1. I would give ANYTHING to see Gervais on this Office somehow in some capacity; preferably a character that resembles his Brent character and to interact with Michael. Comedy gold. That’s all I have to say.

  2. My father works at Fordham University and saw the movie being shot and told me about it, but I had NO IDEA it was Jenna Fischer!

    I heard that the movie is about the breaking up of a lesbian relationship. But don’t quote me.

    Was Jenna there, or were they filming scenes that didn’t include her?

  3. I can’t believe I missed BJ at Butler! I’m in Bloomington too and definitely would have driven the 1.5 hours to see him.

  4. I got to see BJ Novak at Butler too! He was hilarious and so nice! I got a picture with him too, and an autograph on my dvd. :) Also, I love officetally! Thanks for such a great site for the greatest show ever! :)

  5. The still from Rainn’s Gap ad is the back cover on the latest issue of EW (with Robert Downey, Jr. on the front cover). Two of my favorite boys!

  6. I went to see the new Bond flick this weekend, and they were giving away paper gift cards from Old Navy, and the one I got had this picture of Rainn on it. I’m tempted not to use it so I can keep it!

  7. My husband was shocked that I failed to notice this on the back cover of this week’s EW. When he came in to go to bed, I made sure I was pretending to sleep with this image wrapped in my arms. ;)

    Went over like a turd in the Christmas punchbowl.

  8. Do we know where in georgia Jenna Fischer will be filming??? I live here and would love to see if I could catch some part of it.

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