The Office: Whistleblower, 6.26

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The Office Whistleblower

Writers: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan
Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): The press finds out that Sabre’s printers catch on fire. Jo (guest star Kathy Bates) shows up to the office in hopes of finding out who the whistleblower is. Everyone suspects Andy, who adamantly denies he leaked the information.

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The Office Whistleblower rating

In a poll conducted May 20-24, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.52/10

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The Office Whistleblower quotes

Michael: Michael Scott, as seen on TV.

Packer: I saw you on the news, and I want to pinch your tiny weiner.

Michael: We cannot let the pedophile win again.

Michael: Get it up. That’s what…

Michael: Really? A baby otter? Okay, count me in as “who cares?”

Phyllis: Put your hand up, Norma Rae.

Andy: The Bernards, for generations, have silenced whistleblowers. It’s how we made all our money.

Andy: Old Mr. Bernard, old Mr. Bernard, who have you silenced today?

Michael: We should give them a one-way ticket to Montego Bay. Where they keep all the Al-Qaeda.

Dwight: Apache persuasion hold, that’s the hell.

Kevin: Sometimes I run. I’m a runner.

Michael: And like I’m going to believe one of his spermed lovers.

Dwight: I don’t want to waste your time and I wouldn’t dare waste mine.

Jo: You turning that money into more money?
Dwight: Are you referring to alchemy?

Dwight: I’m not dumb. I’m smart.

Darryl: I think she could sense my sadness.

Darryl: She was a copy editor at the Trib.
Michael: Was she cute?
Darryl: No.

Michael: And if that is not poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

Toby: Write your own damn novel.

Jim: This is good. Let’s get all the bad ideas out now. Flush ’em out.

Michael: My mind is going a mile an hour.
Pam: That fast?

Pam: I weirdly know exactly what you’re saying to me.

Michael: We need to brainstorm. We need to get out of this. Brain hurricane.

Michael: Hey, hey, it’s as interesting as a morgue.

Kelly: I video chat, I Skype, I text, I tweet, I phone, I woof.

Erin: Ryan, you have a woof on line 1.

Michael: That’s just what we need, another black man in prison.

Dwight: Basement office? You mean like a lair?

Michael: I was up all lunch thinking about what we should do to this individual.

Jo: Michael Scott, what do you know?

Michael: Are you going to kill me?

Michael: I have an early dinner that I need to get to… with the chief of police.

Creed: I’m very relieved to learn it wasn’t you.

Gabe: What a rich timbre your voice has.

Michael: My favorite restaurant closed down. My new favorite restaurant sucks. BIG BIG

Michael: It’s not been a blockbuster year for me financially. My Blockbuster stock is down.

David: I am here to talk about “Suck It!”

Creed: I think we can all agree that it’s either Gabe or Angela.

Creed: It’s Angela. Get her, boys.

Nick: You guys have 15 parties a week. You can’t learn my name?

Dwight: Inner city kids use computers for two things: games and porn. So good luck wasting your life. Lurch.

Nick: Darryl, man, you’re on Facebook. Why have you been telling people you’re not on Facebook. People want to be your friend, man.

Jo: Oh honey, surely you don’t want that.
Michael: I surely do, and don’t call me honey. Airplane 2.

Dwight: Pretty soon, you will be on your feet. Like Buckingham Palace.

Michael: There will be no questions. Are there any questions?

Michael: Hey, you could transfer Holly back from Nashua.

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  1. i was not impressed with the episode, but the close literally made me jump out of my chair and fist pump like tiger woods.

    i can not wait for season 7.

  2. Loved the drama, not knowing who did it.
    Poor Andy!
    So I hear Holly is really gonna be back next season! Awesome!

  3. If Holly comes back I will be very excited! She was great. This episode was pretty good. I LOL’ed that it wasn’t a Blockbuster year for Michael–his blockbuster stock was down.

  4. This one was pretty good. All i can say is HOLLY! HOLLY! HOLLY! HOLLY! But i loved the Jim/Pam stuff and the Andy/ Erin stuff, which is nice to have back. And the IT guy was great. And so was Creed. We haven’t seen much of him lately, but that was amazing.I love Kelly and Ryan. i really hate Jo, but if she gets Holly back, i’ll hate her less. But still this episode was really weird. What’s gonna happen to Andy? and what about Kelly, Pam, and Darryl? ugh! And now we have to wait until September. i hate this.

  5. As episodes go, this one was quite solid. Had some great moments, I laughed out loud quite a few times. But as finales go, that was really awful. It just….didn’t leave me as satisfying and smiling as the finales normally do :(

    But the tag…..BRING BACK THE FLAX :)

  6. I actually started cheering at the end! HOLLY!!! He’s going to get his soup snake back!

  7. New favorite episode. Dwight’s real estate purchase, Packer, Wallace, WOOF, and a nice cliffhanger!

  8. Cool episode, but not finale worthy? Help me understand the lack of the finale “bang?”

  9. LOVED IT! What a good episode! Great ensemble piece–everyone was involved, Creed all the way to Nick :)

    Lots of set up for next season; Dwight owning the property (nice reference to Slough in the address!), Erin/Andy reunion, HOLLY! Going into the finale, I wasn’t exactly sure what there was to look forward to, but there was some nice development. Poignant. Subtle.

  10. DIdn’t feel very finale-y. As a regular episode, it was decent. As a finale, kind of disappointing. I miss the days of hour-long finales and I think this episode could have used that treatment. So many plot points with very few real resolutions. I don’t know, maybe I just need a re-watch.

  11. Wow…apparently I’m in the minority. I thought it was a decent episode, but really a pitiful finale. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Holly thing. We’ve been led to believe she would be brought back into the story at least a couple of other times, and nothing happened.

  12. First of all, @Danny Scarn, that’s what she said. Second, I actually really loved the episode. I laughed out loud so many times. Favorite line, “Are you referring to alchemy?” haha great :)

  13. Did not like that! If it was a middle of the season episode it would have been okay. However that was not “The Office” worthy season finale. I am very, very disappointed.

  14. As an episode alone, it was great. Yet, since it was a finale, it was just average. It had some hilarious moments, but it lacked the shocker season finales always have.


  15. David Wallace’s cameo in the “SUCK IT” hoodie was priceless for me!! I hope they find a way to include him next season. A great finale to a strong season!

  16. How did it actually end?! My tivo cut off the final scene and I feel like it must have been something huge.

  17. I think I need to watch this episode again…I didn’t get that finale feeling, but maybe that is what they were going for. I kinda predicted the Holly part at the end once Michael mentioned her to Jo. However, I’m super excited for next season…a lot to look forward to. Dwight and Angela possible baby drama. More Erin and Andy love. A reunion with Holly and Michael. And maybe some new Pam/Jim story line. Thanks for a great season!!

  18. I think this ep would have been better served as an hour long. So much happening. I thought it was a solid episode though. Not as cliffhanger-ish as past seasons. You could kind of sense something with Holly was afoot when the camera zoomed on Jo when Michael mentioned her. And then when the closing tag started w/ Michael in his office. I was never a Holly fan really, so I’m not excited as everyone else here. The ep had true Office form and humor though, something the show had been fading in and out with over the past two seasons. Here’s to Season 7!

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