Mindy Kaling at the UCB Theatre

Tallyhead K files this report on Mindy Kaling’s visit to Jimmy Pardo’s show at the UCB Theatre Thursday night.

I went to see Mindy Kaling at UCBLA tonight. The show ran like a regular live talk show but in a theater. The host was Jimmy Pardo, a classic stand-up veteran, whose quick and sharp humor kept the audience on their toes the whole night. He opened with holiday-oriented stories, bantered with his iPod DJ Pat Francis, and teased an Australian guy in the front row who sat two seats away from me.

When they introduced Mindy, they cued ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ during her entrance. She wore a long pink and black patterned dress, a brown hoodie, and a cute pair of gold flats. She complimented the choice of song which led into a story about her appearance on Conan and how they used ‘Eye of the Tiger’ for her entrance. She had expected something like ‘Pretty Woman,’ though her pick for an entrance song would have been ‘Ghostbusters.’

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Upcoming live appearances

Some upcoming appearances by The Office cast!

Tonight, Jan. 3, Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling appears on Running Your Trap with Jimmy Pardo: You’ve seen other talk shows … well this is a lot like those: There is an opening, there is a sidekick, there are interviews with entertainers and sometimes … some video clips. The only difference? This talk show is hosted by Jimmy Pardo! More information JUST ADDED!

Melora Hardin The Office

Jan. 4-6: Melora Hardin, Catalina Jazz Club

Melora Hardin will be moonlighting from her day job on the highly successful comedy “The Office” to entertaining at the Catalina Jazz Club with her show “At the Water Cooler.” This engagement and show will mark Melora’s debut in the club scene and she’s been in rehearsal now for about six months. Melora states, “It’s both a challenge and a dream come true and the perfect way to start 2008!” More information | Video

Ed Helms The Office

Jan. 26: Ed Helms, UCB Theatre

Join Ed Helms and Seth Morris in “Seth and Ed’s Puppet Talk Show,” as they host a real live talk show, with real live puppets. This show has to be seen to be believed! More information | Photos

The Armando Show The Office

Feb. 4: Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery, IO WEST

The Armando Show presents a star-studded strike support show on Monday, Feb 4, with 100% of the box going to the Industry Support Fund. The Office’s Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery are on board to join the cast of regular “Armando” performers. More information

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The Office DVD Wall Calendar Giveaway

The OfficeThe Office DVD Wall Calendar 2008, which I posted about previously and consider the best Office calendar out there, is starting to run out in stores.

Thank goodness the calendar makers, Trends International, sent me a bunch of them to give away as prizes. Thanks, TI!

Jan. 1: Giveaway #3

Giveaway question: Name five real people, living or dead, who have been mentioned on a televised Season 4 episode of The Office. Each person must come from a different Season 4 episode! To enter, post a comment. You must include the first name, last name, and episode the person is mentioned. Winner will be chosen randomly among eligible entries.

(Eligible entries must include a valid email address, and correct spelling and punctuation. Duplicate entries will disqualify you. If you’ve won a calendar during a previous giveaway, you are disqualified as well. US and Canada only, please.) This post will be closed to new entries at 5pm PT. CLOSED. Next giveaway coming soon …

Giveaway answer: Mark’s entry included Ben Kingsley (Dunder Mifflin Infinity), Al Roker (Launch Party), Eddie Murphy (Local Ad), Zoran Primorac (The Deposition), and Meryl Streep (Money), but there were many other possible answers.

Giveaway winner: Mark

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