The Weekend Tally

Sorry for the late post — I got behind because of the Talking Head Contest …

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  1. Walk hard looks funny! Does anybody know if Jenna is really singing, if so, she sounds great.

  2. I highly doubt that’s her singing, if it is her voice it sounds like they’ve done a BUNCH of work on it. If I am wrong, she is a great singer. but yea the movie looks good!

  3. Jenna said (it might’ve been in her blog, not sure) she would most definitely NOT be singing. I seem to recall actually hearing her say that, not reading it, in an interview. But yeah, sorry vague on the “how I know this” part, but I do distinctly remember her making that clear.

  4. I believe in many interviews Jenna said she does not do her own singing, but does do her own acting.

  5. So many funny movies! I cant wait for “The Rocker” and “Walk hard”!! sorry krasinski, leatherheads looks boring to me.

  6. Great “Weekend Tally”! I’m so looking forward to all three movies…. Jenna’s looks hilarious. I love the trailer – who knew she could throw a punch so well? haha

    Also Jenna DID sing at the bird’s funeral in the parking lot… she’s not bad people! It wouldn’t be horrible if that was her singing – hell I’d be impressed.

  7. I also saw several trailers for Jenna’s film “The Brothers Solomon” (with Will Forte – SNL – and Will Arnett – Arrested Development) over the weekend. They showed at least two different trailers and both that I saw included Jenna.

  8. Walk Hard looks like absolute gold. Paul Rudd, Jack Black, and Jack White. And of course are Jenna Fischer. I just wonder if Judd Apatow, the man that is writing Walk Hard, will ever direct an episode of The Office?

  9. I could swear Jenna mentioned in one of her blogs that she was singing, or working with a voice coach and was really nervous about it? I could be imagining all that though…:) hmmmm

  10. “A New Wave” looks awesome. As does “Walk Hard.” I will probably see all of them. Including Leatherheads, but mostly because it was filmed where I live and I got to see the cast around town a little and meet John Krasinski. It was awesome.

  11. See you there, ZachDaniel.
    Only cool thing ever to happen, moviewise, in CT since… Well, since Mystic Pizza. Or maybe Amistad.
    Or Indiana Jones 4.
    Ok, so it’s a more crowded field than I originally thought. Still, pretty cool.

  12. I just finished watching “A New Wave” thanks to

    If you’re interested, I posted some highlights (Just click on my name).

    I’m not sure if it is a comedy or tragedy or tragi-comedy. But it left me smiling . . . particularly the outtakes. Hilarious!

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