The Office: Mrs. California, 8.09

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The Office: Mrs. California

Writer: Dan Greaney, Director: Charlie Grandy

Summary (NBC): Meet Mrs. California — Robert California (James Spader) brings his wife (guest star Maura Tierney) into the office to find her a job. Meanwhile, Dwight opens a gym in the building. Guest stars: Maura Tierney, Lindsey Broad.

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In a poll conducted December 1-5, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.60/10

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The Office Mrs. California quotes

Dwight: Picture someone doing something heroic. Now was he sitting or standing? Not counting F.D.R.

Dwight: Look at all of you. I feel like you’re in a suicide cult.

Jim: You know I have to do this.
Dwight: I know.

Andy: Andrew… Baines… Bernard.

Jim: If I were you, I wouldn’t hire his wife.

Dwight: Your path from obesity begins right here.

Darryl: I want to live long enough to see a really, really gay president.

Dwight: Their massive BMs bust the rivets on my pipes.

Dwight: A gym turns fat into cash.

Ryan: Bitch.

Jim: It’s sales, so you have to be able to live in the world of rejection.

Susan: I love shopping. And sales is just the other side of that.

Andy: Survival skills. Ranking of animals.

Andy: What I wouldn’t give for one of Phyllis’ classic room-clearing farts right now.

Darryl: This is not a gym. This is like a scene out of Saw 5.

Dwight: Look! Gravel bucket squat yoke.

Robert: It’s not a bad thing to have the CEO owe you one.

Robert: Why can you not say exactly what I tell you?

Dwight: I am now accepting memberships for the Dwight Schrute Gym for Muscles.

Phyllis: We have a gym at home. It’s called the bedroom.

Dwight: You gotta get the black people to do it to get the white people to do it. Then you gotta get the black people to stop doing it. One step at a time.

Andy: It would be great if she were gone by lunch.

Erin: I know exactly which stapler to give her.

Kevin: I’m going to save you some time, sweetie, and give you the answer now. I. Don’t. Know.

Jim: I think we should let this place just crush her spirit by itself. I mean, it knows what it’s doing.

Susan: Excuse me, waiter, there’s a dog in my soup.

Susan: Last time I had a job, I remember I hated the boss’ wife. Of course she was married to Robert.

Andy: The dude is an enigma.

Dwight: Is that the same philosophy you apply to buffalo wings?

Dwight: I’m going to make you look like Lebron James!
Darryl: It’s Lejon Brames.

Robert: You lying son of a bitch!

Robert: Where’s Jim?
Erin: He just rolled out and crawled out.

Jim: Creed. I was never here, all right?
Creed: Okay. What about your friend?
Jim: Oh boy.

Dwight: How do you think the Fonz got so cool? He stretched his pelvic bowl.

Gabe: Nice pelvic bowl. Deep.

Andy: Jim, I’ve had enough of your unhelpfulness.

Dwight: I am going to make you the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen.

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  1. Is there no Christmas episode, or is this the Christmas episode?

    [ from tanster: i need to check with NBC. the schedule may have changed. ]

  2. i’m pretty sure there’s still a christmas episode, look, there’s another episode on December 8th

  3. There is still a christmas episode.
    Remember Mindy Kaling was writing it.
    Her episode will probably be the 8th.

  4. There is a Christmas episode, and it will air December 8th. The assumption was that there was two episodes left after Pam’s Replacement was wrong.

    The Christmas episode was written by Mindy Kaling and some of the cast tweeted photos of the set during filming which was early in October.

  5. I know that there IS a Christmas episode, at the time of my comment there were supposedly only 2 new episodes for 2011 after Pam’s Replacement.

  6. Oh, goody! Another employee. Let’s see, the desks in the main office are all taken. The annex seems pretty full. The conference room is apparently Robert’s permanent office. Ryan already has the closet spoken for. Hmmm… Maybe the stairwell?

    I’m starting to get claustrophobic when I watch this show.

  7. I really, really hate Robert California. I don’t have a reason or anything to back up why I hate him. I just do, and I’m really tired of seeing his face on the show.

  8. Except I doubt a high profile guest star who is only signed for one episode will actually get the job that Robert is searching for.

  9. @Nathan – Good point! But my rant was more about the mere intention of bringing in a new employee. Would a new CEO be looking to add to an already bloated payroll? Or would he more likely be looking to cut it (Kevin, Ryan, Creed…)? Just sayin’.

  10. They said there would be no big baby-centered episode like they did in S6 so I’m going to guess Pam had the baby between “Gettysburg” and this episode since he was conceived on Valentine’s Day and can’t possibly be THAT late that it’s born in December.

  11. @remember to call – I did glimpse one over the weekend, and you’re right. In the future, I will refrain from ranting about episode summaries. They are supposed to be vague and incomplete, so we are encouraged to watch. Duh!

  12. I love seeing Robert California finally not being in total control of a situation. Spader is such a terrific actor, but he needs more to work with than just being an omnipotent always in control guy…that gets boring.

  13. Does it drive anyone else completely nuts that Angela and Dwight have had NO contact whatsoever this season?? Or is it just me? How are Dwangela ever going to get back together? *sighs* I’m hopeful that it will happen but every episode I’m let down by the lack of interaction between the two of them.

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