The Office’s Emmy quest

Tom O’Neil has confirmed that Jenna Fischer is on the top ten list for Best Comedy Supporting Actress!

Link: Confirmed Top Ten Finalists for Emmy Nominations

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Office-related Top 10 confirmations so far:

  • Comedy Series: The Office
  • Comedy Lead Actor: Steve Carell
  • Comedy Supporting Actor: John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson
  • Comedy Supporting Actress: Jenna Fischer

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July 3

Tom O’Neil has confirmed that Rainn Wilson is on the top ten list for Best Comedy Supporting Actor.

July 2

Tom O’Neil of the L.A. Times Gold Derby reports that Steve Carell and John Krasinski have both made the Emmy finalist lists for Best Comedy Actor and Best Supporting Comedy Actor respectively.

Link: Actors on Emmy’s Top 10 finalist lists

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June 30

Not that we Office fans had any doubt, but Tom O’Neil of the L.A. Times Gold Derby reports that The Office has made the top 10 list of Emmy finalists for best comedy series!

The finalists include:
– Desperate Housewives
– Entourage
– Extras
– My Name is Earl
– The Office
– Scrubs
– Thirty Rock
– Two and a Half Men
– Ugly Betty
– Weeds

The Emmy nominations will be announced on July 19th.

Link: Top 10 Emmy finalists for drama & comedy series

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May 24

Here are The Office’s episode submissions for Emmy consideration this year:

Comedy Series
The Office – “The Coup”

Lead Actor
Steve Carell – “Business School”

Supporting Actor
Leslie David Baker – “Traveling Salesmen”
Brian Baumgartner – “Phyllis’ Wedding”
David Denman – “Cocktails”
Ed Helms – “The Return”
John Krasinski – “Business School”
Paul Lieberstein – “The Negotiation”
B.J. Novak – “Business School”
Oscar Nunez – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Rainn Wilson – “The Coup”

Supporting Actress
Jenna Fischer – “Grief Counseling” “The Job”
Kate Flannery – “Women’s Appreciation”
Melora Hardin – “Cocktails”
Mindy Kaling – “Product Recall”
Angela Kinsey – “Traveling Salesmen”
Phyllis Smith – “Phyllis’ Wedding”

Guest Actor
Creed Bratton – “Product Recall”
Chip Esten – “The Convention”
Wayne Wilderson – “The Convict”

Guest Actress
Rashida Jones – “A Benihana Christmas”

Comedy Series Writing
Jennifer Celotta – “A Benihana Christmas”
Greg Daniels – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Brent Forrester – “Business School”
Mindy Kaling – “Diwali”
Paul Lieberstein – “Cocktails”
Michael Schur – “The Negotiation”
Michael Schur/Lee Eisenberg/Gene Stupnitsky – “Traveling Salesmen”
Justin Spitzer – “Back From Vacation”
Caroline Williams – “Phyllis’ Wedding”

Comedy Series Directing
Greg Daniels – “Traveling Salesmen”
Ken Kwapis – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Harold Ramis – “A Benihana Christmas”
Joss Whedon – “Business School”

Link: Gold Derby Forums master list

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  1. The Office (Leslie David Baker – “Beach Games”)

    Ooh! Get ready for some great Stanley moments!

  2. Why are all the episodes from early on in the season? I know that liking certain episodes is subjective and all, but I don’t think The Coup is really the best representation of the show.

  3. The Coup for the best of the season? Hmmm…I would have gone with “The Return,” I think. And I wish Steve had used “The Convention” (though they’re all fabulous episodes, so this really is nit-picking…)

  4. Nevermind, “Business School” is equally strong for Steve.
    Huh. I really should be studying for exams right now. Oh well!

  5. Also from those links: (please note: Rashida as Guest)

    Guest Actress:
    Rashida Jones – “A Benihana Christmas”

    Guest Actor:
    Wayne Wilderson – “The Convict”

  6. I am surprised at the choice of “The Coup” for the show nomination. I enjoyed it, and I do think it was a very cleverly constructed episode, but I would have never guessed that that would be the episode that they’d pick to submit.

    Unless they just submitted “The Coup” as a place-filler, and are going to submit one of the remaining two episodes by the later deadline.

  7. YEAH BABY. I wish they could all be nominated, and WIN. hehe. And, I am so excited for Stanley stuff Thursday!

  8. The Coup? Come on. That was one of the weakest episodes of Season 3. Why not The Convention or The Return?

  9. The Coup?? Who decided that, it was by far the worst episode of the season…

  10. Don’t remember one Mindy’s, or if it was blank, but her ep should be either “Diwali” or “The Negotiation”.

    As for Jenna, “Grief Counseling” was great for her, but I would have her nominated for “Back From Vacation”. The first time I saw her crying in the hallway, I literally stopped in my tracks. I was standing up and moving around, not paying too much attention, but as soon as I saw Pam crying, I literally stood still, shocked and heartbroken at what I was seeing.

    Actually, “Back from Vacation” was one of my all time favorite episodes of THE OFFICE, and that should have been one of their submission episodes on all counts.

  11. The Coup? I think The Return was the most hilarious of the season. Maybe I need to go back and rewatch it though. Krasinski should have submitted The Convention. Do the actors choose themselves, or does NBC choose for them?

  12. Nice find, CrazyGringa! :)

    Yeah, I don’t know how the rules work this year.

    I agree, I would not have picked The Coup as the Best Comedy submission. (Although it’s a good choice for Rainn’s submission.)

  13. Obviously they should submit The Initiation for B.J. And I, personally, would have picked Traveling Salesmen for Comedy Series submission.

  14. Instead of The Coup, why not Travelling Salesmen or The Return? I loved The Coup, but it is NOT the best of the season.

    Business School? (For Steve)

    I’ve never hated an episode of the show, but seriously, this one? There are way better ones – what about Travelling Salesmen, The Return, or The Negotiation?

    Ed should be nominated for The Return.

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