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pambeesleywannabe’s report of B.J. Novak at Butler University

I found out about the show that morning while I was on my way to class and I only heard the last bit of a radio ad. I rushed to class to check the internet and sure enough, he was performing that night at Clowes.

I was beyond excited and I was so excited that I may get the chance to see him perform. I have read so many other fan reports and I really couldn’t wait to see him. I began to text my friends like crazy to find out if anyone would want to go with me. Luckily a few of my friends wanted to go so then I had to figure out how to get tickets.

I was able to get tickets and for the rest of the day I couldn’t wait. We drove from Bloomington, Indiana up to Indianapolis and the ride was only about an hour and a half. We finally got there and our seats were in the very back row of the second level of the balcony. I was so excited even though I couldn’t really see him.

He came out and he had some great material. He did his Wikipedia Brown skit, which I was so excited to see because I had heard about it from other fan reports and I thought it was really funny.

He also tried out new material on us that he came up with while he was in Germany filming a movie. He had all of the jokes written on note cards and then wheeled out a trash can so that if we didn’t laugh very hard at a joke he could just throw them away. A few of the jokes he didn’t even read because he assumed they wouldn’t get a very good laugh.

One of the jokes he wasn’t sure if we really liked it or really didn’t so he let if sit on the side of the trash can to let fate decide (eventually it fell in).

I think one of his best jokes was about his plane ride from LA. He told us that he understood how the airlines had to cut back, but during the flight they just took a nose dive for five seconds. Afterwards he said they began to show the pictures they took of everyone with their arms raised in the air and with pure terror on their faces. They tried to sell them for $12.95.

That was one of my favorite bits, but his bit about Charlie Chaplin and how he admires Snoop Dogg because he is so smart because he has created his own language just by adding -izzle to the end of everything, were great too.

His final bit was about how he truly admires Bill Nye the Science Guy because he had so many options of what he could do with his life because his name could be used with anything. He didn’t have to be the Scienc Guy, but he could have been any kind of guy.

Unfortunately the same thing could not have been said about Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels. There were already plans for him long before he knew it.

It was a great show and we were even lucky enough to get to meet him afterwards. He had a meet and greet and we waited in line for about 30 minutes until we finally got up to meet him.

My friends and I were trying to decide in line how we wanted to pose and then we decided to take individual pictures.

I had on my shirt from the Office Convention and he noticed it. He asked me if I had an Office shirt on and I told him how I went to the Office Convention and how great it was. I was so nervous and excited that I didn’t know of anything else to say. He took a great picture with all of us too.

I really was glad that I got to see him and he gave a great performance. Thanks BJ!

B.J. Novak


  1. I would give ANYTHING to see Gervais on this Office somehow in some capacity; preferably a character that resembles his Brent character and to interact with Michael. Comedy gold. That’s all I have to say.

  2. My father works at Fordham University and saw the movie being shot and told me about it, but I had NO IDEA it was Jenna Fischer!

    I heard that the movie is about the breaking up of a lesbian relationship. But don’t quote me.

    Was Jenna there, or were they filming scenes that didn’t include her?

  3. I can’t believe I missed BJ at Butler! I’m in Bloomington too and definitely would have driven the 1.5 hours to see him.

  4. I got to see BJ Novak at Butler too! He was hilarious and so nice! I got a picture with him too, and an autograph on my dvd. :) Also, I love officetally! Thanks for such a great site for the greatest show ever! :)

  5. The still from Rainn’s Gap ad is the back cover on the latest issue of EW (with Robert Downey, Jr. on the front cover). Two of my favorite boys!

  6. I went to see the new Bond flick this weekend, and they were giving away paper gift cards from Old Navy, and the one I got had this picture of Rainn on it. I’m tempted not to use it so I can keep it!

  7. My husband was shocked that I failed to notice this on the back cover of this week’s EW. When he came in to go to bed, I made sure I was pretending to sleep with this image wrapped in my arms. ;)

    Went over like a turd in the Christmas punchbowl.

  8. Do we know where in georgia Jenna Fischer will be filming??? I live here and would love to see if I could catch some part of it.

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