The Office: Murder, 6.10

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Writer: Danny Chun, Director: Greg Daniels

Summary (NBC): Michael’s world is rocked by troubling rumors about Dunder Mifflin. He forces the office into a day of strange diversions, upsetting Jim and leading others to wonder if Michael has gone insane. Meanwhile, Andy finds that his chief obstacle in courting Erin is his own awkwardness.

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In a poll conducted November 12-16, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.36/10

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The Office Murder quotes

Jim: As we all know, the one thing that thousand-year-old martial arts do all the time is change.

Dwight: You are all members of the yakuza, and you happen to be visiting the Lackawanna Trolley Museum. And you are attacked by triads. How can you hold them off until your clan arrives?

Dwight: You cannot go wrong with a throat punch.

Kevin: Last time you pulled my pants down and then you tried to choke me with my shoelace.

Jim: The most worthy opponent of you is you.

Dwight: We always have what is called the element of surprise.

Michael: You’ll have to be more specific, Dwight. I get like eight emails a day.

Erin: Your feelings journal? You told me to put it in the time capsule.

Dwight: You can all have jobs at Schrute Fams. As human scarecrows. It doesn’t pay much, and you can’t unionize.

Michael: I’ll catch you on the flippity-flip!

Michael: Just poopin’, you know how I be.

Michael: Crazy world, lotta smells.

Andy: It is time for the Nard Dog to take matters into his own paws.

Michael: Oh god, I can’t think! I need more Mullins.

Michael: Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey pee all over you.

Jim: All right! Let’s conference room it up!

Jim: I only slack off when things are good.

Dwight: He needs me. Seat-save infinity.

Michael: There’s been a murder! There’s been a murder … in Savannah.

Michael: “Battleship” got me through my parents’ divorce. “Operation” got me through my vasectomy.

Meredith: “Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets — A Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game.”

Michael: Tube City. You owe me one.

Michael: If you talk slowly in real life, your character could, say, have been kicked in the head by a horse.

Angela: “Voodoo Mama Juju — the witch doctor of the Savannah swamps.”

Michael: Delta Burke, I do declare.

Meredith: Nice accent. You sound like Forrest Gump.

Andy: What you really want is more of a Savannah accent, which is more like molasses, just sort of spillin’ out of your mouth.

Kevin: He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass.

Angela: It’s not my fault. I was exposed to Harry Potter.

Dwight: I know the killer to be Phyllis, aka Beatrix Bourbon, the person I most medium suspect.

Meredith: How ’bout a threesome?

Angela: Hey everyone. Kevin’s going to give us his take on the situation. Let’s listen up!

Dwight: A lot of the evidence seemed to be based on puns.

Pam: Which is worse, snapped or stuck?

Meredith: I’m the dead body and these are my brain chunks.
Dwight: Hey shut up, you’re dead.

Jim: Well, there is some bad news. There has been another murder.

Michael: Today is the hardest I have worked in a long, long time.

Jim: Really?
Pam: It wasn’t me. I’m not goin’ down for this!
Jim: Yeah, I want to go home.
Pam: Get the keys out of my purse, start the car.

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  1. I do not know what, but this episode, to me, was the best this season. I liked the funny lines and parts, and liked the plot advancement as well. All the characters were good. I was expecting this episode to be filler, but it wasn’t, which is great.

    I really liked this episode. 10/10, for me, at least.

  2. I thought the game got annoying after a while.

    Man, I was so upset when Andy said “Absolutely not” to Erin. He better ask her out very soon!

  3. It was nice to see Jim & Pam actually interacting with each other, I think that we got around 10 whole seconds this episode. Thank goodness they were not having fun with each other, that would ruin their chemistry…

  4. i liked the cold open, because jim wasn’t being mr. stuffy boss man. pam absolutely cracked me up, and omg andy and erin need to get together!!!

    angela also cracked me up… it’s hilarious watching a southern woman playing a northeasterner speaking with a bad southern accent! and that she stayed simply for the baby carrots.

    the ending cracked me up too…. although i think it was out of character for pam. after she left though… i laughed so hard. boys never grow up. give them pretend guns (or crossbows) and they turn into 6-year-olds

  5. So. Good.

    I’ll be watching it again online.

    (why does Pam now look like she’s not pregnant?)

    “He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass.”

  6. This episode was hilarious! Probably my favorite of the season. Every cast member had time to shine. Classic Episode! Of course Dunder Mifflin won’t go out of business.

  7. LOVED this episode. I laughed out loud a lot.

    I thought when Michael roped in Stanley and Angela with a sandwich platter and baby carrots was hilarious.

  8. What a great day to come home from vacation. Murder was good. I loved all the southern accents and the names of the characters. I’m pulling for Andy and Erin. Kevin delivered my new favorite line, Creed (well, need more be said), and Oscar’s voice. Well done!

  9. I loved the part with Creed leaving. My sister and I laughed at that for a good thirty seconds. It was a great episode.

  10. That episode eclipsed a lot of situations with companies these days, including my own, just like it in fact. Good to see the Office acknowledging what is happening to many people in offices while being signature funny The Office. Can’t wait for next week.

  11. Even though I always think The Office is funny, it is rare that I laugh as much as I laughed in this episode. Loved how the plot was woven together, loved the ensemble interaction, loved Andy’s speech about molasses, loved Pam playing the game at the end. I was PAINED at the Andy/Erin moment! AH! Heartbreaking! But anyway, story lines were moved forward/created, and we got to see the best of all the actors. Great episode!

  12. Man guess I have to be the negative one. I really did not like this episode. The cold open especially was just not funny. I will admit the episode had some moments like the swedish chef, and Pam getting in on the gun fight but overall no, wasn’t as great as it could have been. Michael was unusually over the top and even Jim was hard to stomach. However I am actually looking forward to this whole bankruptcy story line.

  13. Loved this episode! For sure, one of the funniest of the season (though nothing has come close to the season premiere). My favorite thing, aside from Oscar’s attempt at a Southern accent, was the hamster popping out of the tube. OMG, hilarious.

  14. Great episode. I hope Andy is successful on his next attempt in asking out Erin. Kudos to Jim in tonight’s episode. He’s getting better at being manager. The news from Wallace has got me wondering what the writers have in store in the long run.

  15. Great episode! It was a good mix of ridiculous and realistic, because Jim coming around at the end grounded it.

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