The Office: Whistleblower, 6.26

Thursday, May 20th, 2010 | 119 comments


The Office Whistleblower

W: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan, D: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): The press finds out that Sabre’s printers catch on fire. Jo (guest star Kathy Bates) shows up to the office in hopes of finding out who the whistleblower is. Everyone suspects Andy, who adamantly denies he leaked the information.

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Favorite quotes

Michael: Michael Scott, as seen on TV.

Packer: I saw you on the news, and I want to pinch your tiny weiner.

Michael: We cannot let the pedophile win again.

Michael: Get it up. That’s what…

Michael: Really? A baby otter? Okay, count me in as “who cares?”

Phyllis: Put your hand up, Norma Rae.

Andy: The Bernards, for generations, have silenced whistleblowers. It’s how we made all our money.

Andy: Old Mr. Bernard, old Mr. Bernard, who have you silenced today?

Michael: We should give them a one-way ticket to Montego Bay. Where they keep all the Al-Qaeda.

Dwight: Apache persuasion hold, that’s the hell.

Kevin: Sometimes I run. I’m a runner.

Michael: And like I’m going to believe one of his spermed lovers.

Dwight: I don’t want to waste your time and I wouldn’t dare waste mine.

Jo: You turning that money into more money?
Dwight: Are you referring to alchemy?

Dwight: I’m not dumb. I’m smart.

Darryl: I think she could sense my sadness.

Darryl: She was a copy editor at the Trib.
Michael: Was she cute?
Darryl: No.

Michael: And if that is not poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

Toby: Write your own damn novel.

Jim: This is good. Let’s get all the bad ideas out now. Flush ‘em out.

Michael: My mind is going a mile an hour.
Pam: That fast?

Pam: I weirdly know exactly what you’re saying to me.

Michael: We need to brainstorm. We need to get out of this. Brain hurricane.

Michael: Hey, hey, it’s as interesting as a morgue.

Kelly: I video chat, I Skype, I text, I tweet, I phone, I woof.

Erin: Ryan, you have a woof on line 1.

Michael: That’s just what we need, another black man in prison.

Dwight: Basement office? You mean like a lair?

Michael: I was up all lunch thinking about what we should do to this individual.

Jo: Michael Scott, what do you know?

Michael: Are you going to kill me?

Michael: I have an early dinner that I need to get to… with the chief of police.

Creed: I’m very relieved to learn it wasn’t you.

Gabe: What a rich timbre your voice has.

Michael: My favorite restaurant closed down. My new favorite restaurant sucks. BIG BIG

Michael: It’s not been a blockbuster year for me financially. My Blockbuster stock is down.

David: I am here to talk about “Suck It!”

Creed: I think we can all agree that it’s either Gabe or Angela.

Creed: It’s Angela. Get her, boys.

Nick: You guys have 15 parties a week. You can’t learn my name?

Dwight: Inner city kids use computers for two things: games and porn. So good luck wasting your life. Lurch.

Nick: Darryl, man, you’re on Facebook. Why have you been telling people you’re not on Facebook. People want to be your friend, man.

Jo: Oh honey, surely you don’t want that.
Michael: I surely do, and don’t call me honey. Airplane 2.

Dwight: Pretty soon, you will be on your feet. Like Buckingham Palace.

Michael: There will be no questions. Are there any questions?

Michael: Hey, you could transfer Holly back from Nashua.


In a poll conducted May 20-24, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.52/10


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  1. 119. DonvanInfinity  

    Nick, the IT guy, had the best exit ever for a semi-cast member. “Darryl, man, you’re on Facebook. Why have you been telling people you’re not on Facebook? People want to be your friend, man.” Awesome.

  2. 118. Blake  

    I thought this season finale felt less like a finale to me compared to all the other season finales before it. Maybe I’m expecting too much or they came up short but I just left wanting more. Ryan’s “WOOF” was okay and David’s “Suck it” was actually funny but the best part was the IT guy’s goodbye that scene imo saved the episode from being a tad boring.

  3. 117. JoshHayes  

    Also, I do feel finales are to be treated as events, just like premieres, because whether it’s fair or not, that’s what fans expect, want, and deserve. Granted, it’s not going to be JAM anymore, but that’s where crafty writing comes in. Season 3’s biggest WOW moment for me was Ryan taking the corporate job (an element I still think that was tempered by the writer’s strike)

  4. 116. JoshHayes  

    Not the most hilarious episode (the comedic timing PALES dramatically to seasons past and, especially, finales past) and the only thing that saved the episode was the ambiguous ending which may amount to nothing.

    Easily the least impressed I’ve been with a finale. “The Job” still takes the cake for me.

  5. 115. Jimbo Niage  

    I liked this season finale. It was better than all the others, which to me seemed overly dramatic, and this was just calm and quiet. “Write your own damn novel!”

  6. 114. Connor  

    Wait… this was the finale??

  7. 113. MarkH  

    Nobody mentioned that Dunder Mifflin is apparently located on “Slough” Ave. Slough of course being the city where the British Office was located. I loved it. Also. loved the revenge of David Wallace and Woof.

  8. 112. Nick Beckett  

    I liked the episode. Holly must return to Scranton!

  9. 111. Terrence  

    I thought this episode was funny however a little unrealistic…I understand that it’s a TV show but I was expecting someone such as Oscar to speak up. Andy probably would have been given whistleblower status since more than likely his own personal investigation was given to some sort of authorities (some sort of federal agency). I was waiting for Oscar to tell him that employer retaliation would be illegal and the story arc would end. I don’t know…I still thought the episode was funny and I look forward to season 7.

  10. 110. Jim  

    I’m not sure if this has been said, and I know it’s a bit dark, but if the coming season is going to be the last season…
    The last we saw of Toby, he was holding up a vending machine, correct? What if Michael Scott’s dreams came true, and in an oddly ironic and very surprising dark twist, Toby was crushed under the vending machine. Not saying he would have to die, but perhaps he unexpectedly mentally snaps and his job is left open…which would leave a space for a worthy Nashua candidate….he’s always complaining about radon, so he would never have seen this coming! Just a thought. And this would be hard because I love Toby!

  11. 109. Anne  

    Jim, where were you?

  12. 108. Cayce80  

    I don’t quite know what people were expecting with the finale this year. We knew that nothing extreme was going to happen. There can’t be a Jam secret revealed with every passing year and this episode kept with the mood of season six quite well.

    Bottom line is that it was an enjoyable episode and they might bring Holly back! That’s really exciting to me. Hooray for Amy Ryan and the dorky yet fantastic chemistry between Holly & Michael!

  13. 107. Jimmy  

    Nashua never closed. Like someone already said, there are 5 branches open and listed on the Sabre “website”. The execs were fired, and Sabre kept the branches for distribution.

  14. 106. Molly  

    Folks – this finale didn’t have a “cliffhanger” because the Jim and Pam “will they won’t they” is done. Every season finale in the past has revolved around Jim and Pam. So now they have to finale around something else.

    I though the episode was hilarious… Can’t wait for September!!!

  15. 105. Greg Nowling  

    For me, the second half of Season 6 was better than Seasons 4 and 5 because it toned down Michael, gave everyone in the cast at least one funny line, and just in general brought more funny and less cringe.

    This episode continued that trend, well done! I hope carries on into next season.

  16. 104. bla  


  17. 103. computerharvey  

    I really liked this episode but for some reason it didn’t really feel like a season finale to me. Maybe it was because mostly they end the season with ‘celebrating’ something (Company Picnic, Goodbye Toby, Casino Night). I’m really happy that they’re probably bringing back Holly. It was really sad to see Michael so lonely during the jet scene. I agree with the people who say that next season should be the last season, how sad it may be. Without Steve Carell it can only go downhill. I think that the series should end with Michael ending up with Holly. Overall I think this season was very funny, better than season 4 and 5. We had some great episodes like Niagara, The Lover, Murder, Secret Santa, Night Out etc

  18. 102. Dwangela;)  

    Why did Jo have her two great danes? I like Jo, she is really nice. :) I would be so happy if Holly comes back! I love her!

  19. 101. eastcoast_girl  

    A good episode but it didn’t feel like a season finale, especially compared to the fantastic Goodbye Toby. Liked seeing David Wallace again. Glad Holly may come back, but unless Jan comes back as well or the writers invent another obstacle, it has snooze potential. A completely happy in love Michael will make for a boring season.

  20. 100. 107th Caller  

    My least favorite finale yet…The best part was seeing Wallace, and Ryan’s Woof!

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