What do you want to do this summer?

Hi Tallyheads,

Just because we don’t have new episodes to watch for a few months doesn’t mean that OfficeTally will come to a standstill!

I would like to hear your ideas about contests, activities, and anything else you think will help fellow Tallyheads pass the time this summer while we wait for Season 5. The more specific you can be with details, the better! And please note that I have plenty of prizes to give away …

If you’ve sent me ideas in the past, please post them again in a comment below. That way, I’ll have everything in one place.

Thanks! :) Jennie

P.S. Here is an archive of past contests.

To do for sure

  • Survivor Season 4

Under consideration


  1. I saw someone mention before, sorry that I don’t remember who, a survivor poll of the best pranks. I know I have my favorites, so I’m sure other people do as well.

    Also, what about an Office themed art contest. Not just computer graphics, but, paintings, collages whatever. Just as long as it’s Office themed.

  2. What about a fan video contest? I’m always amazed at the editing that people come up with, mixing scenes from the show and great music.

  3. all-cast survivor
    favorite location survivor
    favorite secondary location survivor

    other stuff darkufo did for lost during the offseason

  4. A bunch of my friends and I are doing weekly re-viewing parties. Thursdays at 9.

    I really enjoyed the Talking Head contest. Something with videos again would be great.

  5. Cold Open Survivor! There have been so many great cold opens over the past 4 seasons…it’d be fun to see what everyone’s favorites are!

  6. Jennie, you are awesome. I love these things! I love the “season survivor” so I can’t wait for Season 4! I was thinking about maybe something along the lines of Trivial Pursuit- The Office Edition, with different categories like quotes, characters, real-life (about the actors who portray the characters), history (maybe about the character’s background), Name that episode…stuff like that. I am just a little unsure how to handle points and what not? If fellow tallyheads can offer any of their thoughts, that would be awesome!

    I also agree with one idea to see who can come up with the best office episode. How about another crossword puzzle? I also like the idea about artwork, but I am so challenged in that department.

    Thank you so much for caring about your loyal readers, Tanster!

  7. Any kind of quote or trivia contest is great. I really liked the Dunder Ku Contest because I could do it while I was at work. Anything that distracts me during work is great.

  8. I think any kind of graphic design contest would be cool! Plus, if you ever felt like you wanted to re-design the website in the future you could have people submit designs and have fans vote on their favorite. :)

  9. I concur with the following ideas:

    Prank Survivor
    Cold Open Survivor
    Name that Quote (with the episode)

    How about Season 4 DVD extra ideas?
    Favorite Michael/Dwight mispronunciations?

    Forget it, that would really be incalculable.

  10. I liked the crossword puzzle…but anything trivia is fun too. I realize now that I’m outnumbered in this opinion but I’m not really a fan of the survivor only because I feel guilty picking my least favorite anything in relation to The Office.

  11. On morphthing.com you can morph the photos of two faces together, so I propose we spend some time there determining what certain characters’ children would look like! (This is generally really entertaining with just photos of yourself as well)

  12. -A second tagline contest
    -DVD wishlist
    -Favorite Secondary Character battle
    – Who Would You Do?

  13. The best office theme song ‘cover’

    We create our own version of the office theme song in any style we want, post the mp3s, and let readers judge them. I’m sure there’s tons of musically talented people out there, why not put those talents to make a cover of the best theme song ever?

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