CBS to release own version of The Office

The Onion is reporting that CBS will be airing its own version of The Office — an idea which I believe is sadly misguided.

“You can’t just take a show that good, throw in a new set of actors, and expect the same results,” said Jennie Tan, who runs a popular fansite for the NBC show. “CBS just has to accept that there will simply never be another character like Michael Scott, ever.”

You got that right, Onion. You got that right.

Source: CBS To Release Own Version Of NBC’s The Office

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OfficeTally The Onion interview

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P.S. Ce n’est pas vrai, mes amis.

PopGurls interviews Angela Kinsey

PopGurls has an excellent interview with Angela Kinsey, filled with lots of behind-The-Office-scenes goodness:

Speaking of friendships behind the scenes, how fun is it to play Pam’s nemesis when you are good friends with Jenna?

Oh — it’s so much fun. It’s ridiculous, it’s crazy. Because right before the director will yell action, we’ll be talking and I’ll be like, (giddy) “You did! You got it! Where did you get it? What size? And it came in green? Did you get the shoes? I’m totally going with you!” And then they’ll yell action, and I’ll be like, (deadpan) “Pam, you are a stupid woman.” (laughs)

And thanks, Angela, for the shout-out to the OTCR! :)

Link: PopGurls Interview: The Office’s Angela Kinsey

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The Office wins three Webby Awards

The Office has won the following three Webby Awards:

  • Best TV website, People’s Voice Winner: The Office website
  • Best comedy short, Webby Award Winner: The Office webisodes
  • Best comedy short, People’s Voice Winner: The Office webisodes

And I received this nice message:

“A huge thanks to all the fans at OfficeTally for their ongoing support of The Office and our website. We could not have done this without you!” — The team at

Congratulations to NBC, and thanks to all OT readers who voted — you guys rock!

Link: Complete list of 2007 Webby Award Winners