Talking Head Contest finalists — for realsies

Update: The poll is now closed. Prizewinners will be announced on Tuesday …

Kent said, “This was tough!!!! We have a LOT of HUGELY talented fans.”

And here are the 20 finalists, in no particular order:

  1. KikiHume — Angela
  2. ontheconcourse — Michael
  3. RedRaven277 — Pam
  4. KTKooper — Pam
  5. JillyX — Stanley
  6. slapshooter — Pam
  7. haci1289 — Michael
  8. whoisharveypekar — Kelly
  9. nekeiraboy3149 — Andy
  10. Casualmat — Angela
  11. thedunderhead — Pam
  12. hoisinofyourlies — Michael
  13. princesgateprod — Michael
  14. allanwal — Pam
  15. neeners430 — Michael
  16. bashworth236 — Andy
  17. ByeGuysFun — Pam
  18. thsms2rock — Phyllis
  19. 2sweetchariots — Jim
  20. milliegraydon — Jan


  1. #12, which I believe was the British lady, was the best to me for some reason. The monkey kidney line almost made me cry because I was laughing so hard. Great job to all!

  2. i made it! (#15: neeners430) this actually means an almost embarassing amount to me. THANK YOU tanster and the office staff, and please check out (and you know, maybe vote for) my video guys! :D

  3. Also, sorry to double post, but obviously the little boy was the cutest little boy since I was that small!

  4. Phooey…I didn’t make it. Oh well, I just watched all of these and everyone did such a GREAT JOB!!! I’m having trouble deciding who to vote for. I’ve got it narrowed down to three, but I’m going to mull it over for a while. Good luck to all of you!

    (Craig…she was Australlian).

  5. These are all so funny! I am really having trouble picking a favorite. I love the Phyllis one. It totally cracked me up! It’s funny how many people chose to do Pam’s “I’m not gay” TH. Haha! I’m gonna have to go watch them all again before I make my final decision…

  6. Wow. It’s going to be tough to vote for just one. At first viewing, I have to say that number 2 and number 12 made me laugh the most, and number 11 really hit me in the gut. Nice acting, you guys.

  7. No Dwight TH’s? Only one Jim?? Where’s Ryan scrunching up his hair? Everyone did an excellent job, but that’s a whole lotta Pam and Michael!

  8. princesgateprod that was SO funny! great idea to wear that yellow suit….cracked me up! clever!

  9. They were all good, though too many Pams…and there were three entries of the same TH!!!

    Anyways, I agree with most and say that princesgateprod FTW!!!!

  10. I’m trying to choose between hoisinofyourlies — Michael and princesgateprod — Michael.

  11. These were so awesome, but how could you not vote for a guy in a women’s suit that’s even more ridiculous than Michael’s?

  12. I was impressed with how #12 had a different take on “Go get yourself a monkey kidney” that was still hilarious.

  13. All of them are really good, however I think princesgateprod – Michael is clearly the best out of the group. For me it was between princesgateprod and allanwal, but after a second viewing I had to vote for princesgateprod. His acting was perfect and the suit was absolutely hilarious. Great job everyone.

  14. Those are a lot of good choices. Can’t believe KT Kooper as Andy didn’t make the cut. Sigh. But very well done to everyone in the finals.

  15. The Pam talking heads are my favorite and I voted for one of them… :) Great job everyone!!

  16. So fantastic! I love the Pam TH that pretty much everyone chose. :)

    Though I’m definitely swayed toward princesgateprod. That is one hideous suit!

  17. wow, #4 as pam could probably take jenna fischer’s job… (well, not really –but still…i’m impressed!) but honestly, my favorite part of this contest is the headline for this entry –for realsies. :)

  18. number one totally deserves it. her face made me laugh just as much as when angela broke into tears.
    Go Number One!

  19. Haha, Pam’s “I’m not gay” TH is one of my all time favorites. Interesting to see so many versions on here.

  20. number 13 is my favorite of all time. he’s so good! he brings a new personality to michael by still capturing the characters essence. awesome job!!!!

    i also really liked 20 and 4. 4 was and AWESOME pam. good acting.

  21. They were all so good! It was a tough choice between #4 and #13. #4 was spot on with Pam, facial expressions and everything. #13 was great and suit had me cracking up.

  22. #13’s suit was enough to secure my vote…
    i was a fan of the smeared mascara on #8.

  23. Sorry. It was all about Stanley for me.

    I was also kind of disappointed that there were three of the same Pam monologue. Did no one do “Old Pammy’s getting what she wants?”

  24. #4 Hands down. She was incredible. Look at her facial expressions. She studied this, and was doing more than having fun – she nailed her. (I meant her performance…She is not gay…)

  25. No Creed?!
    I wish I entered! So much good quality on display here… I am personally a fan of #20 and #8, but they are all very very schrute-buck worthy.

  26. #2 is my favorite. It’s different than all the others, and made me laugh the hardest.

  27. While many were quite good, for me it was ALL about thedunderhead’s Pam. She frickin’ NAILED IT! After I watched her clip I reviewed all the others, and I couldn’t get hers out of my mind. None of them could overcome the job she did.

    KTKooper’s Pam was excellent, and qualifies as a hearty second for me, but a bit distant from thedunderhead.

    thsms2rock really did a great Phyllis, considering the obstacle she had to overcome in being such a cute young gal. (Sorry. I don’t mean to say bad things here about Phyllis.)

    I also thought milliegraydon as Jan did a very good clip.

    Congratulations to all the finalists, but ROCK ON thedunderhead!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  28. princesgateprod is AMAZING. he definitely was the most creative with costumes/props. #13 people!!

  29. I think #13 is the same kid who played Michael in the London Pepperdine student’s St. Patrick’s Day office episode.

  30. While the one with the little boy is really cute, and he’s really really good, should it have been allowed? The kid wasn’t 18 obviously and I figured that would matter. Although, I guess that with the permission of a parent who is the one turning it in.

    Still, I’m not crazy on using your kid to help you win a prize.. eh, maybe I’m just overthinking it

  31. OK #13 hands down! Even though I’m positive he was in that Pepperdine’s London remake of The Office, he played Michael of course.
    I also like #4’s version of Pam.

  32. #9 was great!!! The impersonation of Andy was SPOT ON!!! It was the one that made me laugh the most out of all of the entries.

    Also, #2 and #4 were great. Definite top three :)

  33. Oh my goodness!! I am so excited that I am in here! These are all so good. My goal was met by just making it in here so that the Office fan community would see how crazy I am about this show. Make sure you guys give “Here Comes Treble” a chance – #16 – bashworth236. I’m so happy!

  34. 1. That Angela cry was spot on. I enjoyed that alot. Now I have to go watch “The Christmas Party” episode

    4. you would be a shoe in if they ever needed a Pam Beesly replacement. Everything about it was perfect

    14. That is my favorite Pam talking head. The whole time I was waiting to see how you delivered the “ooops” and you knocked it out of the park

    Ultimately 13 got my vote. No need for me to even explain why lol

  35. I, too, wish I had entered. Sadly, my video cam is on the fritz. Otherwise, I could’ve done a mean Dwight. As… unsettling as that is to think about.

    I’m voting 4. She obviously spent a lot of time doing diligent note-taking.

  36. Wow, all of the 20 finalists are great! But I have to say that #11 thedunderhead really rocked my socks off. That was the only performance that affected me in the gut and then stayed there, even when I was watching the other videos. In the end, it was no contest, that long awkward silence equaled gold in my book!

  37. My favorites:

    -whoisharveypekar – Kelly (Love the mascara!)
    -KTKooper – Pam (The most accurate impression of the entire contest. Love the background scene, too.)
    -princesgateprod – Michael. (That yellow suit was genius.)
    -2sweetchariots – Jim. (Okay, he gets the ‘cute’ vote.)
    -milliegraydon – Jan. (Great impression and one of my favorite talking heads of the entire show.)

    After much deliberation, I’m going with princesgateprod for his Michael impression. The reason? The impression and the inflection were excellent, but the suit took the talking head above and beyond the other entries. He didn’t just try to recreate the talking head.

    KTKooper came in second, in my opinion.

  38. Congratulations to everyone in the competition. You all winners in my book. It was very difficult (and unfair?) to pick just one.

    What other show has such devoted and talented fans?
    Take that Grey’s Anatomy!

  39. This was so difficult I actually had to go back and read the official rules to determine who should win.

    Ultimately, for me, I voted for someone who did NOT try to do a spot on version of the actor’s original, but someone who made it their own in a way that also fit the character extremely well. I was looking for originality and even watched the original Health Care scene to make sure before I voted. So for me the winner was clearly 15. It was not a duplicate of Steve Carell, but it fit Michael perfectly.

  40. Haha, tough choices, but… I’d have to say number 2, number four, and fourteen. Those are my top three.

  41. It’s hard to decide. I’ve narrowed it down to:

    #1- The crying was great.
    #8- Made me laugh
    #12- The way she delivered the last line cracked me up.
    #13- That suit is hilarious.
    #18- Loved the choice of TH.
    #20- I thought this was the most spot-on impersonation…and it’s a really funny TH.

  42. OMG, I’M IN THE TOP 20. GO #6! :)

    Congratulations to everyone for making the top 20! I’m just honored to have been one of the “chosen ones.” Amazing!

    Good luck everyone! Way to be da belle of da ball!

  43. They are all great, and better than I could’ve done! I thought #17 was great – she made me believe she isn’t gay!

  44. Man, I really thought that I was going to vote for either 3 or 9, but after hours of deliberation and multiple viewings of each video, I was overwhelmed with the uncanny representation of Michael in video 2. At first, I was like, “Is Steve Carell allowed to enter? That doesn’t seem fair!” Then I realized that it was some guy (whom I’ve never met and certainly don’t know personally) pretending to be Steve Carell, and I was blown away. Number 2 all the way!!!

  45. i really like 15! this contest isn’t about duplicating the actor’s work, and she actually did her own take on it. i love the crying and shooing the camera away at the end!

  46. Number 4 is the best – she must have studied this character for a long time to have captured her like this!

  47. I’m going to weigh in and play favorites. #4 or #18 shall be the winner. Hands down.

    I’m somewhat disappointed that #18’s “Slow train to Philly” talking head did not make it though. That one was priceless imho.

  48. Well, after watching my favorites a bunch of times, I’m going with #12. Her expression when she says “go get yourself a monkey kidney” made me laugh everytime I watched it.

    I like how she made it her own without using any props or gimmicks.

    Well done and good luck #12!

  49. Go #4!!! You were great! Maybe I’ll have a famous niece someday! You are excellent and so self-assured in front of the camera! You go girl!!!

  50. In all fairness to #10, I cannot endorse you. As a fellow OTCR mod, it would look bad. We look bad enough as is without me endorsing another of your studio manufactured gems. :-P

  51. Wow–everyone was amazing!! I just realized how hard it is to be Pam. I had a hard time choosing my favorite. I will say this, #12 did make me laugh out loud. Awesome!! I had seen many of them just browsing YouTube before. Kudos to: #1, 2 (Wow!), 5 (Hilarious!), 14, 15 and 18!!

    I picked #13 to be among the top 5 several days ago. If you haven’t checked out his script on YouTube entitled, “St. Patrick’s Day” . . . you’re missing out on a pot of gold. Sorry, it had to be said.

  52. The little kid is cute, and I’d vote for him, but I think he’ll win anyway, so I voted for #20.

    She really nailed Jan (TWSS).

  53. I am so honored to have gotten into the top 20! Vote #4* I really respect this show and all the artistic challenges it overcomes. Great job everyone, this was a blast to be a part of!

  54. I loved #13, #4, and #9 the best. But I voted for #13, because it made me laugh the most and the prop was great. But props to KTKooper making herself really look like Pam! If any of those 3 win I will be happy.

  55. I can’t decide! My favorites are whoisharveypekar – Kelly, bashworth236 – Andy, and 2sweetchariots – Jim.

  56. I hope the war goes on forever and the finalists get drafted.

    …I’m sorry, only part of me meant that. They’d probably end up heroes there anyway.

    In all seriousness, congrats and good luck to the finalists!

  57. i’m voting 15! what can i say, i have a thing for the underdog. crappy video quality and pretty subtle humor- but original and a diamond in the rough!

  58. I don’t know who to vote for! I’ve narrowed it down to #4(Holy crap! It’s Pam!), #10(I’ve talked to him in the chat room), #16(The ending bit), #19(AWWWWWW!), and #20(Jan’s understudy). I really don’t know though. Maybe I’ll just vote for them all. Congrats to all in the Top 20!

  59. What an unforgettable job #11 thedunderhead! What a great take on Pam. What great facial expression – so much said with so little dialogue. And the dialogue was delivered so dead on! Great Job!

  60. GO VANDALS!!!

    The #4 Pam is really a pro. She even found a place that looks like the office stage props. Wow talking heads…

  61. these are all really awesome. i love #12 and #15. girls doing their own take on michael- amazing! i think i’m going for #15 though- it doesn’t look like she’s getting enough appreciation.

  62. To my pleasent surprise, I made the top 20! That’s a reward in itself. Although it is painfully obvious that I am the underdog in this much talented group, I would LOVE to get my hands on the autographed DVD set. Hope everyone will consider voting for me even though I don’t look or sound exactly like Pam (#17 ByeGuysFun). Thanks, and good luck to all! Fleece it out!

  63. Everyone was so great, but I voted for number 4. She seemed really natural and I honestly think she could be an actress. Very good instincts, but I thought everyone did an amazing job.

  64. #10 = Fantastic! Definitely made me laugh out loud…at my desk. Awesome.

    Also, we had free Ben and Jerry’s here in my building today. Needless to say that I emailed around the Pretzel Day clip to everyone.

  65. My finalists:
    4 (that’s Pam!)
    5 (props to Granny)
    8 (love that a guy did Kelly – TWSS!)
    12 (because I’m a sucker for an accent)
    13 (the inflection was DEAD ON!)
    20 (because that particular talking head is one of my all-time favorites!)

    My ultimate vote went to…4
    From the hair to the clothes to the voice to the background, that was an impressive impression!
    Nice job to all!

  66. It was a tough choice for me between #1 & #4….
    Also, the guy who played Kelly looked a lot more like Ryan with long hair! LoL!

  67. Lotsa good ones here… but #2 definitely takes the cake. He doesn’t need any gimmicks and is relying on pure acting talent. Good for him!

  68. I was sorry to see no Dwights either – maybe he’s just too hard to do(TWSS). I was also hoping someone might take the leap and do Meredith’s TH from Beach Games… if only I had the courage!!

    I picked one, but it was really hard…TWSS…again.

  69. 2, 4, 8, 9, 13, 19… all very good… But 2 gets my vote! Great Michael Scott impression! :)

  70. this was hard (TWSS). i even went back and watched the real version of my top 2 just to compare to the contest entries. my top 2: the women’s suit one (awesome suit!), and jan’s dying star one. but, i HAD to go with #20’s version of Jan’s talking head. The outside setting, the dress, the hair, the cigarette, the acting – she totally nailed it (TWHS). It may be one of the best THs EVER.
    #4’s take on Pam was dead on, too – great job! that was also a fave, but I just had to give it to Jan. I hope we continue to see her in S4.

  71. Question for tanster: without revealing who your favorites were, can you tell us how many of your favorites made the top 20? And did you have favorites that didn’t make it?

  72. Oh wow!! I’m so excited– my sister is the one with the entry “KikiHume– Angela”! I was the one who filmed it for her. When I told her the news, she started screaming and she almost fainted, no lie! lol All the other entries are so hilarious and well done! My sister and I are so thankful to Kent and all the other Office staff for this esteemed honor!! Thanks tanster for this totally awesome contest!

    Please check out her video and we hope you enjoy it!! =)

  73. Question for tanster: without revealing who your favorites were, can you tell us how many of your favorites made the top 20? And did you have favorites that didn’t make it?

    I will reveal all my favorites once the poll is over. No, not all my favorites made it as finalists. I definitely want to give them some kudos after the contest is over. :)

  74. #18 gets my vote. The subtlety of her performance makes it hysterical and truly showcases Phyllis’s BIG personality!

  75. This was so hard to choose…I wrote down my favorites [2,8,9,11,12,23,20] than marked them off. but it was still really hard to choose.

  76. Its ALL about #4… Oh my God, she’s like the stalker that’s gonna try to kill Pam and steal her identity, she’s so good!

  77. #15 is the best!! Vote #15! Very few people are mentioning her. I understand the two Pam’s are very good duplicates of the original, but #15 was original, creative and perfectly in Michael’s character – the choking up at the end made me laugh more than the original!

    And no, I don’t know her, but I do feel like she is a little underappreciated in this poll.

    Just my 2 Stanley nickels.

  78. #4 is by far the best one. There is not even a contest. That girl is perfect, down to every mannerism and voice inflection. Wow…..just, wow.

  79. Sorry, one more comment…..when you watch #4’s clip, be sure to view her other entries that she posted. They’re viewable in the “related” box on the right.

    Also, she get props getting the background set-up perfect, right down to “Jim” working at the desk behind her.

  80. #2 and #4 are def my favorites… however, I think number four just looks and sounds like Pam than acts like Pam… Adam (#2) is dead on with the acting which is why I voted for him :)

  81. #2 is easily the best. He doesn’t need anything but his pure talent to make me laugh out loud. As a huge fan myself, I have no hesitation voting for #2.

  82. I voted for #9. I think he sounded a lot like Ed Helms; the expressions were almost dead on too. It took my a long time to choose but I’m a sucker for Andy’s oompa loompa song.

  83. We love Haci–she’s our daughter and we are so proud! What an honor to be in the top 20–we are total Office geeks. Love the show, the writers are fantastic, and we are counting the days until the season premier! Thanks for the honor–we know she’s amazing and we’re glad to see others recognizing it!

  84. #17 is getting the short end of the stick because she’s way down at the bottom of the entries. She comes after you’ve had waaayy too much Pam. It’s like the sixth piece of candy after 5 others, never seems as good as the first couple. But she got my vote the instant I saw it.

  85. #2 is just superior. as a man with a background in theater that is all i have to say.

  86. No question, hands down # 4 How about every little detail and it was overall the most professional….just like Pam

  87. #15 did such a great job. The last few seconds when Michael gets emotional is hilarious. Vote for her!!

  88. #20.

    Although, #4 was a very close second. It was actually equal first, but the girl in #20 nailed it!

    Go Number 20! *woot, woot.* *woot,woot*

  89. Tanster, thank you for this. Being in the top 20 was seriously rewarding in itself. Although, let’s be honest, the DVD would be the frosting on the cake. It’s apparent I won’t get a taste of that frosting, but this contest was still just as sweet. Thanks again! #17-ByeGuysFun

  90. Way to say it #17 you did it your way the way it was supposed to be done. If we wanted to see the original why bother to search? There are those of us who possess no talent that make the cutting remarks to those who go out on a limb for something they believe in. Keep up the smile and good will come.

  91. 12 was the best by far! I laughed out loud every time. “Go get yourself a monkey kidney.” Hee.

    12, 12, 12, 12!!!

  92. I can’t believe that hardly anyone has commented on #2 she is the best by far! Her facial expressions and everything ARE Pam. She definitely deserves it! Great job!

  93. Why is #15 so underappreciated here? She’s so good! It’s so funny in the end when she gets all emotional lol

  94. #4 and #8 are my personal favorites. Props to both of you guys. #4 I voted for you because of your SPOT-ON PAM! You also put a LOT of work into choosing a camera, and a great angle. You easily make me feel like you belong on the show. #8, yours made me laugh. Very funny stuff!

  95. oh my goodness! I totally didnt realize that when I commented i put #2 when I meant #4!!! just wanted to clarify! #4 is the amazing!

  96. They are all pretty good (by far better than what I can do). My vote is for #16…its pretty awesome

  97. you gotta go for number 8 if they make you laugh! there is no doubt that Pam will get in the top 5!

  98. I had to go with “whoisharveypekar”‘s Kelly, I cracked up watching it. They were all awesome though!

  99. i totally agree that #15 isn’t getting enough appreciation! this should be based on raw talent and originality- and she definitely has that.

  100. Truly unbelievable! They’re all so great. And there are so many others on YouTube that are excellent and easily could have made the list. I’m really glad this contest exists. Thank you Tanster and Kent!

  101. Thanks for everyone keeping it positive on all the submissions. I am sure it means a lot to the ones that worked so hard to make it to the final 20!

  102. Umm..can we say #9. Why is no one commenting on how amazing that one was?! Wasn’t that the best Andy ever, well besides Andy. I mean the oompa loompa song was bloody brilliant! Vote #9. By far the best one up there. :)

  103. It’s fascinating to see how different all the interpretations are! Very cool how people have brought new interpretations and their own personalities to the scripts.

    I’m surprised runcaterun isn’t on the list, but I’m so glad to see princesgateprod there. LOVED his Michael talking head where he talked about Andy liking him too much.

  104. Disclaimer! haha I’m Katey Cooper (ktkooper), the brown haired one w/ the karen videos on you tube and


    I submited her video on my account…oops! sorry for the confusion!

    BUT YEAH #4! How lucky am I to have such a talented friend!?!
    also, i am not just friends with her bc she looks like pam. she is also hilarious.

  105. #15 is the best, I am friends with her and while I have seen some amazing acting from her, and have heard her rant about the office a million times, I am still blown away. My hero(ine)

  106. #4 is great. i don’t know any of these ppl… so purely non-biased vote.

    but #4 was by far the best. she got the pauses and the facial expressions perfectly. just… great job ktkooper.

  107. Everyone did an awesome job making it a tough choice. I had to go with KTKooper, though, as she was so dead on perfect.

  108. OMG! I loved #2! I could see Michael Scott saying the words as he spoke! All of them were amazing, though!

  109. Tanster, I’m kind of confused on voting procedures. Are we voting for who did the most spot-on impression or are we voting for who we thought brought something unique to the talking head they performed?

    I thought we were supposed to sort of come up with our own way of performing it…? The rules say: “You cannot deviate from, or add to, the original script. The words performed must be in English. How you perform the words, though, is up to you!” The most important part to look at is “how you perform the words, though, is up to you.” This tells me that we should be voting for who came with fresh ideas or made the talking head “their own,” rather than simply creating a duplicate of the talking head on the show.

    I understand how awesome #4 is, and she deserves to win if we are supposed to vote based on impressions, but I’m voting on who made the talking head their own and did something different with it.

    I’m not going with the majority. I’m saving my vote for someone who made the talking head “their own” rather than simply duplicating the talking head from the show.

    [from tanster: you’re voting for your favorite video. how you want to interpret that is up to you. :) ]

  110. 202 – Nikki – I read the rules too and I agree with your interpretation of them and that is how I voted. I was not looking for someone who could duplicate the original. Based on the comments made, however, I would say we are in the minority. Maybe the TPTB can select their own winner in addition to who voters select, if they are not the same person.

  111. 202, 203, 204- i am definitely in agreement with the last few comments. duplicating the original looks impressive, but it is way harder to come up with an original way to present the scene.

    which is why i voted for 15 and am sticking by her!

  112. Every entry is creative. No disputing that. I think we need to go with Tanster and vote talent here. Regardless if a scene is duplicated (and expertly so, by #4) or adjusted to a personal take – it is ultimately the person with talent that should win – and impersonation should not eliminate that. Too many opinions here on ‘how’ people ‘should’ vote. Vote for your favorite – simple. No need to analyze why or who to this degree. Talent. Pure and simple.

    [ from tanster: thanks elizabeth. :) ]

  113. 199 I’m with you! I loved # 13, right down to that bright yellow “women’s suit” he was wearing!! AHHHH it was hysterical!

  114. So yeah, I’m #2 – ontheconcourse. Here’s my prediction for who will make the top five, in no particular order:

    4 – KTKooper
    8 – whoisharveypekar
    9 – nekeiraboy3149
    13 – princesgateprod
    19 – 2sweetchariots

    Great job to all the other finalists, and good luck! :)

  115. #13 here…Glad all of your enjoyed my video! There’s a lot of good ones up here, too. #2 and #4 are personal favs of mine, not to mention #12. All three of those crack me up!

    I can’t wait to see the final results!

  116. Well, another day has gone past and no one has mentioned the very best clip… #11 THEDUNDERHEAD!

    That girl rocks and makes it look easy.

  117. As a fellow radio nerd I… love the nerdies one of all #10. It takes a very special person to get in front of a camera and act a fool. hehe. Love ya Matty!

  118. I think 4 should win because of the amount of effort but I voted for 16 because he nailed the singing. And who doesn’t love Andy

  119. I think all of the entries had a huge amount of effort put into them. Just because some of them don’t look or sound exactly like the originals or don’t have access to the perfect backrounds, doesn’t mean they didn’t put there heart and soul into their submissions. Kudos to all, for those who did great impressions and those who made it their own. They are all spectacular in their own ways. It’s hard to go wrong with such hilarious dialogue to choose from! Good luck to all!!!

  120. Just wanted to say thanks so much to Jennie for running the contest and how happy we are to be in the Top 20! Having a Senior Center as my office certainly lends an air of nuttiness to every day, but even at 90-years young my secretary loves The Office. I also must admit that she really is Stanley – y’all would die of deadpan laughter if you heard 90% of what she says (I do). THANKS again!!

    Sorry this is more than 200 words…

  121. neeners430 here just putting in my thanks to tanster as well! this was such a fun contest, and although top 5 is out of reach for me, everyone’s comments have been so nice.

    but the most rewarding part is after about a year of being in love with The Office, finding out that The Office kind of likes me too!

  122. #4 here~ I just have to say my final thank you for all the people who wrote such nice things about me on here* It means more than any one of you could know. I am so IN LOVE with The Office and this is a dream come true, even to be seen by those who have kept this show alive. Lets not forget in all the excitement of competition that we all share a common thread, love and respect for the people of Dunder Mifflin ;) Great job everyone, the people who made it to top 20 and the ones that were so great and did not.

  123. hey, i just wanted to put in my two cents of thanks. i corralled my sister into being jan, and i’m so proud of her for doing so well. top 5 or not, making all these taking heads was so much fun and gave a great excuse to watch all the episodes over again. also taping a tan napkin to my head to make a bald spot was pretty fun. what a great way to energize the fandom during the summer!

  124. Thanks to everyone who voted for my son Matt (as Jim). We had a lot of fun making that video, and he was so excited to see he had made the top 20! Way to go Pooh Bear!

  125. Number 4 was the best, with #9 and #17 close behind. But #19 made me laugh out loud. What I thought was interesting was that more than one person used Pam’s same talking head. And there were no Dwight talking heads in the top 20 even though he’s the best character on the show.

  126. Oh my gosh, #13 cracked me up! So hilarious! =D I was amazed w/ the others though and thought everyone did a great job! Good luck to everyone in the top 20!

  127. What time are the results in today – and do we view them at this link? Thanks!
    Proud Mother of #4!

  128. My stomach feels like it might explode.
    It was really fun to film these, I wish I had the courage to do one myself..being being a part of #8 is pretty great :)

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