Blogging from the WGA picket line

Update: live blogging from the picket line continues today at 10:30am PT; check back often! (And if you have a message for any of the writers, please post a comment. I will try to show the writers your notes on my phone while we’re walking!)

I’m going to try to report live from today’s picket line via Utterz, which lets me blog on-the-go right from my cell phone. Newest updates will appear first.

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Jenna Fischer’s Office Space

Atlanta’s entertainment magazine INsite talked to Jenna Fischer for its January issue:

“… I think so much of the show is about what we say when we’re not speaking. But also, like, it is a subtext show, you know? And I think it’s one of the challenges to, like, have a conversation with the character of Jim that’s very, you know, acceptable and appropriate, while all the while communicating to the audience that this is a person I have a huge crush on.”

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The Weekend Tally

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NBC’s ‘The Office’ auction starts Jan. 21

I have been notified that NBC plans to auction off more items from ‘The Office,’ starting tomorrow, January 21st.

Here are the items:

If the list changes, I’ll update it once the auction goes live.

United Way will receive 15% of the auction’s net proceeds; the bobblehead winning bidder receives the bobblehead as well as ‘The Office’ Season 3 DVD, and proceeds go to Rainn’s favorite charity, The Mona Foundation.

Link: NBC’s ‘The Office’ auction, starting January 21