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Sunday, September 20th, 2009 | 330 comments


The OfficeCongratulations to
Jeff Blitz

winner of the Best Comedy Series Directing Emmy for his work on The Office post-Super Bowl episode, ‘Stress Relief’!

(And how cool was it that he thanked Bandit the cat in his acceptance speech?)

While the other nominations did not go our way, I’ve never been prouder to be a fan of The Office, and of all the wonderful people who are involved in its production. You guys rock, win or lose.

PLEA TO FANS: The one video I’m still looking for is Jeff Blitz’s acceptance speech. If you see it, please post a link. Thanks!


Ricky Gervais:

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  1. 330. Hailey  

    Ellie is so adorable! So glad she made her way to The Office!

  2. 329. DJ Jazzy Flax  

    I came across a video from the Emmys Red Carpet that includes Leslie, Angela, Phyllis, Rob Riggle (Captain Jack) & Larry Wilmore (Mr. Brown) talking up iParticipate, which celebrates volunteer service:


  3. 328. claire  

    okay, i promise this is my last comment. three is the maximum for me.

    rainn really should have won though, i truly think he is the best out of all the others in terms of all the energy he puts into each and every scene or talking head.

    just take a minute. have any of you ever seen someone who was so completely and utterly different from their character, and to such an extreme level? (i’m just curious, i’m not trying to be all intimidating-college-professor-ish!)

  4. 327. Claire  

    just realized i had more to say!

    angela looks stunning, her dress makes her blonde hair pop, and she looks surprisingly tall. the makeup is flawless too. also, ditto to number #315, you are so right about steve. he should realize that, but he also should have won the award. how many people could go from everyday nice guy to extreme innappropriate michael as steve carell?

  5. 326. Claire  

    i’m surprised that no one has mentioned how stunning ellie kemper was. she looked absolutely amazing, i also thought angela looked great too! and #310, alisha, i completely agree with you. i understand that tina fey is pretty amazing to create, write and star in/for 30 rock, but otherwise the show isn’t that great. i mean it’s not even funny!

  6. 325. lawn chairs on the roof  

    [200-word limit]

  7. 324. Molly  

    Everyone looked fantastic! I like Melora’s dress! And Ed, who is such a dork on The Office, really is such a nice looking man!

  8. 323. Dian  

    oh My GOD I love Ed Helms. He is cute!

  9. 322. Marie  

    Well said, 315.

  10. 321. Nick  

    I had not seen the video of Jimmy Fallon… He hit his head really hard!… Steve has a contagious laugh… Damn it!

  11. 320. Meli  

    I don’t understand the hype over 30 Rock. I’ve given the show a try numerous times, but can’t get into it. I rarely laugh and some of the characters are incredibly irritating (mainly Tracy Morgan) Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, The Office…those are/were great comedies. 30 Rock is not up to those standards IMO
    It’s a crime that Steve hasn’t won yet. He’s able to convey a range of emotions so well..he makes me care/root for Michael Scott.
    Alec has the same facial expression in nearly every scene he’s in.

  12. 319. Ruth  

    Was disappointed to see the Office not get some of the awards I think it deserved, hope this doesn’t affect it in any way though, as in I hope they keep it around..
    30 Rock is funny, but not as funny as the Office.

    Everyone looked so stunning!! Angela’s dress and makeup were flawles.. Ed really looked dapper too.

  13. 318. Melissa in NC  

    I loved all the red carpet photos especially the one of Kate Flannery! Loved the white gloves, that whole “look” was perfect. Angela’s Barbie Doll pose in the last photo made me laugh.

    I also liked seeing photos of Rainn & Holliday, Steve & Nancy on the red carpet.

    As for the awards, 30 Rock is funny but it’s nice to have some Office love at the Emmys too. Congratulations to Jeff Blitz, Stress Relief was an amazing episode.

  14. 317. Matt  

    What’s so classy about Steve is he does his best and isn’t bitter about it. He even said on the red carpet 30 Rock makes him laugh every week. I wish his fans could be as classy.

    I’m a huge fan of both The Office and 30 Rock. There’s never been a better hour of television.

    I was torn, but in the end Steve should have beat out Alec. “Broke” was just perfect and it showed a different side of Michael. He was pretty funny and heart warming. Plus Steves never won and Alec already had one so it’s only fair.

  15. 316. luna  

    252, 257, and 267:
    Thanks, I try.

  16. 315. amy  

    wowza! melora hardin is stunning! i want that dress. hands down the best dressed on the red carpet last night. and i’m really fond of mindy’s dress too. that color is amazing on her.

    And congrats jeff blitz! the office won all the emmys in my heart:) honestly, i tried 30 rock once, and i was bored. didn’t have as strong characters as the office. maybe i should’ve given it another shot, but…

  17. 314. TobyFan  

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I’m one of the six people who has been watching 30 Rock from season one and I thought last year was a dismal one for that show. The Jon Hamm and Selma Hayek storylines were dull (honestly, did anyone care when they were gone?) and the “star cameos” a waste other than Alan Alda and Elaine Strich. The previous season, I agreed was a great one for 30 Rock – and I thought Alec Baldwin deserved the Emmy last year. But not this year. The last season of The Office was excellent, and Steve Carell deserved the Emmy. I would have put Jim Parsons a close second.

  18. 313. FSMichael  

    Can we see Jeff Blitz’s acceptance speech..?

  19. 312. DL  

    To Steve Carell: I feel sad that you did not win. But you don’t need a boring emmy to know that you are the best. That is why you constantly win teen choice awards because the average person and not industry insiders know that you are the best comedic actor out there. I know that a surfboard fails in comparison to a gold statue, but recognize that it symbolizes the appreciation of us the average viewer who love your skills so much that seeing you perform on the small screen isn’t enough, so we pay to see you on the big screen as well.

  20. 311. Nezzy  

    Dear Lord #314 thank you! I entirely agree. The Office past two seasons has not been as great as before and frankly 30 Rock gets stronger every season. The storyline develops and its hysterical. I agree with them winning their awards, and firmly believe if the humor of the Office went back to like season 3, it would be a contender. The directing award was well deserved as Stress Relief was a great episode.

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