Office on Scarborough Country

SPOILER WARNING! The video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country,” visited The Office set on March 1st.

Not quite as exciting as a brand new episode, but it’ll have to do. :)

Update: Here’s a link to the set visit, as well as to some Web-exclusive interviews with the cast.

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  1. yuck. he’s almost as bad as o’reilly. why is this conservative pundit visiting our safe zone? :( :(

  2. Is he that bad? I saw him on both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show and he seemed like a really funny guy. I’ve never seen his show, but he seems to have a sense of humor.

  3. Oh, yuck.

    I like The Office more than I dislike him though, so I’m begging someone to youtube it.

  4. Speaking of Colbert, he made a great joke on Carell last night. He referred to him as, essentially, a hairy ape. I only wish Steve Carell would go on the Report to retaliate and bring the two together again like they were on “The Daily Show.”

  5. eh im sort of wrong.. but tomorrow is kristen’s interview with the office clan. send in your questions, send in your questions!!!!

  6. “I only wish Steve Carell would go on the Report to retaliate and bring the two together again like they were on “The Daily Show.”–CH

    YES!!! Steven versus Stephen was the funniest segment the Daily Show ever had. Over the summer I found them all on Youtube and it made my LIFE.

  7. Oh man! How far into the show is this? I’ve been sitting here with the t.v. on MSNBC, but muted, and my back is to it, so if it was on I would have no idea? The show’s almost over now. Did I miss it, or is it toward the end? (It’s on commercial right now.)

  8. OH, and mike d, I’m certainly not a fan, but Joe Scarbrough isn’t anywhere near as bad as Bill O’Reilly.

    Yay! It’s back from commercial and it’s on! I have to record it for my husband and sons who are at karate.

  9. That was so great! I’ve never watched that show before, but I loved it!

    At the end Jim was standing at reception with Pam, so totally worth watching, haha.

    Brian sounds so different from Kevin! Haha I loveeedd it!

  10. Thanks so much for the reminder, Tanster! I just happened to be compulsively checking your site, I saw your comment, turned right to it, and wondered for about the millionth time this week how I get a set visit! :)

  11. Just watched it. Jim is still sitting at his old desk, also Andy and Phyllis are back. Andy is sitting in the back now across from Creed.

    They showed a taping of a small scene where Dwight was talking about a guy flashing, or something, didn’t quite catch it.

    It was a cute segment, Rainn called him Bill O’Reilly. haha Did anyone catch that they were playing the theme song to Entourage in the background? Odd.

  12. The scene where Dwight was talking to the office was that he was initiating an Anti-Flashing Task Force because of something that happened to Phyllis and a man’s “member”. Interesting…

  13. Will this be on youtube? I missed it. “Dammit. I went out and got drunk with my laser tag team…”

  14. Is it wierd that I got all giddy when John was standing next to Pam at reception?

  15. I saw the segment, it was cute…except for Joe’s glasses lol Those damn spots. One of my favorite lines was from him “Bill O’Reilly’s an actor” :)

    I don’t want to start anything but rar728, you’re right, he is not as bad as BO’R (Bill O’Reilly). I consider myself to be a liberal but I won’t hesitate giving people credit, even if I strongly disagree w/ their politics. Joe watches The Daily show and The Colbert Report, he’s defended both shows against fellow conservatives. He’s spoken out against our president, republicans and the war in Iraq for the past year. And, he’s even had a tirade against BO’R.

  16. Damn, I missed it! Can someone post to youtube please?! :)

  17. “why is this conservative pundit visiting our safe zone? :( :(”

    Hey, mike d? I hope you’re sitting down: There may actually be conservatives IN your safe zone.

  18. freaking school I cant believe I missed this. So Jim isnt sitting at his old desk where he had a clear view of pam?? Damn What I would do to watch a new episode! (ps tanster i’m totally obsessed with your website!)

  19. Can someone let us know if this gets put on YouTube??? Does anyone know if it is??? Thanks!

  20. Jim is still sitting in the back to Pam seat…not the old seat where him and Pam could exchange looks…You see it right away in the front when the camera pans to Dwight and Michael, right behind Phyliss head =(

  21. i liked the set visit although i wish someone besides joe scarborough could have done it… like jon stewart.

  22. I acutally im a political junkie. So when i heard Scarborough was going to be on The Office my brain actually melted. I pretty much watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Scarborough Country(not lieing about that either) Joe always has a sense of humour and he has worked on the Daily Show a couple of times. And he even gave a shout out to Itunes(saying he downloads the show everyweek)OH AND Bill O’ Riley is an actor.

  23. That was so funny. They gave Scarborough a TH!! I think next week, to get us through the dry spell of reruns, Colbert ought to do a set visit.
    Cage match….

  24. Just watched it again. So many great moments. I love seeing Steve crack up. And the stuff with Rainn at the end was great.

    I keep wondering about something though — does anyone thing that Kate might have been being sarcastic — sort of fake arrogant — when she said that she thought the 3-camera sitcom is kind of over and that The Office is “the birth of something smarter?” Not that it isn’t, but would she really in all seriousness say it in that immodest way?

  25. Thanks Tanster! For some reason, at the MSNBC site, I couldnt see the video. I could hear it but not see anything….so, thanks for posting it on youtube! Thanks!

  26. Does anyone know when a *new* episode of the office will finally be on the air? As far as the eye can see on the calendar shows re-runs, not that those aren’t good enough, actually they are a few of my favorite episodes, (but I can just get them off my TiVo).

  27. #44 – I’ve heard April 5 and April 12, so I don’t know for sure, but I know there aren’t any new episodes in March.

  28. Can someone give me pointers (or direct me to a place) on how to get something from TV or the internet onto YouTube? I have a DVR, but the memory card slot has been deactivated by the cable company.

  29. #41 | NSpector

    I don’t think she was being sarcastic at all. It did come off as a little ‘toot your own horn’ moment, but I think it’s well earned so it didn’t phase me. Plus, Kate doesn’t write or produce, so it’s sort of more of a compliment for the other people who create the show too.

  30. Yeah, I’m pretty liberal too but with all the crap that’s on TV, Scarborough should be given credit for not lying or being a general douchebag like Bill O’Reilly or Ann Coulter. He came out against the Iraq War, something that was clearly very hard for him to do.

    Anyway, funny segment! I love how everyone was like “Ohhhh!” after Scarborough’s diss.

  31. that was pretty funny. my computer was having problems trying to load it, so it was a little spastic, but it was awesome, “you sucked on saturday night live” “ooohhhh” …that was hilarious!

  32. I really liked that Joe is a true fan of the show and not some phony like the red-carpet folks over at E! are (Seacrest and Guiliana)

  33. I’m not going to discuss politics b/c it doesn’t pertain to Joe’s set visit (and, really, politics just harsh the office mellow =P, and it was nice to see another fan of the show, no matter who it was). I thought the segment was cute. Joe seems to be a pretty big fan of the show, which made me happy. Loved the end where he told Rainn he sucked on SNL. That was funny =D

  34. #47/ThisIsOak,

    Yes, I see from the longer interview clip that Kate wasn’t being sarcastic at all; she was just saying how she saw things.

  35. i love that in one of the first clips, john walks straight over to jenna’s desk and leans on it. pam pong anyone?

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