OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 1

The OfficeBack by popular demand, vote one Season 1 episode off the island every few days, until we’re left with the most popular episode as the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!

Status: Season 1 now complete. Thanks for voting!

Final rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 1 Survivor rankings, final

  1. Diversity Day
  2. Health Care
  3. The Alliance
  4. Basketball
  5. Hot Girl
  6. Pilot

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  1. hot girl has to go… the pilot is wayyy too good. 6 million dollar man? shhhha ta ta ta ta…. shhhha ta ta ta!!!

  2. I have to go with the pilot. It was such a carbon copy of the original Office opener that I couldn’t get David Brent out of my head. The show got better when they started doing their own material.

  3. I’d have to say that the pilot was actually the most cringe-worthy. I like less of Michael and more of the supporting characters. I do agree with Heidi (1) and Elisabeth (8) that Diversity Day is the best of the season. “Aw man, am I a woman?”

  4. Wow, looking at this poll makes me realize how awesome the first season was! I think I’m going to go watch it now!

  5. Come on!!! Any supporters of Basketball???
    ” Who am I, am I Michael Scott? I don’t know. I might just be a basketball machine”

  6. I actually really like all of season 1 so it’s going to be hard to pick. This is the season that got me hooked, thanks to a friend’s DVD. I had never seen anything like it and I’ve watched those episodes over and over.

  7. This is the first time I’ve ever been happy that the first season was only six episodes long. Season 3
    survivor was too daunting a task to think about…I like this more bite-sized chunk.

    I agree with #7…although, I also agree with everyone else because the pilot was hilarious. Hot girl? Uh…

  8. This one was a no brainer for me – adios ‘Pilot’ – you were brilliant when handled by the UK team, but it just wasn’t worthy of Michael Scott and the Dunder Mifflinites that we now know and love. I’ll be voting every week to try to help save my favorite episode of all time, “Diversity Day”. Thanks for bring back the polls, Jennie.

  9. I’m so glad this is back! What else are we supposed to do during the Writer’s Strike?!? Thanks Tanster!

  10. Ohhhhh! This is going to be fun! All of these episodes (except for that God-awful Pilot) were totally dawesome!

  11. Hmmm – agree that the pilot was probably the weakest, but I love Health Care the best, I think (Diversity Day is a close second). Someone thought this was easy? Even with just six to choose from I’m torn – it’s all so Sophie’s Choice! Are we doing this for season 2 – I’m not sure my brain could handle that.

  12. I like the pilot, but as they took half the dialogue and all the story from the British version, I’m voting for it to go first.

  13. I maintain (in vain) that Hot Girl is underrated. Michael’s pathetic attempts to hit on Katy are all cringe all the time. And how can you vote off Jim and Pam narrating Dwight’s purse-purchasing experience?

  14. I’m agreeing with a lot of other people. The Pilot has got to go. The humor that was so great in the British version doesn’t mesh as well here.

  15. Absolutely #22, Hot Girl should stay in for the Jim and Pam moment alone! Dwight stepping in and out of purses, banging them, and then he bought one, haha!

    I will be rooting for the Alliance as #1 though.

    Oh gosh, what will it be like to vote for season 2? Oh boy!

  16. Health Care was the best of season 1 in my opinion.

    At the time these episodes were too cringeworthy for me, but rewatching them recently they hold up better than any of season 3 does.

    What I like a lot is that back then Jim and Pam were more like average people, and not treated like they were very attractive or a big deal.

  17. I vote to boot ‘Basketball’. Not that it was so bad, but it made me so uncomfortable to watch that it wasn’t enjoyable. Things just got too harsh on the court between Jim and Roy – it wasn’t funny, it was ugly.

    2nd choice will probably be ‘Pilot’. The scene with Michael “punking” Pam simply went too far – “Classic Michael” (think ‘Business School’) would never have done that.

  18. I second basketball for season one! I loved Jim and Pam talking some trash about the weekend plans. See ya pilot!

  19. I think Health Care and The Alliance are ties for first place with me. I’ll have to go watch them again. I’m glad I have something Office-ish to think about now, though! I voted off the Pilot.

  20. I have to admit I am not really a big fan of Season 1, though I loved it at the time. Diversity Day is probably my favorite because I love Michael’s famous “attack you with the North” speech.

  21. I voted the pilot off. I know, it’s the pilot, but I wanted to hold on to “The Hot Girl” until next round simply becasue of Michael’s comment about Dunder Mifflin in the ’80s, “Man, did they move paper!” I laughed just typing that out. My favorite is obviously “Diversity Day”, but “The Alliance” is a close second. I really hope we do a Season Two Survivor. That would be interesting! Thanks for starting this again. You rock, Tanster!!!

  22. The Pilot showed that the cast and crew of the Office could do a very good job recreating a brilliant show. The rest of the episodes in the series proved that they could take the premise and run with it, making something that is wholly original and worthy of its own acclaim. That is why the Pilot (while very funny) has to go in my opinion.

  23. My order is:

    1.) Basketball (as a basketball fan, this remains one of the funniest episodes for me, but the scene at the end where Jim is feeling pretty good about himself for playing well and having some good flirt time with Pam only to be crushed by Pam telling Roy “Let’s get you into the tub” was the moment I knew this was going to be the best show ever.)
    2.) Diversity Day (showed that they were serious about pushing boundaries and pursuing greatness)
    3.) Health Care (for the made up diseases)
    4.) Hot Girl (so many good scenes, like Ryan cleaning out Michael’s car, Michael asking Pam if she had already taken lunch while she was looking at purses, Dwight and Michael discussing whether they are truly in love the purse girl, the coffee machine, etc)
    5.) The Alliance (really good, but not my favorite)
    6.) The Pilot

  24. Do I think “The Alliance” is the best episode of Season 1? Absolutely I do.

  25. hot girl is the best
    and the pilot is not the worst (although i can’t easily decide what is the worst)

  26. Not that my vote will count towards anything, because it never did last time, but Basketball should go first.

    And that’s all I’m sayin.

  27. Had to go with the Pilot for obvious Brits-did-it-first reason. Props to the writers, Greg Daniels in particular, for taking chances and changing choice things, though.

  28. oh man this again? After Safety Training broke my heart :(

    My favorite episode is The Alliance, followed close by Hot Girl.

  29. OOH And I love health care too!!! I love when Dwight says “Hot dog fingers” and Angela, Oscar and Kevin are giggling in accounting.

  30. “Hot Girl” and the Pilot are my least favorites, although I still enjoy them and think they’re funny. The Alliance is probably my favorite from Season 1. I have fond memories of watching a marathon of the show on CNBC or MSNBC or something right after Season 1. (It was a while ago, before I even knew about the show.) I remember nearly falling off the couch from laughter when I saw Dwight with his blond hair. That really made me want to watch the show.

  31. The pilot must go. Yeah, the “punk’d” scenario was funny, as was the Jello stapler, but the rest of it was just kind of “ho-hum”. I remember being disappointed, because Steve Carell looked so promising in “Anchorman”, but here he looked stupid. The “World’s Greatest Boss” mug is funny as well.

    RIP, Pilot episode. You were funny, but never touched the level that future Season 1 episodes would (let alone Season 2).

    I have no order for the rest, but I have to say that “Health Care” still ranks as one of the funniest eps ever in my mind. “Count Choculitis is NOT a disease!”

  32. I voted for The Pilot, simply because it stayed so true to the BBC version. There were glimpses of what the show would become, but not enough for me to rank it higher than #6.

    Wow, I’m really longing for those carefree S1 days right now…this strike is painful. Thanks, Jennie, for giving us something to do!

  33. Pilot, definitely.

    I think Diversity Day may be my favorite. Though I adore Health Care and The Alliance as well. See, I’ve already chosen half the season. =P

  34. Diversity Day has two of the funniest scenes in the entire series, in my opinion, with Mr. Brown/Chris Rock routine and then the exercise where they put races on their foreheads. That’ll get my vote, although Healthcare and The Alliance are pretty damn good too.

  35. While I like parts of all of these episodes, I hope The Alliance wins! I love when Michael misinterprets the meaning of a walkathon, the party planning committee, and of course, Jim and Dwight’s alliance of awesome. My favorite part of the episode is Dwight’s talking head at the end. It never fails to make me laugh! Although, I have to say, Hot Girl is pretty great too. The Dwight purse buying scene is so fantastic, and it makes me wish someone came and sold purses at my work.

  36. This is so hard. I love every season 1 episode. There are so many single moments that make me laugh harder than anything. To name a few:

    The Jell-O. Obviously.

    The shot of Dwight with blonde hair.

    Michael throwing the basketball right over the net.

    and probably the winner:
    That single shot of Stanley with the “BLACK” sign on his forehead.

  37. Not too fond of the Pilot, for the obvious reasons already stated.

    My favorite S1 ep is “Health Care”. Between the made-up diseases and Michael scrambling to find a “surprise” by the end of the episode (Ohh the mineshaft elevator) it is one of my favorites to rewatch.

  38. health care and basketball are my favorites, so funny. the fake diseases are fantastic. my least favorites are hot girl and the pilot. the pilot was funny but a carbon copy of the british pilot and hot girl was good (i loved ryan cleaning out michael’s car) but i just didn’t love it.
    this is fun, lets do season 2 next!

  39. After the Pilot, I can’t vote off any of these episodes. They make me laugh out loud even after multiple viewings. I love them all and it would be impossible for me to choose, so I won’t.

  40. Basketball was by far the best episode. I love the Roy/Jim tension and Michael is awesome in this episode. I also loved little surprises like Dwight actually not sucking at sports!!! Go Figure.

  41. For me, Diversity Day is the best episode of season one and actually one of my favorite episodes of the whole series so far. I hope it makes it to #1.

    I think Basketball and Health Care are next on the list for me – I go back and forth on which one I like more, though.

  42. Oh man, how does the Pilot episode get voted off first? I think this episode is unloved either because of people who had seen the British version beforehand or people who came into the show later in its life.

    I myself had never seen the British version, but watched the first episode because of Steve Carell being in it and an article about the show I had read in Time or EW before the show aired. And this episode struck a cord with me right away. I mean the Jell-o bit (although I know now it was taken from the British version) was so freaking hilarious! And I loved seeing these unknown actors (Rainn, John, Jenna) do such a good job of captivating me from moment one.

    (By the way: Flipping through the channels last night and caught the Law and Order: CI episode with John Krasinski in it, perfect timing because I turned to it right at his scene with the iPod)

  43. The Pilot gets a lot of criticism but at least it was very unhollywood in look and feel. If you look at the cast then compared to today, it’s a real eye opener as to how the series has changed.

  44. I do agree with #64–the cast looks much less “Hollywood” in the pilot. Also, the lighting looks less like a soundstage and more like an office.

  45. If we ever do a Season 2 Survivor I am so in. Season 1 hooked me on the show, but it pales in comparison to subsequent seasons. That said, I was sorry to see The Pilot voted off first.

  46. Heh… I gotta say I cringed more with the ending of Health Care than the entire Pilot… But I’ve never seen the British version before the US version.

    I thoroughly enjoyed S1… however, “Basketball” is what got me hooked. :)

    The best part was the commentaries of S1. Those were classic!

  47. Ok… I have to vote off either ‘The Hot Girl” or Basketball. Hmm…. Um….. Diversity Day for the win!!!

  48. I’m voting out Basketball. I was fighting with myself over “Hot Girl” and “Basketball”, but Hot Girl had so much character development (example: Angela). I’m sorry Basketball, I love ya, but compared to other season 1 episodes your lacking… just a little.

  49. Gotta love “Health Care!” Stanley, I wish I could be infected by your Government Controlled Nano-Robotic Infection!

  50. Definitely vote off “Hot Girl”, sorry. I rewatched it about two weeks ago and it’s definitely one of my least-favorite episodes.

  51. #74: Really?! Basketball is such a fantastic episode. But who am I kidding, all of Season 1 is brilliant. Though my least favorites are Hot Girl and The Pilot.


    beats all lol.

    “Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘If you are a racist I will attack you with the North’ ”

    haha Michael Scott

  53. I too am torn between “Hot Girl” and “Basketball”. I think Amy Adams was an amazing addition to the show and I’d probably watch a spin-off of her selling purses, doing cheers, and watching “Legally Blonde” while Pam’s on the sidelines being jealous and not-as-hot. ha Well, not really…but she was awesome in the few episodes she was in. However, although I think “Hot Girl” and “Basketball” are around the same level of funny, I generally think the content of “Basketball” was better.

  54. Yeah Hot girl is the worst out of those. Healthcare is the best, That was one of the first episodes I saw and i loved it.

  55. diversity day and the alliance are tied for first place in my opinion. i voted health care off. sorry for those who love this one, but it just didn’t really click for me. i mean i loved the dwight/jim parts in this ep., but other than that, it wasn’t the best.

  56. I voted off Basketball. I feel so torn between this eppie and “Hot Girl”, but there was far more character development and great one liners in Hot Girl than in Basketball. Plus seeing Jim get hurt playing was not the greatest of moments. Seeing Pam however put on lip gloss and trying to look nicer in Hot Girl was classic. Later, Basketball.


  57. After “Pilot” I’m having a lot of trouble deciding which to vote off. I love them all so much! :)

  58. Im actually voting the alliance now. The scene where Roy pushes Jim just breaks my heart… of course, Dwight with dyed hair is priceless!

    This is so hard…


  59. My least favorite episode of season 1 (which still ranks, in my opinion, as an A-) would have to be “Hot Girl.” The best- “Diversity Day.”
    “Want some spah-ghetti?”

  60. Health Care and Basketball all the way! Gotta love spontaneous dental hydroplosion and count draculitis!

  61. Diversity Day and Health Care are my two favorites. Health Care contains the Count Choculitis and the government-created killer nano robot infection lines. Hence why it is my favorite despite the cringe-inducing ending.

  62. These survivor polls are extremely difficult. They are all amazing episodes. I’m going to have to go with “Basketball”. Even though it is an encredible episode, as others have said, the other episodes I feel have more character development and better lines.

  63. Here is one example of how Hot Girl is better than Basketball.

    Dwight: The purse girl hits everything in my checklist: creamy skin, straight teeth, curly hair, amazing breasts. Not for me, for my children. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies.


  64. I’m glad this came up, it made me go back and watch season 1! I’m sure ya’ll have noticed this before, but one of the episode synopses mentions Dwight and John instead of Dwight and Jim!

  65. I don’t think I can vote anymore, either. I first watched S1 when it came out on DVD, and my initial response was “Huh? That’s it?” But I recommended it to my friends on the strength of Diversity Day, so I hope that wins. But now that I am a dedicated (some may say fanatical) fan, I love the remaining 4 equally. The Alliance is always saved for me by Dwight’s emergence from the box. I fall off the couch laughing, every time. Basketball has Jim playing basketball, and I love Michael’s reaction when Stanley starts dribbling. Health care, the made-up diseases, of course, and Jim being so impressed with Pam’s creativity. Sigh. I miss this show!

  66. Basketball for number one. I remember watching this little show that could when it first came on. I was ridiculed then for watching it, but I had faith. All the eps were great, but “Basketball” really summed everything up. You got the angsty Jim/Pam stuff. Roy slobbering all over Pam. Jim giving a sad look. Dwight stealing the ball from his own team. Don’t forget the goggles he was wearing. Of course, you get the great Michael awkwardness as well as how much of a coward he is when the warehouse guys stand up to him. I could go on, but I’ll leave it for now. :-)

    Who am I? Am I Michael Scott? I don’t know… I might just be a basketball machine. What’s Dunder Mifflin? I’ve never heard of it. Filing? Paperwork? Who cares? Possible downsizing? Um… well, that’s probably gonna happen, actually.

  67. Diversity Day for the win! :D

    “Whatchu want, a cookie?”
    “Diversity tomorrow…because today, is almost over.”
    “Aw man am I a woman?!”

  68. I hate to see Hot Girl go. Jenna did such a good job at the end of that episode. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was better than Basketball.

  69. I missed this last poll somehow but I would have voted Hot Girl off next too. It’s not a bad episode but I do like the remaining eps a bit more than this one.

  70. Some days I wonder why I bother with you, silly Survivor Poll!

    C’mon kids, Basketball needs to go.

    Health Care or Alliance for the win!

  71. While Health Care is one of my favorite episodes, The Alliance is higher on my favorites list. It really showed Jim’s dedication to his pranks on Dwight, and began to show just how much he was into Pam. It had been addressed previously, but The Alliance really hit on it. And of course, Diversity Day could be the best episode of The Office. It’s a very special episode because it is the first sign of the, now, epic Michael-Toby rivalry.

  72. How does “Hot Girl” get voted off second? “Basketball” is by far the weakest episode of season 1. Hot Girl has the great moments of “Pam 6.0, Cocks in the hen house. Don’t say cocks;” and Dwight with the freaking purse and Jim and Pam voicing Dwight while he shops for it. Come on!

    P.S. Tanster I read your letter to Zucker and I had to chuckle to myself because I was just watching through season 2 the other day (had Office-withdrawl syndrome) and I had laughed to myself about the “Image is everything. Andre Agassi.” line because I remembered it from the Canon commercials. (I think Agassi still had the super long hair back then, ah…memories.) Just thought it was funny that I had happened to zero in on that line and then like the next day you referenced it in your letter. Hopefully Zucker and the other studio execs will come to their senses soon and give us back great writing, (boo to realityTV).

  73. For real guys?? Hot girl? Basketball and Hot Girl are the two best episodes of the season without a doubt. I am sad.

  74. Aw, I really liked “Hot Girl!” “Basketball,” in my opinion, wasn’t a great episode. But I haven’t watched it in forever because I think I don’t like it, so maybe I should do that. Hm.

  75. Wow, until I went back and watched them, I forgot how awesome Season 1 is. I would have to say it’s between Diversity Day and Basketball now.. I think Basketball, as someone else says, really sums up the show. It has Michael trying to show off with something he clearly has no experience in, plenty of Jim/Pam moments, Dwight acting his usual self and some hilarious moments from minor characters (Stanley dribbling, Kevin hitting every shot)

  76. AW man! Who voted off The Hot Girl? I really loved that episode, but it had to go eventually. Basketball has to go next. I’m really torn between The Alliance or Diversity taking the cake. Hmm… Ummm… DIVERSITY DAY FOR THE WIN!!!!

  77. I have to say that as much as I love the Alliance, it has to be the next one to go. I love Health Care (Jim throwing an ice cream sandwich at Dwight) and Basketball (Michael’s sweet Georgia Brown) too much!


  78. I’m voting for The Alliance to go. I like it, but for me it’s the least memorable. I like Hot Girl a lot. But I’m voting Diversity Day to win it.

  79. I am not exaggerating, but LITERALLY everytime someone in my household mentions eating pasta for dinner, I quote Kevin, “How about some spaghetti?”

    That quote has become ingrained in my daily vernacular. For this reason, Diversity Day must win.

  80. Diversity Day is definitely the best episode of Season 1.

    Michael’s index card game was what hooked me onto the show. And our first Jam moment!

  81. This is really hard (TTSS) because I love all of these episodes! I think, though, that I’m voting basketball off next. It’s tough but I think I am pushing for The Alliance to win. Anytime you have Dwight with bleached hair or my personal favorite line “The bread is good” ” The bread is VERY good”, the episode has to win.

  82. 1. Basketball
    2. Health Care
    3. Diversity Day
    4. The Alliance
    5. Pilot
    6. Hot Girl

    I really love them all. I miss season 1’s office, especially season 1 Jim and Pam. They are too well-groomed now, they look like models rather than Office workers…and sometimes they are even too clever.(Although strangely, I kind of dig the “hotter” Michael.) Loved the realism, and am always surprised when I hear people say they disliked season 1.

  83. I still think Health Care is one of my favorites ever. Diversity Day is awesome too. OK, they’re all awesome :)

  84. can we have a vote off with the top 5 of each season? I mean if these shennanigans are gonna go on much longer I’ll need more distractions.

  85. ack. It’s too hard to pick. As I rewatched them last night, i discovered I love them all.
    I give up

  86. Diversity Day was awsome, but it was so awkward. It actually pained me to watch Michael be so ignorant. But it is in my top 20 list because it was a good episode.

  87. I feel horrible!! I just voted off Healthcare. It just can’t compete with Basketball and The Alliance, which is probably my favorite episode of Dwight. This is difficult! I didn’t realize how great Season 1 was. I always think of Season 2 as the best season but this poll has made me reconsider.

  88. To OpalArk: I love the way Pam looks in Season 4. Her wardrobe is showing her progression as a self- assured woman. I think that was an incredibly smart move on wardrobe’s part. I don’t think they have made her look too unbelievable. Honestly whats kind of freaked me out lately has been Angela’s wardrobe. When did she become hot? I don’t think that Jim has changed much, he still looks ruffled and cute, but there hasn’t been a progression like Pam. I do agree with you about Michael though. I think that in the first season he was creepy looking. He looks much better now

  89. Health Care, please! I think this is the episode I laugh the most at besides The Injury. Diversity Day is good too, but after watching it a few times I don’t find it as funny as Health Care.

  90. 1. Health Care
    2. The Alliance
    3. Diversity Day
    4. Basketball
    5. Hot Girl
    6. Pilot

  91. I will rest easy as long as The Alliance or Health Care are in the top 2. As a result, I have eliminated Diversity Day over Basketball.

  92. I think Diversity Day is the most commercially-friendly episode, because it’s the episode that got all my skeptical friends hooked.

    But Health Care is the funniest overall episode!

  93. Sigh. Basketball is getting very little love.

    I re-watched it again and here are some reminders:
    Michael telling Oscar that he will use his services for baseball or boxing, not basketball.
    Michael to Dwight-“I vouched for you in front of Todd Packer!!!”
    Jim to Dwight-“I have never seen less power go to someone’s head”
    Michael asking Roy if he is still “Getting it regular”
    and that he can tell Pam it is part of the job.
    Cute scene where Jim tries to convince Pam to go to the outlet stores with him.
    Michael’s reaction when Stanley gets the ball-“Are you kidding me???”
    Competitive Jim vs Roy
    Kevin (in an uncut scene) making several long-distance shots in a row while still in his suit.

    I really like this episode.

  94. #130…I agree w/ you! There is a lot of heart and character development in Basketball! One of my faves!

  95. #130 — I love the uncut scene where Kevin shoots baskets. He made 14 in a row…so impressive. But still…Basketball needs to go….

  96. Wow. This decision is soooo much harder than I thought it would be. Season one rocks, doesn’t it.

  97. Also, you could point all the good parts out in an episode and make it seem like the best one in the world because basically all of them are better than any ordinary show anyway, and they all have their moments, you know?

    Like the pilot has “PAMPAM!” and when everyone is talking about downsizing, Pam just asks Jim is he’s going to Angela’s cat party on Sunday. The first scene where Michael is talking to a woman but it’s a man, “probably a smoker.” The introduction of Ryan “YES! New Guy!” When Tod Packer calls “Does the carpet match the drapes?” and of course the ever-classic stapler in jello scene.

    When I list it all out I think that that is like the funniest episode ever, but then it gets voted out last. I think it’s the vibe of the episode that counts the most.

  98. I am making this known right now.

    1. Basketball
    2. The Alliance
    3. Hot Girl
    4. Health Care
    5. Diversity Day
    6. Pilot

  99. NO! I love Basketball! Dwight’s outfit sealed the deal for me. Here’s my order:

    1. Basketball
    2. Diversity Day
    3. Health Care
    4. The Alliance
    5. Pilot
    6. Hot Girl

  100. No no!! Health Care for the win! I can’t believe it was bottom three…

    Although there are only three left, so I guess I would be happy with any of them.

    C’mon kids, Health Care :D

  101. this is where it gets REALLY hard you guys.

    totally inadvertent that’s what she said…

  102. Diversity Day has to go next. Or The Alliance.

    Diversity Day…Alliance…Diversity Day…Alliance. [/Kevin in Benihana Xmas]

  103. Finally! Basketball is gone. Here’s my order of episodes:

    1. The Alliance
    2. Health Care
    3. Diverstiy Day
    4. Hot Girl
    5. Pilot
    6. Basketball

    As good as Diversity Day is, I really think it needs to go next.

  104. Health Care is best, followed by Diversity Day.

    You You You You You You You You You Oughta Knooooow.

  105. Basketball was the episode that got me hooked.

    That episode was brilliant.

    It’s still one of my favorite episodes to date, and is probably my favorite of the first season.

  106. For me season 1…

    1. Diversity Day
    2. Basketball
    3. Hot Girl
    4. The Alliance
    5. Health Care
    6. Pilot

    Definitely disappointed to see Basketball and Hot Girl leave so early, but oh well.

  107. Basketball getting voted off is a travesty to the human race. It shows you that a majority can be wrong! :-)

  108. I voted off The Alliance. I mean, the line “Do you… want to form… an alliance… with me?” is possibly the greatest line of all time and I use it constantly, and the shot of Dwight with blond hair is hysterical, but as far as total episodes go, I re-watched season 1 and I think Health Care should win. I’ve always hated the birthday party part of The Alliance. But Dwight’s hand emerging triumphantly from a box makes me cry laughing every time. I’m so torn!

  109. My Order:
    1. Diversity Day
    2. Health Care
    3. The Alliance
    4. Basketball
    5. Hot Girl
    6. Pilot

    The scene with the cards on taped to the heads and Dwight saying: “Oh Man am I a woman?”, oh and Kevin asking Angela if she wants to get high gets me laughing every time, and then of course Pam falling asleep on Jim’s shoulder.

  110. Since this is the current trend…

    1. Diversity Day
    2. The Alliance
    3. Health Care
    4. Hot Girl
    5. Basketball
    6. Pilot

    Diversity Day is the obvious favorite because it was the first episode where they broke away from the UK version and became their own show. Love that! But The Alliance is a close second. This was the first episode that I literally fell off my couch laughing at this show. This is the episode that made me a regular of this show and a fan. The Hot Girl made me a Dunderhead. God, I miss the Office!

  111. ‘Diversity Day’ is a great episode, and has one of the sweetest early JAM moments (“Put your head on my shoulder”). But I don’t find it AS brilliantly funny as either of the other two.

  112. This is torture. I love all the episodes left. I don’t know how I’m going to choose between “Health Care” and “The Alliance”??!!???!

  113. Basketball got voted off already? Boooo.

    The Alliance needed to go a while back. The alliance part of it is funny, but the rest is always slow for me. Keep Health Care and Diversity Day in the top two.

  114. It pains me to have to vote for The Alliance, considering that I LOVE that episode, but I’m going for Diversity Day. It’s a classic.

  115. It’s too bad that basketballs gone.
    Diversity Day all the way.
    I love the Alliance but it’s not as good as Health Care.

  116. This poll truly pains me, because, with the exception of the pilot, I absolutely loved each and every episode of Season 1. It’s nearly impossible to choose!

  117. Hey, Samuel L. Chang…Absolutely I do. As much as I love Dwight in the box, nothing beats Count Choculitis.

  118. Health Care, for all its quirkiness and comic genius, needs to take its rightful spot as the 3rd best episode of the first season.

  119. i had to vote off the alliance. the finals are going to be the most difficult decision i’ve ever had to make. or not.

  120. Speaking of “Diversity Day”…
    did yall know there was a designated “diversity day” on the picket lines recently?! it was to encourage minority writers and actors to come picket.. i read it on another tv show blog.

    just thought that was interesting.. haha

  121. Voting off Health Care was not an easy task, not at all. But I’m dreading having to vote off the Alliance next poll so that one of the best three episodes of the series makes the top stop. My other two favorite: Second: The Injury. First: Drug Testing. Yikes! Season Two survivor is going to be so intense! LOL.

  122. I was hoping to receive “Absolutely I do” responses. I love it. The Alliance must go.

  123. Diversity Day is BY FAR the most quotable episode of Season 1, so it will be my number 1.
    #2 Health Care: hot dog fingers. I still have a vagina. Jim’s “who IS this?” when Dwight is locked in the conference room. and “Why did you write that down Jim? Is it because you know I love Count Chocula?”

    I do love the Alliance for “because I’m him” and “their bread is VERY good” and “I think green is kind of whorish,” but the whole storyline of Meredith’s birthday and Michael’s awful jokes go beyond awkwardly funny to just annoying.

  124. What?! The Alliance was the best from the season. Aww… well, now I’m going for Health Care.

  125. The Alliance third? I quit. The Alliance is the greatest episode of any show that has ever been on TV ever.

  126. What?! Wow… I thought for sure “Health Care” was going next. I absolutely loved “The Alliance”. I just watched it again on DVD and it was hilarious! So many wonderful things and quotes from that one. Also, the Hot Girl was way too funny. Health Care was awesome too, just the Alliance was better to me. The awkward silences is what makes this show such gold. hehe. Saying that, I hope Diversity Day wins because if you’re a rasict, I will attack you with the north. Great stuff!


  127. The Alliance?? How can that be? Is there another show with an episode called The Alliance that folks are thinking of?

  128. “Do you want to form an alliance with me?
    Yes absolutely I do.”
    That was my first favorite office quote and episode.
    RIP Alliance.

  129. I know I voted for the alliance, but…still a hilarious episode. It’s also the first episode I ever saw, so it holds a special little place in my heart.

    But I’m pulling for Diversity Day because, while S1 overall wasn’t as developed as the show later became, Diversity Day manages to never feel outdated. It’s a classic.

  130. it’s gotta be diversity day.
    i am somewhat disappointed that the alliance went before health care. despite the hilarity of jim and pam’s imaginary diseases, you really can’t beat dwight’s beach blonde hair.

  131. The Alliance being voted off makes me very sad. It was the episode that hooked me and is still one of my favorites.

    Dwight falling over while inside the box is one of the best moments in the show!

  132. After rewatching Health Care and The Alliance just recently, I’d say Health Care was a better episode. Which is weird because The Alliance used to be one of my favorites of the whole series. The whole Michael birthday-card thing dragged on too long, I think.

  133. So far so good. I’ve voted for the loser each time. It’s going to be hard to choose between Health Care and Diversity Day. They’re both so good.

  134. diversity day is good but for the classic office feel, cute jim and pam and some of the most hilarious lines by dwight, health care for the win!

  135. I’m batting a thousand so far, just like SecondLife. The first four votes were clear for me. This last choice is a tougher one, but I have to give the edge to Diversity Day. (“A hero kills people, people that wish them harm.”) Health Care was great (I still laugh at “hot dog fingers” every time), but it lagged just a touch at the end.

  136. I was having a hard time deciding so I went to OfficeQuotes and read both episodes. They are both great but I’m going to have to vote for Diversity Day. Michael is just so oblivious in this episode, and his interpretation of Chris Rock…classic. I also love it when Pam falls asleep on Jim’s shoulder and it makes up for Dwight stealing his biggest sale of the year. It reminded me of crushes I had in highschool. He’s just so hopelessly in love with her. Yea… I love Diversity Day

  137. I knew this show was right up my twisted alley when the camera panned over an unwitting Stanley with a “BLACK” sign stuck to his forehead. DIVERSITY DAY all the way!

  138. I could choose Diversity Day for one reason; the infamous Abraham Lincoln quote. And there’s so many other reasons too! Sooooo Hilarious. One of my favorite things about the episode is the 10 wonderful seconds of Jam. Jim has just lost a large part of his income for the year, but then Pam falls asleep on his shoulder and it makes his day great. Amazing development. I’m such a sucker for that stuff.

  139. Diversity Day got me hooked on The Office too. I still think it’s the most brilliant thirty minutes I’ve ever seen on television.

  140. “This is an environment of welcoming and I think you should just get the hell out.”
    One of my favorite lines from Diversity Day. Gotta love it!

  141. I’ve got to give it to “Diversity Day.” As much as I love that “anal fissures” was repeated several times on primetime television, Michael is so Michael in “Diversity Day.”

    It’s still one of the best episodes of the entire series.

  142. i still say basketball should’ve won, if only because of a sweaty JKras in little shorts…

  143. Yikes! These two eps were so incredible. I had to go with Diversity Day. How often do you see people with index cards on their heads? Classic Office. hehe

  144. “Come on, this is the Olympics of suffering, slavery versus the holocaust!”

    Diversity Day all the way!

  145. Diversity Day, hands down.
    My favorite season one ep. It made me fully realize that this is the best show on television.

  146. I love Diversity Day, because it is not only totally hilarious, it really establishes PB&J’s relationship. That last line? Priceless!

  147. Kelly’s character in Diversity Day always takes me out of the episode when I watch it now…it’s very distracting.

    Anyways, that’s not the only reason, but…Health Care all the way!!

  148. Tanster, when will the winner be announced?
    (I’m personally hoping for Diversity Day.)

  149. If we have a survivor poll for Season 2, it’s going to be impossible for me to choose… I love that season in its entirety.

  150. So glad Diversity Day took #1. It’s my fave episode ever of The Office so far (though there are many other eps I love almost as much, too!). Looking forward to the season 2 poll – I agree that one will be really hard to chose among the episodes.

  151. There you go, Diversity Day! It’s not my all times favorite but it is my season one favorite and it has it’s captive place in my top 5. It has a sentimental value for me. It was the first episode I ever watched. And the scene of Pam sleeping on Jim’s shoulder will forever remain in my mind as the scene that made me a JAM.

  152. It’s okay Basketball. I still love you! Here, have a cup of cocoa and sit with me by the fire.

  153. I’m so glad diversity day took number one! That was the episode that made me love the show. It might even be my favorite episode because the comedy is perfect and hysterical and it also has a nice balance with the beautiful JAM moment at the end . My family and I are constantly quoting this episode and I think it contains the single funniest line in the office, “Abraham Lincoln once said if you are a racist I will attack you with the north”

  154. Diversity Day is good, but maybe I’m in the minority on this one, but I don’t think Health Care is that good, Basketball and The Alliance are better in my opinion.

  155. Mine would go: Health Care, The Alliance, Diversity Day, Hot Girl, Pilot, Basketball.

    All are gold, though.

  156. Here is my order:

    6. Pilot (Pale imitation of the British original)
    5. Basketball
    4. The Alliance
    3. Hot Girl
    2. Health Care
    1. Diversity Day (Third best episode of the series behind ‘The Injury’, and ‘Broke’)
    Overall season one was really good, and well it set up the basis for the rest of the series. Who knew in 2005, we’d be in our Sixth Season, and 100th episode.
    Overall, a 9/10

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