The Office” but it really hits home when the network the show runs on is not supportive of their fans.

    Yes, airing a retrospective is a nice thought….but given the choice, I would rather a 2 hour finale than a rehash of old clips.

    Cmon NBC do the right thing.

  108. @217 I have to agree with you 100%. It’s really kind of a shame. The Office has one of the biggest and most supportive fan bases I think I’ve seen in a long long time. We have this petition to prove it. But I don’t think it gets the respect it deserves. I haven’t seen the show win an Emmy or anything since season 2 or 3 I believe(don’t quote me on that). And I’m begin to lose all hope that we’ll get anything more than an hour. I’m not excited at all about the retrospective. I would much rather see a satisfying finale to this amazing show.

  109. Apparently Rainn tweeted that one remaining episode may be longer than an hour. We may have won!

    [from tanster: i hope so!]

  110. 54 needed!!!

    I’m starting to wonder, after tonight’s episode, if there isn’t more significance to the picture on the chessboard…

  111. As of May 2, 10pm PT, our petition has collected 20,000 signatures!

    Thank you, Office fans, for all your support. NBC can’t possibly say no now.

    Man, what an emotional evening… :)

  112. We’ve hit 20,000 people, everybody!

    Just take a minute to digest that – Twenty-thousand fans of The Office, across the world, want to see an extended finale. From what Tanster says, it looks like it’s happening. That’s really huge, and it didn’t really take too long. That’s what she said.

  113. Not only did they get the extended finale, but they get to keep the hour retrospective intact.

    8-9 retrospective
    9-10:15 finale

  114. Just when your having a bad day, Officetally and Tanster make it all better! Then, after the happiness you just felt about the news of an extended finale, you start rolling tears of joy down your face! Emotions aren’t going to be in check for a while leading up to the finale are they! lol

  115. Huzzah! This is wonderful news. I’m glad they’ll be able to close out the show the way they want to. I’m readying my tissues for the final two episodes!

  116. Thank you so much for starting this petition and giving me the chance to sign it! I love this website and The Office! This made my day! We won!!!!

  117. YESSSS! This just made the worst week ever soooo much better. From the looks of things, the finale is going to be ah-mazing!

  118. OfficeTally Nation!!! I’m doing a subtle victory dance at my cubicle right now. :)

  119. yea, I’m so glad that the writers won’t have to cut 15 precious minutes! Thanks NBC!

  120. What exciting news! It’s amazing to see the collective support us fans have for this show. Proud to be an Office fan.

  121. Incredible! Wish it wasn’t necessary (i.e., series not ending), but we’ll take every minute we can get.
    Great work, Tanster and everyone!

  122. I hope it’s a full 15 minutes of episode added and not 10 and 5 of commercials.

  123. I was getting worried but I’m SO glad NBC decided to give the show the time it more than deserves – thanks to all who signed!

  124. The more time the better, but I was really hoping for at least another 30 minutes. hopefully there is some kind of insane directors cut on the DVD that is really long.

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