The Office wins Best Comedy Emmy!

The Office Emmys 2006

OMG — The Office has just won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series!

It is the oddest thing reporting on something that I haven’t actually seen myself — Wendy (who gets the live East Coast feed) was giving me the play-by-play via chat. Thanks Wendy!

Wow. After the whole Best Actor debacle, I wasn’t sure if The Office would pull it out for the big one.


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Photo courtesy txvoodoo at LiveJournal.


  1. This is so exciting, I literally jumped out of my chair! Haha, they all looked so great and so deserve it! Congrats, what a great show!!

  2. I could not believe it! I really wanted them to win, but since Steve got screwed I had my doubts, but they did it!!! I had to laugh when they all trailed up there…congrats to them!

  3. I litterally couldn’t breathe when they said “the emmy goes to… the office!” I really didnt think it would win cuz we lost all of the other ones. but it did! YES!!!

  4. OMG! I like screamed and my uncle ran downstairs because he thought I was hurt or something. AWW and it was so cute what Greg said about him and Conan! I am sooo happy!

  5. Woooooo! I let out a big cheer and waved my arms. I’m usually more subtle. :) If they were only going to get one award, it’s great it’s an award that basically honors everyone on the cast, crew and otherwise. :) It was fun to everybody (cast and crew) on stage together.

  6. This is the ONE award I think we deserved. The Office is not a script or a comedy actor. It is an ensemble! Yes, we have great scripts and comedians, but it is the ensemble concept that makes it the best!

  7. I couldn’t even believe it! The other shows I was rooting for got almost nothing, but then THIS. Beyond fantastic. I almost completely forgive the Emmys committee for their new system.

  8. i was holding my breath until they read the envelope. i was so excited that i jumped up and down on my couch.

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