Ricky Gervais comes to The Office

TV Line’s Michael Ausiello reports that Ricky Gervais will appear on The Office as David Brent, the character he made famous on the original UK version of the show!

Sources confirm that Ricky Gervais is poised to reprise his role from the original overseas version of the comedy in an upcoming episode of the U.S. redo. Gervais… will cross paths (and perhaps swords?) with his Yank counterpart, Steve Carell’s Michael.

Link: TV Line

More details on the spoilers page.

Rainn Wilson Music Saturday

A few items for Rainn Wilson Music Saturday:

Rainn’s iTunes celebrity playlist podcast

The Office’s Rainn Wilson “shares some of his classic and indie rock favorites from throughout his life” in the iTunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast. It’s a fun listen!

Rainn in Andy Grammer’s ‘Keep Your Head Up’ video

Rainn appears in a cool interactive video of Andy Grammer’s song “Keep Your Head Up,” where you get to direct. I spotted Rainn in three scenes. How about you?

Links: Keep Your Head Up (interactive) | Keep Your Head Up