Which episodes should ‘The Office’ submit?

OfficeTally’s resident show analyst, bales, just posted that Emmy-nominated shows have until this Friday, July 27th, to submit six episodes for voter consideration, according to Tom O’Neil, GoldDerby columnist at TheEnvelope.com.

I believe The Office’s original submission, The Coup, will count as one of the six.

I’ll update the list as news develops.

In the meantime, which five other episodes do you think should be submitted?

DVD 1: The Coup and Ep #2
DVD 2: Ep #3 and Ep #4
DVD 3: Ep #5 and Ep #6


  1. 2. The Job.

    3. Business School.

    Simply amazing episodes. The Coup can’t even compare.

    Business School & The Job are my picks for 2 & 3. 4,5, and 6 are too hard as the other episodes from this season pretty much tie for me.

  2. Ooh, great question!

    2. Gay Witch Hunt
    3. Grief Counseling
    4. Traveling Salesmen
    5. The Return
    6. Women’s Appreciation

    Although, maybe those were just my favorite episodes of the season.

  3. 1. branch closing
    2. traveling salesmen
    3. the job

    my three favorites this season. beautifully WRITTEN episodes.

  4. “Cocktails,” for sure.
    “Business School”
    “Beach Games”
    “The Return”
    and either “Diwali” or “Benihana Christmas”

  5. 2) Branch Closing
    3) The Negotiation
    4) The Return
    5) Traveling Salesman
    6) Grief Counseling

  6. Obviously they should submit The Job. As for the other four slots they should submit Beach Games, Initiation, The Negotiation, and The Return.

    This was so hard. The last slot could actually go to Cocktails but The Return is just a bit better. This was so hard to figure out. Really, they could choose any episode (except Safety Training) and still be alright.

  7. Business School
    Safety Training
    Grief Counseling
    The Job
    Traveling Salesmen

    Any episodes used, though, will be awesome… extra awesome. :)

  8. 1. the Coup 2. Back from Vacation 3. the Return 4. Benihana Christmas 5. Beach Games 6. the Job


  9. In no real particular order:

    Traveling Salesmen
    Grief Counseling
    The Job
    Beach Games

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