Reminder: Talking Head Contest closes today

A reminder to submit your Talking Head Contest entries by 11pm PT tonight!

Update 11:52pm: All done receiving entries — a grand total of 603. Judging by Kent and Company can now officially start!

More updates after the jump.

Link: The OfficeTally Talking Head Contest

Update 10:06pm: Currently have received 562 entries. Less than an hour to go, and I’m all caught up. You guys aren’t going to flood me with entries at the last minute, are ya?

Update 9:09pm: Currently have received 549 entries. I’m sure we’ll hit 600 before the night is through …

Update 6:15pm: Currently have received 524 entries. I have about 50 favorites. I don’t get to pick the finalists, though …

Update 4:44pm: Currently have received 507 entries. All caught up for one fleeting moment. Some of you are very clever in being creative while still following the rules! Time for a quick break and a Tejava …

Update 4pm: Currently have received 465 entries. One of you has got your impersonation down to a T. I don’t have time to watch any of the entries twice, but I watched yours twice. Brilliant.

Update 3pm: Currently have received 416 entries. I don’t think I have any hopes of catching up until after 11pm tonight.

Update 1:49pm: I am spending pretty much the rest of the day “receiving” entries. I am currently about 100 entries behind. I didn’t spend a lot of time actually watching the entries before, but I am now. Some are making me seriously giggle.