The Office: Goodbye, Toby, 4.18-19

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The Office

Writers: Paul Lieberstein and Jen Celotta
Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): It’s Toby’s goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin and Michael demands a huge celebration. Angela refuses, and Michael turns to Phyllis to take over the party planning committee. Dwight and Meredith haze the new HR woman, Holly (Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan). One-hour long.

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The Office Goodbye Toby quotes

Pam: Oh my goodness, you sound sexy.

Jim: Oh, and I forwarded his desk phone to mine.

Jim: Oh hello, Mutter. Good news. I have married. Tell Vater.

Michael: Just a matter of hours now until His Horribleness has left the building.

Michael: Toby is going away forever, and we need to do something very, very special. In some cultures, when somebody leaves, like New Orleans culture, they have a parade, and they have a band, and people party in the streets…

Pam: You want us to throw Toby a New Orleans funeral?

Michael: If the devil were to explode, and evil were gone forever, what sort of party would you have?

Michael: And then I had an awakening. Michael, buy a motorcycle.

Michael: I want an anti-gravity machine.

Pam: So how much anti-gravity potion do you want?

Angela: I don’t want your foot money.

Holly: I love the view.

Pam: I don’t know why I doubted it. Because I’m so clearly awesome.

Jim: That part’s gonna suck, but it’ll be great.

Pam: And that is the first time I’ve ever used the word “perfect” in here.

Michael: Just have a thought! Have an original thought!

Michael: I will agree that her head is weird.

Michael: We need to sell her an elevator pass.

Operator: Antidepressant? I could put you through to someone on that.
Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: Spoiler alert — I’m going to win.

Michael: He tortured me with his awfulness.

Michael: I believe the department is a breeding ground for monsters.

Michael: Is Holly our extraterrestrial? Maybe. Or maybe she’s just an awesome woman from this planet.

Creed: Really, what do I do here. I should have written it down.

Michael: Are you real, or are you a Hollygram?

Toby: Does anyone have a camera here?!

Michael: The two levels being ‘Welcome to Scranton’ and ‘I love you.’

Michael: It was ‘love at first see with my ears.’

Jim: I’m going to propose tonight. Holy crap!

Holly: This is a button.

Kevin: I am totally going to bang Holly!

Holly: Pass curvy metal piece you will.

Holly: Oh … so you can’t make my orgy?

Michael: I can take either side of the bed at this point.

Michael: My name is Captain Bruisin’.

Michael: Have you seen the baler?

Toby: I made it this far, right? What’s the point?

Oscar: The real crime, I think, was the beard.

Michael: Holly is sweet and simple. Like a lady baker.

Michael: I’m pretty sure she’s baked on a professional level.

Michael: There is a raccoon in the car, Dwight!

Michael: Holly is the best thing that has happened to this company since World War II.

Dwight: It’s not rabid.

Michael: Sometimes I don’t know how to react when a girl touches me.

Michael: You never touched my Propecia or Accutane, did you?

Michael: You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?

Jan: But honestly, I need to make this one count.

Jan: I usually use a foam noodle instead of a partner.

Michael: I love sex, and I want to have kids.

Andy: Into the mike, sweetie.
Angela: I said okay.

Kelly: Can I be your bridesmaid?

Andy: Mr. Andrew Bernard. It’s got a nice ring to it.

Meredith: Pam, your smile is weird.

Holly: I should go. I gotta buckle him in.

Michael: I am going to be kind of a daddy.

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