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185pounder meets Craig Robinson

I met Craig Robinson tonight! I go to Columbia College Chicago, and he was here to take part in a Q&A about Miss March, a movie that he’s in that releases in March.

They first screened the film — which Craig was hilarious in, and then the two directors/actors (Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore) and Craig answered some of the student’s questions. One of the questions included how he deals with having such a busy schedule what with The Office and being apart of so many movies recently, and his response was that he actually has a pretty lenient contract with The Office so he has some time to do these other roles.

I asked him if there has been any update with the convention this year, but he said he hadn’t heard any new updates but is hoping for it happen! Afterwards they couldn’t stay for long, but I was able to get an autograph and a picture! He was incredibly nice, and of course hysterical. It was a great night!

Dinkin Flicka!

Craig Robinson


  1. Does John come with that tux? Otherwise I really have no use for it. (Forgive me! But someone had to say it) Hope it raises loads of money :)

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