The Office Season 4 DVD Buying Guide

The Office Season 4 DVD Buying Guide

This post contains news about ‘The Office’ Season 4 DVD, which was released on September 2nd. Official site

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  1. Can’t wait! Usually, my favorite part of the videos is the commentaries, because I just love all the behind-the-scenes stories. But I don’t think any commentary is going to be as good as what we’ve been spoiled with here at OT these last few weeks! Still, a 30-minute blooper reel would be RAD!

  2. Yea I love the commentaries from the last season DVDs. I can’t wait to get season 4 on DVD.

  3. AWESOME! I think I can handle that – not too late in Sept. I want a 30 min gag reel (breaking/laughing) AND a 30 min blooper reel (making mistakes) !!!

    Here’s hoping there are lots of commentaries by Jenna, Mindy, John, Steve & BJ! :)

  4. I hope it doesn’t cost as much as the past two seasons since we’ve had fewer episodes.

  5. I really hope they include extra bonus features, maybe a making of documentary, that would be awesome. I think they should add more extras as this season was cut down alot.

  6. :::: marks calendar while drooling over the thought of a full disc of bloopers::::::

  7. I think it would be great if the Season 4 DVD included the original broadcast version of Traveling Salesmen and the producer’s cut version of The Return since the Season 3 DVD only included the combined newpeat version. It would be a nice bonus for those who prefer the original versions, and would give the set some additional content to help make up for the lower number of Season 4 episodes. Of course, I’ll be buying this regardless!

  8. I am so excited! That will be great to add to my collection. BTW, #9, love your name. ;)

  9. Yay! Fun times! I agree with Happy Smile Patrol that the original Producer Cuts of The Return and Traveling Salesman would be an excellent bonus.
    Also, remembering the blooper reel that they had so far from Convention… it’s going to be pretty awesome. Especially the office going wild after Steve announced the pizza place. :D
    Speaking of Steve, rumor is going around that commentary has started and he was seen among the rest of the cast. Hopefully, John, who’s in CT, can get in on the action.

  10. I think they should include the script from the Christmas episode that never happened lol.

    Still upset there was no X-MAS episode this year.

  11. I hope that insanely funny & really long blooper having to do with pizza that was shown at The Convention is on there!!

  12. I would love a 30-minute blooper reel! I hope this set is really packed with extras. They should add the ‘What the Office Did on Summer Vacation” clips from I would also like to see interviews (which after 3 seasons on DVD we haven’t gotten yet) and behind the scenes footage. The deleted scenes are always awesome and so are the commentaries. Hopeful there will be larger group commentaries like on season 2 for this set. What do you guys think the cover art will look like? Beside the EW article there haven’t been any photoshoots that I know of and the characters (Pam and Ryan especially) look different this season. I’m a bit worried they’ll use a season 3 pic.

  13. A large blooper scene or cut scenes from earlier shows would be great too. Something to fill out what we missed from the strike. Something JAM-related with Valentine’s Day/Xmas would be great.

  14. Only 4 more months! I hope some of the stores have the special packages again.
    Oh, and I would love to see a whole disc of gag and blooper reels–that would be amazing!

  15. Seeing as the season was so short, a 30 minute blooper reel is the least they could do. It would be nice if they include a lot of stuff from the convention too.

  16. Um … I’m hoping for an entire disc of bloopers.

    Just kidding. Kinda. But seriously – I agree, they definitely need to include a massive blooper reel! That’s always my favorite part of the DVD. I can’t wait!

  17. There weren’t that many less episodes this season If you count each hour long episode as two episodes there were 19 episodes. Only a few less than season two.

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