‘The Office’ cast at the TV Land Awards

‘The Office’ cast appeared on June 8th at the TV Land Awards to receive this year’s Future Classic Award. The show airs this Sunday, June 15th.

Congratulations, Office cast and staff!

UPDATE: More video that shows ‘The Office’ footage and Ricky Gervais.

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June 13, 2008

June 8, 2008

From PR Newswire:

Ed Asner and William Shatner presented the cast of “The Office” — Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Oscar Nunez, Ed Helms, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery and Angela Kinsey, executive producer/creator Greg Daniels and executive producers Ben Silverman and Teri Weinberg with this year’s Future Classic Award … This award is given to a show that has been consistently successful — a proven hit with viewers and meets all criteria of what TV Land defines as a show that can withstand the test of time.

Congratulations, Office cast and staff!

Some photos of ‘The Office’ cast on the following pages.


  1. Man, Oscar was right….sometimes it DOES pay to be gay! You go Mr. Nunez!

  2. My goodness Angela looks even hotter after the baby! How does she do it??? Too bad no Jenna and John there…oh and no B.J.

  3. This is one cast that cleans up real good! Creed looks smokin’ hot, Kate looks stunning, and Angela…yowza! So happy for them for winning their award – can’t wait to watch the show. A Steve Carell acceptance speech? I’m there!

  4. THAT woman just had a baby? Wowza! Angela looks gorgeous! As usual, Ms. Flannery looks so beautiful. And the boys do clean up nicely. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  5. Congrats to the cast!
    Yep, the gals do look great.
    (And Mindy was missing also)

  6. Angela looks amazing!! And Oscar — Thumbs up! :-P Everyone looks so happy and so adorable!

  7. I can only hope one day I’ll look as “bad” as Angela does after childbirth! And she was worried…. Sheesh.

  8. Everyone looks amazing. From Rainn to Creed, the gentlemen look great. And Angela and Kate look stunning! How could she just have a baby?!

  9. You can not tell me Angela just had a baby last month. She looks amazing! Wow

  10. Everybody looks great, as usual! And I LOVE this award. “Future Classic … a show that can withstand the test of time.” That just about says it all! :)

  11. Angela looks great! I loved Kate’s necklace, too. And Oscar, where’s Gil?

  12. I was there! The entire cast looked fantastic!! Especially Angela! She looked as gorgeous as ever. And Ed Helms and Leslie were sweet enough to say hello to me when I called out their names =D Congratulations cast and crew!

  13. Holy eff! Angela’s such a babe!
    But so is Meredith!

    Why are they all so good looking?

  14. Since when was Creed a member of the Men in Black (I knew it all along)? Angela is one hot baby mama! Who’s Oscar’s lady friend? Aye Aye Aye!

  15. Wow, I LOVE Kate’s dress, and of course she looks amazing in it – esp with that gorgeous hair! and I agree with #18…except, I am not sure most of us ever look that good BEFORE the childbirth…
    CONGRATS everyone!

  16. Who’d have thought that the lil’ Office would be on TV Land! What a wonderful honor! :o) Congrats! You all deserve it.

  17. Angela looks awesome! I barely even recognized Ed Helms. Can’t wait to see the full thing. They all crack me up.

  18. Ed Helms looks gooooood! Actually, everyone looks fantastic. And Steve Carell might be the funniest man alive. Congrats, Office!

  19. I really want to be sitting at that table right between Steve Carell and Ed Helms, Rainn can sit across from me. Wow. These are the real men of the office, so good looking!!!

  20. the orifice?? lol! was ed asner on something? no class at all. congrats to my fave show!

  21. I may be crazy here, but I’m starting to think that Ed Helms is hotter than Krasinski! His smile is amazing! OMG!

  22. Where were John and Jenna? Angela just had a BABY and she still showed up…. they have NO excuse!

  23. was ed asner drunk!?
    too bad the WHOLE office staff wasn’t there.
    but i do agree – those who did attend all looked very spiffy!

  24. angela is hot! how do you get that thin so fast?? milf island calling.. kudos to the office!

  25. I agree 47-WiseWithWorms. How is it Steve, who is a bigger star, was able to make the show as well when he’s busy promoting ‘Get Smart’? No excuses Jenna and John.

    Observation: For having a baby only a month ago, Angela sure looked good.

  26. I agree with #46 – I really think Ed Helms is one of the best looking guys in The Office. He’s not “sexy” or “hot”, but he has a certain charm about him that just oozes adorable-ness. lol. Him and Steve Carell are my favorites.

  27. Angela is so pretty!!! I missed jenna and john, too, but i’m sure they have busy schedules.

  28. #46 I agree. I always thought that Ed Helms and Steve Carell are better looking than John K..

  29. I’m sure the others had something important come up on that day, otherwise they would most certainly be there.

    Or maybe, in a sadder, less possible case, they were sitting in the back somewhere where the cameras couldn’t see them. Also, they weren’t called up to receive the award.

  30. Thank you Oscar, for your brilliantly executed spit-take! I laughed long, and hard.

  31. I think people are being a little harsh on Jenna and John. They don’t have to make any excuses to anyone. Jenna has gotten pretty big but she is still constantly keeping up with the fans whether it be through blogs or this very site.

  32. Those of you chiding Ed Asner for saying “orifice”, assuming you weren’t being sarcastic, are clearly not diehard fans of the show, otherwise you’d realize that was carefully scripted.

    Also, Phyllis, Mindy, BJ, and others weren’t there, so don’t single out John and Jenna.

  33. #46, 53, 55: Yes, yes, yes!! I’ve always loved Steve the most of all the men – looks and all. He’s handsome, talented, and such a sweetheart. And while I still think John’s cute (I’m not blind), I’ll admit I’m taking more than a bit of a liking to Ed. His smile IS amazing! And Rainn’s not bad at all, either. Very funny and quite the cutie-pie. And PNW representin’!

    Both of these videos were amazing. Thank you for posting them!!

  34. John is busy filming a new movie and was either in Arizona or Florida last week when they taped this and Jenna stated in her blog she was home visiting her parents. Not every actor can attend every event.

  35. re: #58 and 59–

    My comment (#48) was merely saying I wish they had been there. As much as some people say they shouldn’t be, they (well, their characters, anyway) are often the main focus of the show. I’m sure they had good reasons for not being there. I’m just saying, for The Office to receive an award like that and not have two of the main characters represented, it felt incomplete. To me, anyway.

  36. #47.. no excuse? It’s the TV Land awards. I assume John and Jenna had much better things to do.

  37. Angela looks FABULOUS! She doesn’t even look like she had a baby a month and a half ago! Congrats to The Office on their award. It’s definitely deserved.

  38. Steve’s acceptance speech was so cute. He seemed uncomfortable being sincere since he’s so accustomed to shtick. “Future Classic” what what!! I too missed John, Jenna, BJ, and Mindy but I’m glad those who attended were individually recognized. They so deserve it.

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