The Office: Garage Sale, 7.19

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The Office: Garage Sale

Writer: Jon Vitti, Director: Steve Carell

Summary (NBC): Michael decides to propose to Holly. Holly makes her final appearance. Guest star: Amy Ryan.

The Office Garage Sale extras

  • New York Magazine interview with Amy Ryan about the proposal: “The script was so sweet anyway that it made us all have a good cry,” she said, “but coupled with the fact that it was the start of Steve’s departure and it was my own, yeah, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house — literally, from the water pouring down on us and from our emotions. But it was a beautiful night … We did it in two takes, but it took the crew quite a bit to vacuum up all the water with these big power vacs and reset everything as we stood by in robes, shivering.”
  • The box that holds Holly’s engagement ring comes from real-life Scranton jewelry store, Boccardo Jewelers.
  • Promo

The Office Garage Sale rating

In a poll conducted March 24-28, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.32/10

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The Office Garage Sale quotes

Pam: Ten cents of every dollar is going into the party fund. So we can throw parties for ourselves.

Dwight: The warmth will lure people inside.

Dwight: Schrutes are farmers by hobby, and traders by trade.

Holly: If it’s a problem with the neon, I can have my neon guy take a look.

Michael: I don’t have an “in case.” Do you have an “in case”?

Kelly: Get out of here, Dwight. You’re blocking my table with your giant body.

Dwight: Who else is she seeing? I better lock her down fast.
Kelly: You can take my Helen Fielding collection.
Dwight: And the Jennifer Weiner collection.

Dwight: “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes”?

Dwight: Nice try. No, correction, terrible try.

Pam: I’m just coming out to see what you’re doing and maybe stop you.

Michael: You know what, do you have a siphon?

Michael: I’m asking Holly a question in fire.

Pam: You’ve had two ideas today, and one of them was great.

Ryan: Pesto party? Really?

Ryan: It’s cool, it’s kosher, it’s all good.
Dwight: Ryan, you have such an interesting mind.

Ryan sells Mama Sally’s Homemade Pesto (with Phyllis’ photo) and Hot Cha Cha Salsa (with Oscar’s photo).

Dwight: Why would I want some random black man’s old photo album sitting on my bookshelf? I’m not James Franco.

Pam: We want to help you plan the proposal. So that it’s safe and responsible and realistic and doable.

Oscar: If you are in costume, you did something wrong. If at any point you find yourself tying the ring to a dog’s collar, stop and look at yourself.

Andy: We must honorably adhere to the rules that we are making up on the spot.

Phyllis: I have a box of bras under the table if you’re interested.

Michael: How about this. I throw a corpse dressed like me off of the roof. It hits the ground, the head pops off. This leads to me saying the line “I lost my head when I fell in love with you.”

Pam: Holy [bleep]! Is that real?
Michael: Yeah. They say three year’s salary.

Michael: I want this to be an event that everyone talks about always and forever.
Jim: Totally reasonable.

Michael: Get this, Kevin thought I was going to sell my Bowflex for $200, and I told him, dude, this was a prop in my movie.

Holly: I think I need to go home to Colorado.

Michael: No, I am not going to be proposed to in the break room. That is not going to be our story. Should have burned this place down when I had a chance.

Darryl: We’re way past rules, we have been for some time now. We start having rules now, everything we’ve built collapses.

Kevin: And that… is Dallas.

Dwight: I started with a thumbtack and traded my way to a telescope.

Michael: Let’s go for a little walk. I want to show you some stuff.

Michael: This is where Toby announced that he was going to Costa Rica. It was the happiest day of my life. Until the day that you came to replace him.

Michael: Thank goodness none of that was true. Including the herpes. It was an ingrown hair.

Michael: This is where our love faces its toughest test. After this, it’s just smooth sailing for the rest of our lives.

Michael: This is where I fell in love with you. And this is where I ask you to marry me.

Michael: Holly Flax, marrying me will you be?
Holly: Your wife becoming, will be I.

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  1. I don’t like the fact that they’re revealing this is Holly’s final appearance…though many of us have already heard she leaves the show before Michael, there is no need to promote this in an official listing.

  2. Oh no!! I hope they get their happily ever after…it seems so soon for her to make a final appearance. :(

    There are only four more (including this one) episodes featuring Steve, right? Great…now I have to post ANOTHER sad face. :(

  3. I loved Season 5 Holly, but I don’t think she worked this time around. Thanks to Amy Ryan for coming back, though. She didn’t have to.

  4. Yeah would have been better if it were a surprise, but I’m glad there is a proposal. We don’t know if she’ll say yes, I’m assuming so.

    I have a feeling we’ll get a wedding episode sometime next season with Steve and Amy guest starring.

  5. wow! that first sentence, explodes to everyone!! :OO i can’t believe, that Michael is deciding to propose! man, they love each other soooo much! Holly can’t say no, i wouldn’t say no. oh, my, god!! they should’ve left out “Holly makes her final appearance” cuz now, we know….now we can’t be surprised when it happens…

  6. PEOPLE PEOPLE. LISTEN UP: Michael and Holly are NOT going to break up (no matter how nervous this plot synopsis makes you feel). Her saying yes to the proposal will make Michael’s departure from the office make even more sense because they’d now be engaged (and that would be MUCH more of a reason for him to transfer to the Nashua branch rather than leaving just because they’re just simply dating like they did before Wallace transferred her).

  7. WOW!! I wish they wouldn’t have said that Michael was going to propose. Now I won’t be surprised when I see the episode, but I am really happy about this! I am not bothered that they said this was going to be Holly’s last episode because I had figured out that this would most likely be her last episode. I wish she would stay until the end:(. I’m excited to see how Michael proposes to her. I think the proposal will be funny and romantic. I hope she says yes right away, but I could see her saying she needs more time and then saying yes.

  8. Love that this it titled Garage Sale and the synopsis includes nothing about a garage sale.
    I hope she says yes. But I don’t like that it is her last episode is in the synopsis. Should just be a footnote or something. It kinda scares me that it says “Michael decides to propose. This is Holly’s last ep”

  9. Can’t stand Michael and Holly this time around…you can tell they are rushing things because of scheduling. Yea, I know they dated before, but her dating Michael a mere week or two after “taking a break” from a long time boyfriend and then getting engaged to Michael after only a month? Totally unrealistic.

  10. Whatever happens, they said it would be a satisfying, deserved ending for Michael. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I’m also glad Holly leaves before Michael. I want his final episodes to focus on his friendships with everyone in the Office, not his romance with Holly. (But i do hope she says yes)

  11. @Kyle: I completely agree with you. Not a fan of Holly’s character this season.

    This is such a typical Michael move, though, and I can’t pretend I’m surprised or anything.

  12. Well we know he proposes, but we don’t know when, where or how yet. So there are still surprises ahead. Also she may not say yes right away, but i am absolutely confident she will say yes by the end.

  13. The title Garage Sale makes me think that Michael is going to sell some belongings from his condo and move to Nashua with Holly. I don’t like how fast this is all happening. : (

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