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NBC Office cast interview I: B.J. Novak, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton, Leslie David Baker, Melora Hardin (spoiler), Rainn Wilson
NBC Office cast interview II: David Denman, Mindy Kaling, Kate Flannery, Ricky Gervais, John Krasinski, Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey
TV Guide After Party interview with B.J. Novak. Includes Season 3 spoilers!
TV Guide Joan Rivers interview with Rainn Wilson
E! Post-Emmys interview: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, and Jenna Fischer
E! red carpet interviews and Emmy show segments. Courtesy Denise
NBC’s Angela Goes To The Emmys

Videos – Emmy Broadcast

Best Comedy Series presentation (thanks, GMMR!) | NBC version
Conan’s opening montage (thanks Brad!)


Jenna’s photos
Good luck cake
– Post-Emmys: Page 1 | Page 2. Courtesy txvoodoo at LiveJournal
Red carpet
People Magazine
Glam JAM
US Magazine Best Dressed (slide 7)
The Office Post-Emmy Party

Cast reaction

Jenna’s MySpace blog
Angela’s MySpace blog
Kevin’s MySpace blog
Brian’s TV Guide blog
Meredith’s MySpace blog


Zap2it: “The Office” executive producer Greg Daniels learned you shouldn’t make a toy out of the pointiest award in showbiz. Steve Carell was jokingly describing how the show’s set is home to “a lot of animosity and friction,” and to drive home the point, Daniels pantomimed bludgeoning his star with his best comedy Emmy.

Variety: “We kind of felt like we were doing the show in a bubble, but clearly it’s catching on,” said Steve Carell, speaking on behalf of “The Office” crew, which won the prize for comedy series in its second season. Exec producer Greg Daniels called the evening “a night of ups and downs” after he cut his hand on the wings of the Emmy backstage. “People thought it was going to be really hard to adapt an English show, but I speak English, so we really had a leg up there,” Daniels joked. But seriously, folks, “It was such a good show in the first place, I don’t think it was as hard as people thought.”

The In the “The Office” clutch, writer/co-star B.J. Novak looks at his statue and reflects, “I watched the ‘In Memoriam’ and wondered if when I died I’d be up there. Now it’s a tiny bit more likely I will be.” Novak’s co-writer Paul Lieberstein, who plays beleaguered human resources officer Toby on the show, looks at his statue with a hint of fear and chagrin, particularly at the remarkably sharp points of the angel’s wings. “I’ve already scooped up one of Steve Carell’s cufflinks with his.”

Entertainment Weekly: The cast and producers of the best comedy winner, The Office, greeted each new reporter’s question with a group wave and a cheery ”hello!” When asked about their infectious merriment, star Steve Carell gamely answered, with a perfect deadpan, ”We’re pretty deadly serious the entire time.”


  1. I can’t view any videos from E! or TV Guide…please post any cool/new/spoilerish info if possible.

  2. So it only took an Emmy for B.J. Novak to show some teeth when he smiles :).
    Matthew; was there something about Mindy Kaling I missed?

  3. Aww the cast seems so happy in the E! interview after they won. Yay! But I love how awkward it is when Juliana mentions that she didn’t eat for four days and everybody’s just like “…OK.”

  4. garbagethrower, I will transcribe the spoilerish stuff and add it to OT’s Season 3 post, either tonight or tomorrow …

  5. Juliana annoys me. She told John to “stop it” cuz he said something and you could see John’s face go “oookay.” Awkward much? Oh who cares they won a frickin EMMY!

  6. I think John said something along the lines of “that’s SAD” before he got reprimanded. I had to stop watching because whoever that chick was was getting annoying. Can’t they think of semi-intelligent questions? They should’ve let people like us conduct the interviews.

  7. I’m probably bringing their total heterosexual male viewership to one, but I’m actually watching E’s red carpet fashion commentary show, for the express purpose of hearing what they had to say about Jenna’s dress (and if they will comment about the wardrobe malfunction). So far they’ve said that they loved the ring, but the dress didn’t work on her, saying that it made her appear to have a “thick waist.”

  8. I loved Angela’s blog of her favorite moments. I especially loved that all the cast and crew went to their own afterparty together instead of going to all the other fancy Emmy parties. Once again, it shows just how awesome they are. This success couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

    On another note, what is it with the female interviewers at E! Is it like a prerequisite that they all make me want to punch them in the face?

  9. lol – agreed, lindsay, totally agreed. But it’s not limited to E! or to females. I’d throw in the dopes at the other “entertainment” shows too. But, I do love watching the cast give those same reporters a look that just says,”Huh?” lol!

  10. Yeah I was meaning to comment on that E interview… I saw it last night and thought it was just really strange. First off the woman says that you don’t eat for like four days so you can fit into your dress, turns to Jenna and asks “am I right?”… that’s kinda assuming a little much, don’t you think?

    And so yes, I very much agree with John in that it is quite sad, because doing so would have nothing to do with any sort of actual eating disorder and everything to do with complete and total vanity. Of course, from these high-quality reporters I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  11. You know what’s cool? Ricky and Steve are big fans of the Office US. Theyre not just like “yeah, its pretty good. im glad someone adapted it.” they are seriously supportive and, like all of us, have come to the realization about how truly different the two shows are. thanks guys!

  12. I loved the answer that Rainn gave about that bathroom question the reported on E asked, haha, that was hilarious. “Noo….i was not in the bathroom..I was in my seat.” And then he’s like, “But I’m sacrificing my bodily needs to be here.” Hahaha.

  13. Jennie–
    it’s Angela from good ol’ Dunder Mifflin and I just wanted to say thanks for supporting The Office. Your site is awesome. We are still spinning from the Emmy win! We know that you and James from Northern Attack have helped our fans stay connected over the hiatus and I just wanted to say thanks! Oh and who won the IPOD?! ;)
    -Angela Kinsey (aka snotty Angela Martin)

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