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Sunday, October 10th, 2010 | 29 comments


This was originally posted in December of last year, but now the deadline is finally in sight. Ends October 23!

marcus-york-steve-carellWhat can you buy for $1?

How about a chance to win a set visit to The Office for two peopleincluding hotel, air fare, and transportation!

SCICure Advancement is selling raffle tickets for a visit to The Office set, with proceeds going toward spinal cord injury research.

Link: Buy raffle tickets here (only $1!)

STATUS: the winning number was selected on October 23, 2010: Y – 976712

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Tipsters: Stefanie, Vikki

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  1. 1. Cayce80  

    WooHoo! I’m so doing this! How exciting.

  2. 2. Mindy(mindysfavshow)  

    Wow, I’m gonna buy a few. Just hope I don’t forget about them (man October is a long way away). Good Luck to all :)

  3. 3. Gregster  

    Alrighty, 5 bought.. I like this over the Ebay bidding.

  4. 4. Cari Miller  

    This is awesome! Tanster, can you please remind us about this in January after the crazy-spendy holiday season is over? :)

    [from tanster: yep, will post monthly-or-so reminders on twitter. :) ]

  5. 5. sugahwafuhs  

    Oh, man. I wish I could go all Veruca Salt on this and buy thousands of cases of Wonka bars – I mean, tickets.

  6. 6. Fired Guy  

    Hey, I noticed they don’t say only americans can participate. I’m from Costa Rica and I would love to buy some tickets. Tanster, do you know if it’s a US only raffle?

    [from tanster: given that airfare is included, i would guess it’s u.s. only, but i would check with them. thanks!]

  7. 7. Ashley  

    “if production of “the office” is cancelled prior to the Winner’s set visit…”

    *shudders* I don’t even want to think of this ever happening!! :(

  8. 8. Debbie  

    This sounds amazing and it’s for a great cause, but the “Understand that no photography is allowed” clause is totally ruining it for me. I understand no photography during filming and perhaps in certain areas/at certain times, but if I got to meet the cast and couldn’t take pictures, that would be so anguishing that it would be worse than not going at all. I really don’t understand it, given that to my knowledge, everyone who goes comes back with plenty of photos. If you actually can take photos but not in certain areas/at certain times/during filming, then they need to clarify before I buy any tickets.

  9. 9. Kenna  

    Yay! A chance at a set visit that I can actually afford! I’m all over this. :)

  10. 10. Scott B.  

    #8 — Would no photography really ruin it even if you only had to pay $1 for it?

    I noticed that the raffle isn’t until 10/23/2010 — too long to wait!!!

  11. 11. Scott B.  

    Just bought a handful of tickets! I’m so excited about this!

  12. 12. LoveMeSomeJAM  

    I just bought three but plan on getting more eventually. This would be (in Kelly voice) a-may-zing to win! And I’m pretty sure they’ll allow photography in the green room or something. I think it’s just to make sure there aren’t photos of the actual episode leaked out.

  13. 13. sexyhostile  

    Just bought 20 tickets!

    Jenna’s MySpace blog says that the “no pictures” rule has to apply because they can’t have pictures of the show being filmed that day leaked ahead of time (so it’s like the non-disclosure agreement you have to sign), BUT they usually let the charity donors take some pictures with the cast and crew–just off-stage.

    Hope this helps those who were distressed. And besides, even if you don’t win (or win and don’t get any pix)…this is a GREAT charity that’s funding research in a field where real progress is being made. It’s a win-win-win situation!

  14. 14. dee daye  

    OMG I just bought 400 tickets. I will pay out my ears to see the office crew. Creed, Rainn, Mindy, Steve, Phyllis, Leslie, ahahahahaha I’m so excited.
    You have no idea

  15. 15. Paul  

    Are overseas fans allowed to enter (i do hope so) thank you

  16. 16. Janie  

    Love that show and love that 100% of the money goes into the research! Couldn’t afford to buy hundreds of tickets but I did what I could.

    Even if I don’t win knowing my money will be spent on what I intended will be great – but I’d love to see Rainn in person!

  17. 17. BSK  

    This is a great contest – it would be nice to see it get a little more publicity. Could NBC not advertise it somehow? Or the writers and actors who have blogs? A facebook link?

    I’ve been buying tickets every month, fingers crossed! Well, that is, if my hands weren’t paralyzed and I could actually cross my fingers.

  18. 18. Stapler  

    Thanks for the reminder, Tanster! I bought some more tickets, and marked my calendar for the drawing date. What a great way to raise funds for Marcus’s charity!

  19. 19. Megan  

    Just bought 50 for myself for my birthday :) I’ve been planning on buying it on my birthday since the beginning for good luck so it’s really ironic that you updated it today….Maybe it’s a sign! Haha.

  20. 20. Summer  

    Awesome! I hope similar raffles starting popping up as well. This is such a great idea for a great cause and totally reasonable for broke fans like me!

  21. 21. Rob  

    I just bought 5 tickets! Now it’s up to fate! :)
    (I’m glad the money goes to charity, because I won’t feel so bad if I lose.)

  22. 22. Marie  

    Can non-americans (europeans) enter the contest as well?

  23. 23. Sally  

    So I bought myself some more tickets – as anyone been emailed the numbers? I bought myself some when the contest was first announced and I never got an email… so I’m confused.
    Also, I’m from the UK, but I have no problems paying for a flight to the US for me to be allowed to enter :D

  24. 24. Paul  

    Great News for us overseas fans, i have had an email from Marcus York – the raffle is open to us as well.
    PS i thought i had managed to post so if it appears twice sorry.

  25. 25. greatscott  

    I love that this is open to overseas fans! I’ll definitely be buying tickets although if by some miracle I do win my airfare alone would be almost $2000 USD… eek!

  26. 26. Anne  

    deadline is in 2 weeks!

  27. 27. Moon Faced Kid  

    Marcus York is from the Dayton Ohio area, and made the local news!!


  28. 28. Christine  

    Has anyone heard what the winner number is? I don’t see anything on the website

  29. 29. Stapler  

    Hmmm…any winner yet? I bought LOTS of tickets over the past few months and would love to know who eventually won!

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