The Office 2009 Emmy post

The OfficeCongratulations to Jeff Blitz winner of the Best Comedy Series Directing Emmy for his work on The Office post-Super Bowl episode, ‘Stress Relief’!

(And how cool was it that he thanked Bandit the cat in his acceptance speech?)

While the other nominations did not go our way, I’ve never been prouder to be a fan of The Office, and of all the wonderful people who are involved in its production. You guys rock, win or lose.

PLEA TO FANS: The one video I’m still looking for is Jeff Blitz’s acceptance speech. If you see it, please post a link. Thanks!


Ricky Gervais:

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  1. I’d like to see the Emmys NOT dominated by 30 Rock again this year. I think Idris Elba should totally be nominated for Comedy Guest Actor. He did an incredible job in the role. Krasinski for Supporting Actor would be nice too, and the usual Carell and Comedy Series noms. Charlie Grandy for writing Broke too. He wrote two of my favs from the season (Crime Aid). Heck throw Carell in for directing Broke too!

  2. I feel like Amy Ryan is a lock for Best Guest Actress. Make it so Emmys!

    And comparing this season of 30 Rock and The Office…I feel like TO really made a comeback, especially if everyone just submits one of the last five episodes, haha. 30 Rock was ok, but I enjoyed the previous season more.

  3. I tried to download the Emmy rules and wasn’t able to. Does anyone know how they narrow the list down to the final five or so nominees?

    And I’m with you, mr.dude. The Office is smarter, funnier, better written, better acted, and better directed than any comedy show out there. Period.

    The Office for the win!

  4. The Office will once again reign supreme!!! Amy Ryan deserves to win hands down! This is the year of the Office!!!!

  5. Last season suffered a bit from the Writers’ Strike. This season, the writing staff was on full force. Amy Ryan made a bigger impact on the show this season than last season so she deserves a Guest Actress nomination… and the win.

  6. I think JohnK should be nominated as best supporting actor… He was amazing this season!

  7. We all know how this is going to end. 30 Rock will take all the major awards again and Jeremy Piven will win best supporting actor.

  8. Are there any rules about how many episodes you have to be in to be considered a “supporting actress”? Melora Hardin is great as Jan, but I would think that she’d have qualified as a guest actor this season…

  9. I know that they can only submit one episode, but I would think that there is some other regulation, other wise there would be no need for the “guest” categories.

  10. How is Rainn not eligible for Lead Actor? I mean, Steve is phenomenal. But how is Rainn just a Supporting Actor?

  11. I hope Jenna Fischer gets a nomination this year. I have loved the Pam/Michael dynamic this year – it’s been hilarious! Steve and Jenna for the win! I agree with the 30 Rock comments – as much as I love Tina Fey, it would be nice if that show didn’t dominate the awards season like it did last year.

  12. This is Steve’s year…I CAN FEEL IT! He showed so much growth with the Amy Ryan/Holly storyline!

    CoffeeHit = an anagram of “The Office”.

  13. If there is any justice, Amy Ryan will already have her name engraved on the Emmy for best Guest Star

  14. Jenna and John do not just deserve a nomination, they deserve a win. I thought it was their best acting they have done on the show.

  15. John deserves to be nominated this year, he did a phenomenal job. And obviously Steve as leading and the show as a comedy series. It would also be great for Jenna to be nominated with the Pam growth this season, and Amy as well, but now I’m being unrealistic.

  16. Nice to see The Office given the attention it so deserves. Amy and Steve for the win!

  17. I agree with the guy who said:

    “We all know how this is going to end. 30 Rock will take all the major awards again and Jeremy Piven will win best supporting actor.”

    Sad but true

  18. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Andy Buckley would win?!
    I really hope he does! Amy and Steve too of course!

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