The Office: Mrs. California, 8.09

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 | 67 comments


The Office: Mrs. California

Writer: Dan Greaney, Director: Charlie Grandy

Summary (NBC): Meet Mrs. California — Robert California (James Spader) brings his wife (guest star Maura Tierney) into the office to find her a job. Meanwhile, Dwight opens a gym in the building. Guest stars: Maura Tierney, Lindsey Broad.

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In a poll conducted December 1-5, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.60/10

The Office Mrs. California quotes

Dwight: Picture someone doing something heroic. Now was he sitting or standing? Not counting F.D.R.

Dwight: Look at all of you. I feel like you’re in a suicide cult.

Jim: You know I have to do this.
Dwight: I know.

Andy: Andrew… Baines… Bernard.

Jim: If I were you, I wouldn’t hire his wife.

Dwight: Your path from obesity begins right here.

Darryl: I want to live long enough to see a really, really gay president.

Dwight: Their massive BMs bust the rivets on my pipes.

Dwight: A gym turns fat into cash.

Ryan: Bitch.

Jim: It’s sales, so you have to be able to live in the world of rejection.

Susan: I love shopping. And sales is just the other side of that.

Andy: Survival skills. Ranking of animals.

Andy: What I wouldn’t give for one of Phyllis’ classic room-clearing farts right now.

Darryl: This is not a gym. This is like a scene out of Saw 5.

Dwight: Look! Gravel bucket squat yoke.

Robert: It’s not a bad thing to have the CEO owe you one.

Robert: Why can you not say exactly what I tell you?

Dwight: I am now accepting memberships for the Dwight Schrute Gym for Muscles.

Phyllis: We have a gym at home. It’s called the bedroom.

Dwight: You gotta get the black people to do it to get the white people to do it. Then you gotta get the black people to stop doing it. One step at a time.

Andy: It would be great if she were gone by lunch.

Erin: I know exactly which stapler to give her.

Kevin: I’m going to save you some time, sweetie, and give you the answer now. I. Don’t. Know.

Jim: I think we should let this place just crush her spirit by itself. I mean, it knows what it’s doing.

Susan: Excuse me, waiter, there’s a dog in my soup.

Susan: Last time I had a job, I remember I hated the boss’ wife. Of course she was married to Robert.

Andy: The dude is an enigma.

Dwight: Is that the same philosophy you apply to buffalo wings?

Dwight: I’m going to make you look like Lebron James!
Darryl: It’s Lejon Brames.

Robert: You lying son of a bitch!

Robert: Where’s Jim?
Erin: He just rolled out and crawled out.

Jim: Creed. I was never here, all right?
Creed: Okay. What about your friend?
Jim: Oh boy.

Dwight: How do you think the Fonz got so cool? He stretched his pelvic bowl.

Gabe: Nice pelvic bowl. Deep.

Andy: Jim, I’ve had enough of your unhelpfulness.

Dwight: I am going to make you the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen.


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  1. 67. P.Louise  

    I loved this episode as much the second time around as the first…one of my favorite episodes this season! :)

  2. 66. Mose wannabe  

    @ScrantonDan – “A Little Help” was the name of the movie? That’s awesome! The first line of the first episode that Jenna misses? That is definitely an homage to her!

    Superlative catch!

    [ from tanster: here’s the trailer for a little help ]

  3. 65. ScrantonDan  

    In the cold open, Dwight’s metal Sabre water bottle crashes down onto Jim’s desk. Dwight says: “A little help.” He’s asking Jim to hand it back to him. “A Little Help” is, of course, the movie that Jenna Fischer made with her husband. In it, her character’s brother-in-law tells a story of how, when they were in high school, he would not unintentionally allow a tennis ball to be hit near where Jenna’s character was, and he would ask “A little help” in order for her to toss the ball back. He wanted her to notice him. I’m wondering if Dwight’s line in this episode is a kind of nod to Jenna, who does not appear. Just a thought, while I’m missing Pam…

  4. 64. johjee  

    I’d like to see Robert California in more talking head scenes. The one I recall is in spooked: “what am I up to?” Robert and Susan? Their marriage is weird, seems doomed. creepy.

  5. 63. Chris K  

    I just realised that Jim has now put an end to two marriages after stating how much he loves Pam. The other being Pam’s Mum and Dad.

  6. 62. Sylvia  

    Ryan’s ‘bitch’ was brilliant!

  7. 61. Val Kilmer  

    HIGH-larious episode. Brilliant :) I was literally laughing all the way. Missed Pam though. BUT the scene where Jim talks about her totally made up for it.

  8. 60. him jalpert  

    This episode was one of my favorites from this season so far. I thought the cold open was really good, Dwight’s Gym for Muscles was awesome, plus there were less overly dumb Kevin lines, so that was good as well. I actually thought the A-story was pretty well done also. We finally got to see some hint of weakness in Robert California, which I think helps define his character a lot, and will help how I see him in future episodes too.

  9. 59. deborahsten  

    This episode had me laughing out loud for the first time in a while. Dwight’s limited cultural references were hilarious. Val Kilmer indeed. HAHA

  10. 58. Chris K  

    I really loved this episode! So funny!

    Jim running away was brilliant and his “Prank!”

    Andy was great! And for some reason Dwight’s original gym kinda appealed to me, since it’s not like every other gym haha

  11. 57. Christian  

    Good to see more of the actual office building, including Vance Refrigeration and the roof. Is Mrs. California the future Mrs. Bernard?

  12. 56. chris  

    Loved Creed on the roof with his helicopter. Was a great shout out to Creed’s webisode series.

  13. 55. Kim  

    I thought this was one of the worst episodes ever. And didn’t Andy used to have a rage problem? I don’t, but I would acquire one if someone was jerking me around like that. I agree the cold open was funny, though.

  14. 54. mhandle  

    I thought the opening was hilarious; one of the best. I thought Dwight was hilarious, as was the scene with Creed on the roof.

    HOWEVER, I don’t get Robert California. He’s weird and creepy. With each episode he seems less and less like a brilliant genius salesman and more and more like a weirdo. I also don’t like that Pam is out. I also didn’t get the ending.

  15. 53. Moseley  

    This was hilarious throughout.
    Especially Jim on the roof :r

  16. 52. DinkinFlicka  

    There were some decent laughs. Not a bad episode. I think the plot was kinda interesting.

  17. 51. gabagool  

    “Nice pelvic bowl. Deep” – gabe always has one hilarious line each episode!! :D

  18. 50. M  

    This was sooooo good! I was laughing the entire time!!!

  19. 49. Natalie Herslag  

    Classic Creed moments

  20. 48. Mmoore  

    That was the funniest episode of any television show I’ve seen this year.

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