Last Weekend’s Tally

Here is the Tally I would have posted last weekend had I not spent so much time putting my set visit trip report together. :)

Items submitted April 14-20:

Tipsters: Katie, Robm, cervantes240, Tara, Theresa, SarSar

The next Weekend Tally will be posted this Sunday, April 27, and include items submitted April 21-27th.


  1. First comment! Thanks for the info on Paul Faust! My God, he’s a hottie!

  2. They must have waited a bit to change the message on the W.B. Jones number. I called when I was re-watching “The Office” thinking it would be a new message but it wasn’t. Thanks for the tip tanster!

  3. I wonder if there was fighting at EW over which Office Accountant to include. It would have been hard for me to pick just one.

  4. loved the article with John Krasinski and also Brian’s myspace comments. Great stuff!

  5. I took the Office quiz at Mental Floss (great magazine and website, BTW) and learned that Phyllis Smith is a former NFL cheerleader! Wow, what an awesome new bit of trivia.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I was lost without my weekend tally! :) That Paul Faust thing is completely hilarious, I never would have guessed!

  7. Oh i missed one question on the quiz! It was where they first considered having The Office at….. I thought it was Gastonbury just because it sounded good to me.

  8. hee, my fiance and i were flying on southwest a couple of weeks ago, doing the crossword together and he accidentally flipped to the back, where the jkras article was. needless to say i was thrilled and he was mildly disgruntled, haha =P.

    also, awesome bit on cool guy paul!

  9. I don’t know if you guys know this, but Paul Faust is Paul and Angela’s cousin! He married into the Liberstein family.

  10. Managed to get 100% on the Mental Floss quiz (but only scored an 80% on the AD one, sadly).

  11. Thanks for including my tip on the John Krasinski article. Definitely made my flight to New Orleans nice! ;)

  12. I LOVE it when they do those hotlines! I can call them from my office and make believe that I’m working for Dunder-Miflin.

    Did I just reveal too much about myself? TMI?

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