The Tuesday Tally

Back in the real world now. Working in my humdrum little cubicle. Catching up on all the Office tidbits that have been sitting in my inbox for the past few days.

Here’s the good stuff:

  • Video: a very nicely done Office/Heroes mashup by seat18b.
  • Video: a clip from Oscar Nunez’s new Comedy Central show, Halfway Home.
  • Game: think you’re an Office quote master? Test your skillz at NBC’s Finish The Quote Game. (I was appalled at how badly I sucked at this.)
  • Award news: Kenneth Whittingham won an NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series” for his work on Season 2’s ‘Michael’s Birthday.’ Congratulations! See the full list of winners here.
  • Article: In Step With Rainn Wilson. Parade Magazine’s profile of Rainn, including some hilarious quotes.
  • Article: Office Party. How the show turned Scranton into a pop-culture hot spot. Some interesting details about plans to bring the Office cast to Scranton.

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  1. Jesus that quote quiz is hard, u have to have the right spelling and grammar in their. =(

  2. Scanton, a party spot? C’mon now. I do business there all the time, I’m not sure how much of a party spot it is, but it is a fun place to visit.

    J.R. Ewing

  3. Ditto on the quiz! I knew each quote, but if even a capital was off, they mark you wrong! I think they should accept the answer if it’s close enough. It’s almost as if you need a script right in front of you! It takes the fun out. On the upside; they ask you more questions if you do get one right.

  4. Yeah really, that quiz was evil! If you forgot a question mark it was wrong! Plus, most of the “harder” ones were just ridiculous cause they gave you so little to figure out what it was.

    I got a 95…out of 620 hahah

  5. Isn’t it so hard to get back to “real life” after last week? It was a great pleasure meeting and talking with you! Hope we can meet again someday. :)

  6. What a horrible quiz! They’re way too picky. I scored a 60, but one time I put Michael SCOTT (they do not accept last names) and another time I didn’t put the A in the title of the episode. NBC finally gave something new, but it was so difficult and nit picky, it was hard to enjoy the quiz, I just felt angry. I hope someone else has better luck.

  7. Hey you guys, this is really good feedback on the quiz, thanks! I will try to let someone at NBC know, maybe they can relax the rules a bit …

  8. Update on the quiz: If you are really bored at work (as I am) and have the time (as I do), copy and paste the right answers to the quotes in a seperate document and go through it again. Most of us know the answers already, we just need the exact wording and grammar that they use- So I don’t count it as cheating. It’s also fun trying to guess the correct character and show title. It’s better the second time, I promise. Plus it kills time til 5!

  9. Scranton is quite the party city. I went up the night before from philly to see dwight, and was too hungover to get in line superearly and missed out on meeting the man!

    Who’s excited for parade day this weekend?!?

  10. 155, and it should have been more like 200 because of how nitpicky the game is. But I obviously have much work to do before I can call myself a true Office fanatic!

  11. Looking at everyone’s score…maybe I’m not as big of a fanatic as I thought… :(

  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too picky on grammar and spelling.
    I put “Michael Scott” for “who said it” and it counted as incorrect! horrendous.
    I knew most of the quotes GENERALLY but not all the way down to the prepositions. Sheesh.

  13. 165-but I would have gotten all of the “who said it” and “what episode was it from” correct. It could use a little tweaking.

    I was delighted to open up my Parade magazine on Sunday and see Rainn in that awesome white suit. Fun interview!

  14. So far I’m at 220 points, but I don’t know how many questions I answered. I get most of them. A few of them I simply couldn’t remember, but most of the time I didn’t get the points because I phrased it slightly wrong or didn’t put an “A” before “Benihana Christmas.” This is a fun game. I thought I’d have more trouble with it than I am. It’s weird how I had difficulty in high school memorizing Shakespeare quotes for our midterm, but all these years later I have Office quotes burned into my brain. I guess it’s all about priorities, huh?

  15. I wrote out Incorporated rather than Inc. and it was marked incorrect. Ugh.

  16. 285/620. Its oddly finicky, on one I put “like” instead of “love” and it counted it right, and then I missed a comma on one and it was completely wrong. Still fun though.

  17. I got 210. It’s really hard (twss) because even a tiny mistake makes it wrong. :(

  18. 180. I agree that it’s WAY to nit-picky about absolute correct spelling and grammar. I knew most of the quotes, as well as who said them and in what episode…just maybe not verbatim.

    Oh well.

  19. I did the same thing, Adriana. I spelled it out because it was being so picky, and then I got it WRONG! It was fun until I capitalized Pretzel Day, and put a comma in the wrong place, then it was just frustrating.

    Wow, I am taking this REALLY seriously! :-) It was fun, though, really! I got 250…

  20. Wow, you guys are good! I got 130, and like others have said, it’s too picky with certain things. I knew most of the quotes, but not exactly word for word. I wish it still let you name the character and episode though, because I knew pretty much all of those.

  21. i got 195. i should of got more but i missed a few on ! or i put Machievelli instead of machiavelli. :/

  22. I know most of the answers, but it only let’s me submit them half the time! It’s driving me crazy!

    You know how your pointer arrow has to turn into a little hand before you can click something? Well when I hover over the submit button, it won’t let me click. Sometimes if I click something entirely different it let’s me submit it. It’s so frustrating! I’ve only gotten through the first five quotes because the site is randomly not working!

    Is anyone else having this problem? Ugh.

  23. I’m mad because I wrote out Seventh instead of 7th and they said incorrect – that’s crap. I was robbed.

  24. IsThisOak:

    I had the same problem and after getting very angry at and flash I realized that using the tab key works fine.

  25. THANK YOU Heeee’s a robot!

    Just finished. Got 195 points, but I was within one or two words on like 8 more of them. Bah.

    Still fun.

  26. Dwight, you got 420??? That’s what she said — 460 ?????

    I got a 65. And I didn’t realize til near the end that they were posting the whole quote if you got it wrong, so I don’t even know how many I was close on. But there were several where I just had no idea. Do most of you guys have freakishly good memories for this kind of thing, or do I just stink that much?

  27. I think I would have gotten around 150 if tiny mistakes hadn’t counted. Still not so hot. But I’ve never been great at remembering quotes.

  28. Oh, sorry for the triple post. I forgot to say in my last one that I went back and redid it to count up my points from the close ones.

  29. i don’t really like oscar’s role in this new sitcom, it seems too forced.

  30. tanster- i’m one who send you a mail about Parade’s In Step with Rainn Wilson and i don’t think you get it.

    by the way i forgot to say something.. i’m new to OfficeTally ok?

  31. 23 | dundiefromgod

    Oddly finicky is RIGHT. It didn’t give me Benihana Christmas because the answer was A Benihana Christmas. Oh well.

    I knew what most of them were, but I didn’t get the EXACT right answers with every single word in place (as mentioned above). On my first try, I only got an 80. Darn thing!

  32. I wouldnt’ take that game so seriously, the quotes they have are incorrect.

    “get in your constructive critism compliements ASAP”


  33. Jennie — Yes! I noticed that and thought, “what???” is that really how it went? I think I was so beaten down by insecurity that I couldn’t even see that obviously it was incorrect.

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