What do you want to do this summer?

Hi Tallyheads,

Just because we don’t have new episodes to watch for a few months doesn’t mean that OfficeTally will come to a standstill!

I would like to hear your ideas about contests, activities, and anything else you think will help fellow Tallyheads pass the time this summer while we wait for Season 5. The more specific you can be with details, the better! And please note that I have plenty of prizes to give away …

If you’ve sent me ideas in the past, please post them again in a comment below. That way, I’ll have everything in one place.

Thanks! :) Jennie

P.S. Here is an archive of past contests.

To do for sure

  • Survivor Season 4

Under consideration


  1. I saw someone mention before, sorry that I don’t remember who, a survivor poll of the best pranks. I know I have my favorites, so I’m sure other people do as well.

    Also, what about an Office themed art contest. Not just computer graphics, but, paintings, collages whatever. Just as long as it’s Office themed.

  2. What about a fan video contest? I’m always amazed at the editing that people come up with, mixing scenes from the show and great music.

  3. all-cast survivor
    favorite location survivor
    favorite secondary location survivor

    other stuff darkufo did for lost during the offseason

  4. A bunch of my friends and I are doing weekly re-viewing parties. Thursdays at 9.

    I really enjoyed the Talking Head contest. Something with videos again would be great.

  5. Cold Open Survivor! There have been so many great cold opens over the past 4 seasons…it’d be fun to see what everyone’s favorites are!

  6. Jennie, you are awesome. I love these things! I love the “season survivor” so I can’t wait for Season 4! I was thinking about maybe something along the lines of Trivial Pursuit- The Office Edition, with different categories like quotes, characters, real-life (about the actors who portray the characters), history (maybe about the character’s background), Name that episode…stuff like that. I am just a little unsure how to handle points and what not? If fellow tallyheads can offer any of their thoughts, that would be awesome!

    I also agree with one idea to see who can come up with the best office episode. How about another crossword puzzle? I also like the idea about artwork, but I am so challenged in that department.

    Thank you so much for caring about your loyal readers, Tanster!

  7. Any kind of quote or trivia contest is great. I really liked the Dunder Ku Contest because I could do it while I was at work. Anything that distracts me during work is great.

  8. I think any kind of graphic design contest would be cool! Plus, if you ever felt like you wanted to re-design the website in the future you could have people submit designs and have fans vote on their favorite. :)

  9. I concur with the following ideas:

    Prank Survivor
    Cold Open Survivor
    Name that Quote (with the episode)

    How about Season 4 DVD extra ideas?
    Favorite Michael/Dwight mispronunciations?

    Forget it, that would really be incalculable.

  10. I liked the crossword puzzle…but anything trivia is fun too. I realize now that I’m outnumbered in this opinion but I’m not really a fan of the survivor only because I feel guilty picking my least favorite anything in relation to The Office.

  11. On morphthing.com you can morph the photos of two faces together, so I propose we spend some time there determining what certain characters’ children would look like! (This is generally really entertaining with just photos of yourself as well)

  12. -A second tagline contest
    -DVD wishlist
    -Favorite Secondary Character battle
    – Who Would You Do?

  13. The best office theme song ‘cover’

    We create our own version of the office theme song in any style we want, post the mp3s, and let readers judge them. I’m sure there’s tons of musically talented people out there, why not put those talents to make a cover of the best theme song ever?

  14. Some sort of contest where we guess what exactly is going to happen in S5, based on spoilers (or not) or something. Various events could be worth various “points,” and the winner could get… something, I don’t know what.

  15. I can’t say enough times how much i love this website

    ok – what should we do all summer?
    I’m going to see BJ Novak at Caroline’s in June – so that takes care of one day…..
    I really like the office themed art contest idea – even though i cannot draw at all – it’s an amazing idea
    looks like i will just be watching DVDs all summer

  16. I normally hate fan fiction, but I think it’d be funny if we all wrote a cold open (in script form) for the premiere of Season 5. The obvious rules would apply – word count, grammar, spelling, originality, etc. Tallyheads could vote on the winner.

  17. I always thought it’d be cool to have a “bet you knew noticed” section/blog. It’d basically be everyone commenting on insignificant details thought not many Tallyheads may have noticed. For example, in a Season 2 deleted scene (I forgot which episode) Michael drives pass a building that says California Contractors (in Scranton? LOL).

    Also, in Season 2 “The Secret” Jim confesses to Pam that he had had a crush on her when she first started right? Well a couple of seasons later in “Launch Party” Jim & Pam are on the roof discussing the first time they knew they liked each other, in which Jim says something to the effect when he first started she warned him about Dwight, which means she was already working there. Aren’t those 2 conflicting storylines? Well I “bet you knew noticed” that. Or maybe you have and I’m just super late.

  18. What about a caption this type contest? Every week you post a frame and captions are left in the comments. You can choose the top five comments and then we can vote on our favorite…or you can choose the winner. Then you can make a slideshow or something at the end to showcase our hilariousness.

  19. I’m in favor of a weekly contest to find new ways to humiliate OTCR Mod Matty.

    He could record every song that has ever been sung on The Office himself. We could have a weekly “Matty Sings” installment. Or some sort of Matty/Jennie podcast. That would be fun.

    Thanks for a great season on OT, Jennie!

  20. Thought of another one. (I’m sorry if I am repeating others’ ideas.)

    In the spirit of Kevin, maybe we could create an ‘Office’ pool. We could all take bets on what we think is going to happen in the Season 5 for premiere. For example, Kelly’s pregnant, Oscar decides to date women, Ryan goes back to being a temp, and so on. Whoever’s predictions are spot on can win a prize. One condition would have to be that the predictions can’t already be true in some capacity. In other words, I couldn’t bet that Kevin will still be an accountant in the premiere.

    There could be a limit on the number of prizes, of course. Like, the first ten correct predictions win prizes.

  21. I’ve started a group on meetup.com, Bay Area Fans of “The Office.” Our first party planning committee meeting is at a Chili’s in San Jose on Wednesday, June 4th. More details at the link. Tallyheads in other parts of the country are free to base their own meetup groups on ours. (Ricky Gervais chimes in, “And by based on, she means copied exactly.”)

  22. Along the same lines as DeanB (post 24), how about mp3s where people create words to the theme song? We could vote for our favorites. As much as I love the “duh-duuuh, duh duh duh duh-da” I bet there could be some great lyrics.

  23. Oh Tanster, I like you.

    I love the idea of creating the best fan video – editing different clips together, because i too have been wanting to do that for a while.
    I also loved the idea of a poll or something to see who can guess what is going to be going on in the premiere of season 5, and whoever is dead on gets a prize.

    Also, what is this “Talking Head Contest” people keep suggesting?

    This is going to make my summer ten times better haha

  24. write our own webisode all with former Office characters.
    example: mr Brown has a diversity seminar at Karen’s office.

  25. “I concur with the following ideas:

    Prank Survivor
    Cold Open Survivor
    Name that Quote (with the episode)

    How about Season 4 DVD extra ideas?
    Favorite Michael/Dwight mispronunciations?

    Forget it, that would really be incalculable.”
    (#20–Beeswax, Not Yours, Inc.)


    Trivia is also good (the more obscure the better, even stuff based on set decoration would be fun). Even stuff like name the episode based on a song (“Love me, love me, saaay that you love me, fool me, fool me, go on and fool me”).

    I’m willing to help “hunt” for stuff, even if it means I can’t play.

  26. I love the idea of a fan video contest. I’ve been wanting to put one of those together for a while now.

  27. I loved the LOLcat quote caption contest. How about we bring it back but with a slight variation? Instead of using the pictures of cats, how about screencaps from the show? The captions couldn’t be the quote from the scene translated into LOLspeak, but rather an entirely original caption in LOLspeak.

    And I know that I have Mosby’s vote on this :)

  28. A name that episode quote game. In other words, we all know the lines by heart and who said them. But if you were to name a random quote, how many of us would know the episode from which it came?

    For example, my friend and I sometimes quote these two Pam lines:

    “No, like, I know. I thought maybe you did. … just because we got along so well.”

    And “Oh yeah. … Oh no. Sorry. I was confused by your phrasing.”

    Can you identify the episode that corresponds to each?

  29. I agree with Adriana (#29). I think it would be really fun to have fans write their own cold opens and then vote on them.

  30. Tanster – How about a “Talking Head” dialog contest? Tallyheads could submit 100 words or less dialog for their favorite characters, without reference to any of the current story lines. Purely random, off the cuff dialog. We could vote on a winner, and then in the fall you could get our favorite show to bring the winning dialog to life for the website. I like the idea of fans being involved and contributing to the shows future. Keep up the great work!!!

  31. I liked the Dunder Ku contest. We can always do trivia. But I’m down for anything!

  32. Creation of an office drinking game. Like for example, whenever Stanley is seen on screen doing a crossword puzzle…take a drink.

  33. Some sort of scavenger hunt? Who can nab the most pics of items mentioned on the show (grape soda, mixed berry yogurt, etc.)

    [Also, not sure how many know around here, but both Launch Party and Money shown on Sunday had new footage. Passing it along and such.]

  34. How about a Funniest moments vote/countdown by Character? Mostly because I find each character funny in a different way but comparing great Dwight moments to Michael moments or even Jim looks into the camera isn’t always a fair trade.

  35. How about a Celebrity look-alike contest? I know it’s cheesy but there are quite a few cast members who look like other celebrites. Just thought it would be fun!

    Also, I like the quote trivia and caption the scene ideas. Very fun indeed!

    How did we make it through last summer again?

  36. Let’s do an “Office-theme party” contest, where fans submit pics and ideas from any office-themed parties they’ve had over the summer or in the past. My friends and i have had several over the years, and would love to see others’ ideas, too.

  37. I’ve always thought it would be cool to rank the top cold opens. I don’t think a Survivor type thing would work, but maybe a bracket or just a general poll.

  38. I drive a white corolla with a bumper sticker that says “Jim (heart) Pam”

    find me! : )

  39. I love bracket-style competitions. Topics could be best cold open, like mentioned below; best Jim prank; best usage of TWSS; best Kelly-ism; best party; best out-of-the-office storyline; best conference room meeting. That sort of thing, where all characters are highlighted and it’s not really a popularity contest.

  40. Ok, this may be a bit over the top….but you seem to have some pretty sweet connections. I don’t know if this is possible or not, but maybe some sort of a give away with NBC to tour the Office Set or attend one of the NBC cast parties or something like that. Or even something to go along with the Emmys this fall. I know there is a give away with some local stations, but that is only specific to 4 certain cities, not to open to all TallyHeads.
    Its a bit over the top, but it would be cool!

  41. What about a song-writing contest, a la Sweet Diss and the Comebacks? There could be two divisions: one for songs with an original melody and one for songs that use a melody from a popular song. And then we could make music videos of them…but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself :).

    Someone might have already mentioned this, but we should do a talking head recreation contest like the one last year. I don’t know if that was run by OT or someone else, but those were really fun to watch!

    I also love the idea of doing other survivor-style polls for things like best cold open and prank.

  42. I vote for an office look a like contest. Or maybe one of those everyone contributes a line stories. Like you could give us a set up (i.e. everyone is in the conference room for one of Michael’s meetings) and tallyheads could write the dialogue, only each person can only contribute one line at a time from any character they wanted. It could be fun.

  43. First, Happy Summer!
    Second…I’m all for contests & giveaways. An art contest could be cool too.
    Maybe a little OfficeTally web page layout week where Tallyheads submit temporary summer themes?
    Maybe even organizing something for the cast and crew to send their way during their summer shooting on set?

  44. Survivor: The Best of Jam (this sort of adds on to #53)

    poll of the best jim and pam moments, with video clips. First collect all of them through comments in a post, then narrow down the list to 20 or something….the survivor like we do with episodes in a season.

    and #59 and #53 and #29 and #43

  45. oh, oh, one more. this would be awesome, but i don’t know if anyone has this kind of power:

    write the best one-liner for (insert character name here) and narrow it down to 5 one liners in a poll on OT. then the writers (whomever you’re closest to on the set) will pick one and use it in some episode in season 5.

    it would be documented forever. dream come true.

  46. I still think it would be cool to have some sort of officetally demographic or even just geographic survey. Then we could see how many other tallyheads are in our area and things like that. Maybe it could be a sort of virtual map we could mark where we’re located.

  47. I also like things like Cold Open Survivor or Best JAM moment Survivor.

    You could also do a all-star episode survivor, with maybe the top 10 episodes of each season (2-3 from season 1 maybe), and see what people’s favorite episode of all time is.

    But maybe that should wait until the series is over and we could do it with all the seasons..

  48. See who can string along the longest “conversation” between characters using lines from different episodes.

  49. 66 – Braveheart

    I love that idea! Because then maybe we could be like San Diego and have our own little Office fan parties all over haha

  50. Hey Tanster and Everyone,

    I’ve got one of those page-a-day calendars with Office quotes on them and I’ve found about 30 or so this year so far that I’m pretty sure are not real. I’ve researched them on Officequotes.net and none seem to be in any episodes or even deleted scenes, and I cannot figure out why they are on my calendar and where they came from in the first place.

    If people are really bored and going through Office-withdrawal, maybe we could have some sort of “find this quote” contest in case I missed it somewhere, or if we’re pretty sure it doesn’t exist and Andrews McKeel Publishing in Kansas City made them up, maybe it could be a “make up a scenario for this quote” contest.

    It might be a pretty boring competition as far as Officetally contests go, but it’s just a thought!

    And yes, I have saved all the pages with these homeless quotes, so it will not be a problem trying to locate them again.


  51. As 26 said, a scavenger hunt would be fun. For example, you, tanster, would post some clues leading to old pages which would have other clues, eventually leading to a final clue which would require general Office knowledge.

  52. Oh, maybe we can take a poll of what other shows we watch and maybe we can write a description or short skit of if (insert name) of The Office went to (insert TV show/movie name).

  53. I think someone said it earlier….but a special edition officetally.com t-shirt design contest. (I do like the orignal design though. I’m a ‘jam fan.’)

  54. It might be fun to make our own Office MadLibs. There’s got to be a MadLibs generator around the interwebs :)

  55. Not sure if this was said yet, but Survivor for season 4, followed by an Ultimate Survivor (winners of all four seasons battle for the best episode of The Office).

    Also, how about a contest for what the spin off should actually be (which characters, where are they located, etc.)?

  56. Hi Tanster,
    I think a cold open writing contest that someone else proposed is a great idea. Also, there could be prizes for the best episode storylines. Perhaps one of the contest winners could have a non-speaking appearance in one of the office webisodes this summer, or win a lunch with his or her favorite Office actor/actress.

  57. I LOVE the one-liner contest idea! How cool would that be to get your own line into the show?

    71 (Megan) – I’m so glad you mentioned the non-existent quotes. I was a little worried that maybe I’m not as good a fan as I thought I was…I’d never heard a several of them! Even most of the ones that are real have a word or two off (and do you remember the one that credited Michael with Pam’s speech from the bird funeral?…yikes). I think we need to try to solve that mystery this summer. Let’s do a little consumer action and mail the calendar publishers a complaint…and watch OT change the world! :)

  58. It would be cool if you had a contest to film the ultimate season five cold open. You could set a time limit as well as a list of five-ten random props, lines or words, and costume items that would have to be included

  59. A lot of great contest ideas people… I have an idea for a prize- One lucky tallyhead will get to go with Tanster on her next office set visit!

  60. Another crossword puzzle would be great, even though I never would fast enough to win something, it would still be really fun to do. I mean, I still do the old one when I am bored.

  61. I love the MadLibs idea and the Haiku, I mean DunderKu. So many great ideas, I wish we could do them all.

  62. I LOVED the writer Q & A that you arranged with several of the episodes this season. That was wonderful! I think any type of interactive Q&A you could put together with writers or actors from the show would be wonderful! this could be a submit your questions and then some are chosen to be answered or a live chat online. Also, contests are always fun and hey if you have some swag I know i’d like a chance to win it!!! I like to check the site when the show is on hiatus because i love your weekend tallies. I like to know about the actors and writers other projects, so the more of that you can put together the better. plus there will be some webisodes to discuss.

  63. I love #66 thats a brilliant idea!
    Also, maybe a competition thats open to us international tallyheads??

  64. A cold open survivor sounds fun. I think we should have Q & A with tanster! And design trading cards for each Office characters with likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc

  65. I really like the idea of a prank contest. The winner’s idea gets incorporated into the next season of The Office.

  66. #71 (Megan) –

    I completely agree! What a great idea!

    If the quotes do not exist, I’ve found they they are attributed to the wrong character, or paraphrased from a real quote.

    Good idea Megan!

  67. I LOVED the talking head contest. What about a classic scene contest – categories: Jim/Pam, Jim/Dwight, Dwight/Michael, Outside the Office, Monologues, 3 Characters or less, Corporate, Season 1/2/3/4, etc, etc, etc. Cannot stress enough how much I loved watching those on Youtube!

  68. I agree with Caitlin (41)- the modified LOLcat contest, or just a regular one again.

  69. One thing about summer is torturing yourself TRYING to figure out next season’s plot. My idea is a post entitled “Tallyhead Season 5 Speculation.” Each day, Tallyhead’s could submit their thoughts and guesses for season 5. Every day you could pick one to feature for other Tallyhead’s to comment on. Just something to think about :)

  70. i was the one who suggested the prank survivor (i have even started making a list in case tanster decides to do this, i like to be helpful!) so yeah, i am suggesting that again now.

  71. i also think it would be fun to submit theories or things that we have noticed and want opinions on (someone else mentioned this) like for example i think that the bag of nickels that jim gives dwight to use in the vending machine are the nickels he put into and then removed from dwight’s phone!

    cold open contest would be great! and trivia is always fun. how about a scavenger hunt within the episodes? finding obscure things in the background or whatever and we have to identify what episode?

  72. A contest where everyone submits their guesses on each characters current state at the start of Season 5. Then after the premiere, the closest predictions gets prizes!

  73. I would love an update (if any) on the Scranton Convention. theofficeconvention.com has nothing and it’s getting a little late in the year not to have any information on dates, etc. I am having an Office marathon in July with some recently converted friends so they can see the show from the beginning.

    Megan (#71) – I LOVE your suggestion!! One of my coworkers has one and I’ve pointed out ones that I don’t think are real, or are quoted to the wrong person, etc. It’s driving me insane because I can’t believe I know more about the show than the people who made a calendar about it.

    On the Madlibs front, there are real Office Madlibs posted on Amazon but they are never in stock. (link) If anyone can tell me where to buy THOSE, I’ll be eternally grateful.

    And I also love the scavenger hunt idea.

  74. All these ideas are AHmazing but totally love the idea of…
    contest to see who could write the best cold open (#65’s idea) or…
    who could write the best one liner for a character with like a little scenario to go with it (#64’s idea)

  75. Oh! And “correct-the-messed-up-calendar!” If you don’t think that sounds awesome, you need awesome lessons.

  76. I just thought of some other ideas while reading the other posts. I love the write-your-own cold open activity. Going off of the did you notice? post, maybe we could do the find the inside joke or subtle joke in episodes. Also, maybe we could nominate songs for their lyrics as anthems for the couples of the office. There are so many songs for Jam off the top of my head. The write-a-one-liner sounds sooo fun.

    Tanster, you rock. You make being an Office fan glorious!

  77. I think someone mentioned in a previous post about doing a best Jim/Dwight prank survivor game? That would be good. Or Jim/Pam moments, Dwight/Angela, etc.

  78. I know there was a talking head contest or something before.I think “write you own cold open” would be great!

  79. Okay, so I haven’t read every comment, but I’m sure that everyone and their mom has commented to bring back the talking head contest, but it’s definitely got my vote. Really anything that gives me an excuse to make a video would be a good one.
    #66– great idea! It would be nice to know of other officetally fans in our areas!
    And I thought I was just a bad fan when I didn’t recognize some of the quotes on my calendar. Glad to know I’m not insane!

  80. I think a trivia contest would be fun.

    I understand wanting a to do fan-fic or cold opens, but I think that can get sticky with NBC and writing ideas. Besides, that would be a lot to sift through.

  81. #71–I have the same calendar, and many of the quotes are also mislabeled as to who said them :) You’d think they would know that Office fans would catch the obvious errors!

  82. Agreed with 66 – the map idea sounds awesome.

    I also agree with 87. Something international would be awesome since people overseas always seem to be excluded which is sad. :(

  83. Survivor: all-time best pranks on Dwight

    from all 4 seasons.

    and then a contest for the best idea for a prank on dwight.

  84. I’ve been thinking about the fanvid contest idea for a while, too. I think there should be different categories like the Emmys or Oscars. Best JAM video. Best Dwangela video. You could have one for best editing. Best song selection. Have people nominate vids they’ve seen. Then pare that down to 5 finalists. Then have the “members of the OT Academy” (namely, all of us) vote for a winner.

    Then we can do an awards show and Giuliana from E! can ask us all what we’re wearing. Ernst & Young can verify the votes and provide us with the results. Rainn can host and all the other cast members and writers can introduce the categories….You get the idea.

  85. I like the trivia idea. Not so sure how we’d pull that off though *twss*

    I am also a fan of some sort of office scavenger hunt online.

    Now that I have some more time, I would like to submit my serious proposal. Instead of the talking head contest we could do a Tallyhead/youtube karaoke contest singing any song that Andy or Michael ever sang on the show.

  86. Office Quote-a-day calendar responses –

    Yeah, you guys are right, some of them are definitely the wrong person. And yes, most of the ones that are right are still off by a word here or a word there. But some are just so wrong!

    #79 – Emily
    Like you when I first read a few that I didn’t recognize I got really sad thinking that I didn’t know The Office as well as I thought!

    I vote for a contest, followed by a letter to the publishers :-)

  87. #71, I noticed that too! I was going to contact the company who made them but I think I accidentally threw them away!

  88. I really like the idea of #99
    -I think that we should do a sort of “Dundies” where we can make fan videos and there are different cattagories (some obvious ones are best JAM video, Best Jim/Dwight video etc.) and we could have Tally heads vote for them and then the winners in each catagory get a Dundie!

  89. I love kelseroo’s idea of winning a set trip with you! Totally original.

  90. How about an office scavenger hunt? Tanster could ask a question like how many times Andy has sung since he came on the show or how many times Michael has said ‘That’s what she said’ or how many episodes a certain person has written and the first couple of people to post the right answer get a prize. But I don’t think we should count deleted scenes in case some of us don’t have the DVD’s. Then we would have to watch tons of episodes! Yay!

  91. Three suggestions:

    1. Quotes with unncessary censorship, a la Jimmy Kimmel, as in “Can’t **** that. Unsanitary.”

    2. Write a lullaby in Office-character for Jan’s baby.

    3. Extending on #22 idea, imagine that since she’s got to “make this one count,” Jan used a genius/celebrity sperm bank. Use http://www.morphthing.com to create an image of the baby. Then combine Jan’s talents & attributes to the donor’s. i.e. Jan & Michaelanglo (time travel permitted – haha) means the baby makes elaborately sculpted candles.

  92. I would like more crosswords.

    What about a flat stanley type thing where we take paper cut outs of cast members and post pictures of them in all the fun places we go this summer… Someone please tweak that idea a little so it sounds more fun…

    oh, and office mad-libs!! :D

  93. I would love to do a LOLcat competition! I didn’t know what that site was until I saw the competition here, so I’d like to take a crack at it.

    The “fanart” ideas that have been mentioned also sound great.

  94. I don’t know if it’s possible to do or how it’d be done..but I always enjoyed the “finish the quote” games they have over on the Office nbc page. They haven’t done a recent update in a while and I love that game. Like a multiple choice thing where you say the quote and then given three choices to which one’s correct…or even if we could do the fill-in-the blank like over on the Office nbc page..and what could be even more fun is if we’re given the extra option of who said it and what episode it appeared in. And the contest could be who has the amount of points and they win something. I don’t know – just a suggestion!

  95. First time post here, but I really think this website should add forums. Not necessarily a large sprawling forum, but controlled, one that gets activity and draws new visitors and opinions to this site. The site sees plenty of posts and discussions as it is, so forums is the next step, along with members to take it there.

  96. I loved the writing contest you did with Northern Attack a few summers ago!

  97. OfficeTally becomes Dwight Schrute for Vice President ’08 campaign central!

  98. How about something interactive and somewhat elaborate? Scavenger Hunt, wherein participants must recreate five specific Office moments in certain locations (e.g. parking lot, bar, office, Chili’s, booze cruise, etc.) with the same “actors” and document it in photos. First one back wins. And, to make sure the photos aren’t from someone’s Halloween party in 2006, perhaps throw in a rule that makes the results eligible only if photos feature “Officetally.com” somewhere in the shot? Just a thought.

  99. Forgive me for spoiling the party, but I thought “How would you rate this episode” on the 10 point scale was going to replace the Season 4 survivor. It seemed like a much better way to determine fan favorite episodes, and we have every episode ranked already!

    I suppose if you wanted to see how people liked the episodes after we’ve had a chance to do repeated viewings, then I understand.

  100. I agree with 109 – Survivor of best Dwight pranks.

    Although, I would also love anything with a prize…

  101. We should do a caption contest. Put up a really random picture of the cast, on set, off set, whatever, and then we all have to write down what we think they could be saying. It’s pretty fun!

  102. how about a weekly photo contest? kind of like “you know you’re obsessed with the office” type thing … funny pictures you capture in your everyday life that only true office fans would appreciate …like Jim look alikes or something that you would find on angela’s desk or a tie only Andy would wear..

  103. Now I don’t know about all the legal implications, but I’m on board for stalking JKras.

    You know you want to.

    I do love #116 scavengar hunt. Maybe we can have to find things mentioned on episodes in our hometowns and post photos or something.

  104. During the writer’s strike, my friend and I played a quotes game through email. Every other day, we’d take turns emailing each other a quote. Then, the other person would have to “finish” the quote (or say the next line), identify who said it, and what episode it was from. No deleted scenes allowed. So, that’s 3 points for each day. At the end of the strike, whoever had the most points won! (I lost by 5

  105. My favorite are the quote games. But maybe have like a quiz that asks which episodes certain catch phrases or run on jokes premiere in. Ex. thats what she said, TMI, mambo #5 ringtone, stuff like that. Or a quiz that you have to say the episode with all of the “firsts” or cold opens.

  106. I like the idea about finding discrepancies. And also we could do “what were they doing in the background?” For example, Angela is playing solitaire in (insert episode name).
    I also like any of the writing ideas–haiku, cold opening, etc.

    I’m so excited!

  107. Since the finale I have been intrigued about what JAM may be doing over the summer. I am sure other fans are as well. It would be great to have a forum to discuss various plot scenarios. The one that I am developing is…

    Pam is in NYC for 3 months to study graphic design. She has interpreted Jim’s lack of proposing as a lack of commitment, and feels that she needs to protect herself emotionally from another long drawn out relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

    Pam gets an email from Toby with the picture attached from the goodbye party, along with Toby’s new address and a warm welcome (plea) for her to come visit beautiful Costa Rica.

    Spontaneously, she grabs her passport, packs immediately, and heads to the airport. She needs to know if true love is with Toby rather than Jim.

    She arrives and is greeted by a love smitten Toby at the airport. Is this what she wants?….

  108. I’d still like to find out what you knew about the finale before it aired! :o)

  109. Honor one character per week. Polls, trivia, games, (so many great ideas listed!) revolve around that character during his/her week. The non-performing writers, directors and the crew would have a week also. We could incorporate the characters’ activities into our lives as appropriate. For example, during Kevin’s week we could have a pool and eat M&Ms. For Meredith we could drink lots of vodka and watch Sex and the City. Creed? Listen to Grass Roots music and play solitaire. Etc.

    Someone else mentioned favorite Michael/Dwight mispronunciations, and how about a contest to write a paragraph putting together all of the times Michael pispronunciates his worms? You could choose a number of “regular” words we also have to use in the paragraph, and then it would be up to each of us to take all of the words and tie them together.

    Also, write a paragraph with all of Michael’s nonsensical statements such as, “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!” and asking Excel if it knows, and asking if the notebook has a conversion chart.

    Tanster Appreciation Day in which we list the instances through all four seasons when Kevin says the word “awesome.”

  110. Hold on to your socks, Jennie! I totally agree with Mosby’s request. I would LOVE that!

  111. Oh yeah, I definitely think you should throw your clout around, Tanster. Go big: pitch a writing contest to your LA connections, a la comments #64 (one-liner) and #65 (cold open), where the winner’s entry is somehow used in an episode, complete with guest writing credit…and, hey, why not throw in an on-set trip to boot?

    I could even see a little friendly inter-Office fansite competition: each participating fansite gets to nominate 5 of its submissions, say, and send them on to a final round, to be judged by the Office writing staff. This way the bigs aren’t swamped by entries, and round here you could rally the Tally. Win-win-win.

  112. Some kind of writing contest might be fun. And haikus would be awesome, whoever suggested it! [/english major]

  113. I think we need another crossword or something like it. Especially for those of us stuck at work with little to do!

  114. How about a video contest in which fans submit a short clip that is a reenactment of one of their own real life office experiences….

  115. I think some type of writing contest would be cool. Or maybe people could up their own ideas of an Office spinoff.

  116. sorry to post again but what about who can write the best JAM proposal for next season???

  117. Talking Head Contest again, missed it last time, and I have the best one ready…

  118. Maybe an idea for a cold open, or a dvd cover idea for Season Four for those graphic design people

  119. My ideas:

    Create the Office cast (everyone submits a comment why they should be the character and or/ a picture of you dressed up as them and Tanster chooses a new cast member every week)

    Another talking head contest (I already filmed some!)

    NBC.com trivia-a-thon (I can’t think of any more good ideas!)

  120. Here are some suggestions:

    How about a “Best Office moments/scenes” list/contest.

    Best lines each character has spoken.

    Impressions of “Pam Art”

  121. #151- Great idea (songs)! I’m kind of good at art, so I’d also love to do a “Pam drawings” contest!

  122. I second a look-alike contest!

    Also maybe a TWSS contest, where we submit favorite TWSS moments from our lives!

  123. Contest idea:

    Design a “Free Ryan!” T-shirt…that the nbc store can surely sell. Perhaps tied into the “Michael Scott Free Ryan 5K Fun Run and Baby’s Gonna Need Diapers Fund Raiser” t-shirts?

  124. not a contest idea..but do you have more behind the scenes information when you went to the set of the Office for the finale as now you can say it without worrying about spoiling anything

  125. #138, that sounds super! I would probably end up relating all the photos on my camera to The Office haha

  126. Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet or done before (still fairly new to the site), but maybe a Mad Libs contest could be fun. Some people can write them out, and others could fill them out, and then they can be posted for everyone to read.

  127. I loved the Survivor contests (even if I didn’t always agree with the winners), so how about one for quotes or scenes? To stretch it out, quotes (and moments, for that matter) can be divvied up by character. Everyone on the show deserves their chance to shine. Even Harvey.

  128. Ooh, I like the scavenger hunt ideas and a TWSS contest. My old fashioned idea is to make a greeeting card. Tallyheads would have to make an “office” themed greeting card suitable for giving away. You could set up a P.O. Box we would mail them to and then choose the top 5 or 10 to post here as the finalists. If you wanted, you could make it have to be for a specific holiday like Boss’s Day Oct. 16. The winner would get mailed to Greg Daniels!

  129. I agree with the cold open contest, because I just wrote a scene of the Office for my English class. So I’m all set. Haha.

  130. Ok, this is a bit late and it’s not a contest: I thought that with your connections at NBC ;), you could maybe give us a little bio or intro (like how they got where they are) of the people who work behind the scenes at The Office (such as the writers who aren’t actors, cameramen, props people, etc.).

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