1. Ugh, more than a month from the next episode? Why isn’t there a Dec 18 one? Well, at least there’s the SuperBowl one to look forward to…

  2. A month without The Office? That’s poopy! When are they going to make up the six extra half hours, anyway?

  3. I don’t suppose NBC could downsize the Superbowl this year to an hour (first team to score wins) and have it follow an extra extra supersized 3 hour episode of “The Office” instead?

    [from tanster: i LOVE that idea!]

  4. #5 me too
    #6 that would be insane! i’d explode with awesomeness!

    they really need to stick to a consistent schedule all the time. an office every thursday. this is getting ridiculous with all these different things interfering with the show.

  5. So is the episode following the superbowl like an extra episode, or does it take the place of one of the Thursday night episodes?

  6. #4 Mark– Same here; my birthday is the 17th, and I can’t think of a nicer birthday present than a new episode of The Office!

  7. #8 – It’ll probably not replace Thursday…generally the show after the Super Bowl is saved for something special, since the ratings are so high…but I guess NBC could still throw another repeat in for that Thursday, but that would kinda suck, so I’m gonna say they won’t.

  8. I’m actually surprised that there are any eps in January! I was thinking that February sweeps was the start of the next chunk of the season. I’m pretty tickled there are 2 hrs. in January!

  9. Hey, you could live in Australia where The Office is shown:
    a. very late at night (11.30pm) on Sundays
    b. in bits and pieces, like interrupting season three half way through and then not showing it again for over a year (we’re at the end of season three only now), and
    c. the DVDs are only available after they have screened them on free-to-air TV. You can currently only buy seasons one and two, and the first half of season three here.

    Thank heavens for being able to buy the DVDs over the net … !

  10. #s 4 & 9 – I too am disappointed, my birthday is on January 8th and I was really excited for a new episode for my birthday! I hate this freaking long break (#13 – I SO agree with u, it was so much better then)!

  11. i know it was already asked, but doesn’t anyone know for absolute sure — will the superbowl episode replace that following thursday’s? does anyone know what they’ve done in the past with other shows? i’ve never watched a post-bowl episode of a show…

  12. #16-

    Last year the super bowl was on fox, and they aired a new episode of House directly after the game. and it did replace the new episode that would’ve aired that week. they ended up showing the new one after the game, then a repeat in its place the next day. So they’ll probably do that this year on NBC with the office.

  13. Am I the only one who likes spreading the episodes out? Sure, the five week break is a bit much, but I’d prefer not to go twenty-odd straight weeks of new episodes and be done in January or February when it can stretch into May.

  14. For those of you who are wondering why there is no new episode on January 8, the BCS championship game (GO GATORS!) is on that night and no network stations are airing new episodes at that time because no one will watch them.

  15. it seems to me the jan 29th repeat is the repeat they are showing instead of a new episode because of the feb 1 superbowl episode. that makes sense, that thurs is closer to superbowl sunday than the following thursday. i bet the following thursday is a new episode and then we are back on track

  16. That’s funny! I’m from the Alachua County area too and I didn’t realize their would be no Office because of the Gators. Yet another reason to be a Noles fan ;) have you seen the Gator magnet on the fridge on the Office. I was so excited when I noticed it. I wonder if somebody on Prop staff went to UF?

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