Tallyheads, show me a sign

Are you trapped in a house where people are watching the Patriots/Giants game, and there’s nothing for you to do?

Yeah, me too.

Let’s have a little impromptu contest:

  • Create a sign with any of these nifty sign generators.
  • Your message has gotta be Office-related.
  • Upload your sign somewhere (DO NOT link directly to atom smasher), then post a link to it in a comment below.
  • Include a valid email address.
  • One entry per person.
  • U.S. only, please.

Contest ends when the Patriots/Giants game ends.

I am telling you upfront that I will be totally arbitrary in how I pick prize winners. There might not be any, there might be a few. I might award Target goodies, or maybe even one of those highly-sought-but-impossible-to-find Office DVD wall calendars. Dunno.

Okay, show me what ya got, forward it like it’s hot …


See prizewinners after the jump. Thanks, everybody, for playing!

Post now reopened for comments. No new entries, please. Thanks!

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