Michael Scott to leave The Office before season end

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According to various reports from the TCA press show this week, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) will leave The Office before the season finale.

  • TV Line: Steve Carell will be leaving before the season finale; his final episode will air before May sweeps. Executive producer Greg Daniels is expected to write Michael’s final episode. Kathy Bates will return as Jo Bennett to pick Michael’s replacement. The season finale is planned to be 1 hour.
  • HitFix: Alan Sepinwall reports that Michael Scott will leave with four episodes left in the season; Holly Flax will leave two episodes before Michael leaves. The final four episodes will center on who might replace Michael, including possible external candidates. Among the current cast, there are three contenders: Andy, Dwight, and Darryl. Todd Packer (David Koechner) is scheduled to appear in another episode and sit at Michael’s desk. Whoever the replacement ends up being, the show will not center around that character the way it centered around Michael Scott. Two new cast members may be added next season.
  • TV Guide: Danny Chun reveals that Michael Scott’s finale will take place in episode 22 or 23, as part of a 4 to 5 episode arc.
  • New York Magazine: Kelly will also be interested in replacing Michael.

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  1. Disappointing if true. It may turn out to be a great way to send him off, but I look forward to the season finales every year and if Steve doesn’t even make a cameo in the finale then I will be very disappointed.

  2. This is the worst news I’ve heard all day
    I think I’m still in denial that he’s actually leaving. :(

  3. Great decision by the writing team. He’s not part of the show going forward, phasing him out before the finale gives the writers time to shape new stories going into a new year, instead of sending Michael off in a great finale and wondering if people will come back after a long layoff.

  4. I know this is probably the best thing the writing staff could do because it would feel like a series finale if Michael’s last episode was the season finale and I guess I am glad that they are trying to keep the show moving forward. But that doesn’t mean that I am still not in denial about Steve actually leaving.

  5. What I’m reading is that Michael Scott “leaves”, but isn’t there still room for cameos going forward? I mean, does Michael ever REALLY let go of things? Wouldn’t surprise me if he just showed up every now and then. Sorta like Jan or Roy…

  6. I’m excited for this, but i hope the hype isn’t like the cold open for the music dub intro, which was cool but severely got my hopes up…

  7. I agree with Shannon (3). I’ve been counting down how many more magical episodes we had left with Steve and now this…. :'(

  8. Yeah, seriously why wouldn’t Jim, the only one with manager experience, not be a contender. and why would Andy, arguably the least productive worker in the office, be in on this?

  9. Hi all, YES, this is very sad. But can you imagine the storylines that they can write for Michael to pop his head in every now and then if he moves on to Hollywood? I can just see him sitting in a director chair right next to Angelina Jolie Pitt, or Shia Labeef and calling the office to ask Meredith if he can use her life story for the sequel to 28 days, entitled “28 more days”, or how many jokes Michael come up with living in “HOLLY” “WOOD”? I will miss Steve/Michael very much, but the Office will be around a very long time with the incredible talent it has left behind the scenes and in front of the camera! It will be hard to swallow, tough to take in at first, but there are plenty other characters left that can please us week in and week out. TWSS!

  10. the FB group for this news is overwhelmingly negative…
    like continuing Seinfeld without Seinfeld
    -Star Trek without Picard
    -Fresh Prince without Will Smith
    -hockey without wayne gretzky…
    they should go out in style like Seinfeld did… “end it likes it’s hot!”

  11. Good question #7 – why isn’t Jim one of the contenders? It makes no sense, unless they have something else in store for Jim.

    Having Michael Scott leave before the end of the season is smart, provided the story line is strong. Depending on the way Michael goes out, may play for more than an episode (i.e. how the others react to the realization that Michael is gone).

    Love that Todd Packer is coming back – that dude cracks me up.

    It will be interesting to see where the show goes after Michael has gone. Either new storylines will help reinvigorate the show or the Office will continue its downward spiral since Season 5.

  12. I’m sad about this but I get even more sad when I read all the negative stuff about how the Office is going to suck after Steve leaves. I’m going to be optimistic that the writers are smart and funny and will do a good job. I’m still sad though.

  13. Jim, I don’t think wants the job (to answer others’ questions above).

    I so want to see Darryl get the job. It makes so much sense, and if you watch all the earlier seasons, it definitely seems to be something they’ve been building towards.

    Dwight can’t do it as he’s too busy running the building.

  14. it will be an end of an amazing journey when Steve leaves, he seems such a humble person!

    Tanster, do you know anything about Ricky Gervais making an appearance on the show??

  15. If Andy or Kelly gets the job, I think I’ll be waltzing down to NBC and giving them a good kick up the backside.

  16. “Jim as manager” has been tried. And didn’t work very well. They won’t go to that well again.

  17. Good bye, Michael Scott!

    Most of the commenters at “New York Magazine” (see link above) want “The Office” to close up when Michael leaves. Bad idea.
    “The Office” is a BUSINESS, not social club.

    Think of it this way…
    “The Office” is a brand name, like Ford, Toyota and Apple. The cast of “The Office” are products sold under “The Office” line.

    “Michael”, “Pam”, “Jim”, and “Dwight” are their top of the line, best selling products. Now, they’re discontinuing the “Michael” product.

    “Michael’s” replacement won’t be Andy, Dwight, Jim, Darryl, or a woman. The new product selected won’t draw much attention to itself, acting more of a supporting product who promotes the remaining best selling products.

    From the creative excitement of cast & producers, I look forward to the Season 7 “The Office” product line as the best yet!

  18. :*(
    I knew this day was coming but still….
    Excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

  19. This is an excellent decision. Not only will it give them time to focus on finding a replacement but it will give the show some time to test the waters of a Michaelless office before beginning the next season…almost like a test run. Now they will have at least a better idea of what they are doing before the next season starts.

  20. I don’t want him to leave. I’ll cry myself to sleep when Steve’s last episode is over.

  21. The Jim as boss thing has been done and it wasn’t that great. Jim doesn’t want to be boss – he makes more as a salesman.

    Jim’s the straight man and needs someone crazy to bounce off. Same with Darryl. That’s why I don’t want them to get the job.

    I’m sort of lukewarm about Andy or Dwight, but one person I don’t think anyone has considered – Gabe. He has an inside track since he’s Jo’s lackey, and she’d like a figurehead, who she could control. Now I know many would cringe at the thought of Gabe as boss, but at least it would add a new and interesting dynamic to the show.

    Another idea – Jan. I think it would be plausible for her to come back and run things. And she has a duality (competent/nutcase) that would provide great material.

    IMO the worse they could do would be to bring in a Michael-clone and give him/her Steve’s lines.

  22. I’m really sad about Steve’s leaving. But I think The Office might thrive on this new beginning.
    I prefer a female manager. I think the writers are really good on constructing storyline and personalities for female characters. Respectively, Those women in The Office are all unique and amazing in different ways. I can imagine the show can be even funnier if Holly is manager. Even if Holly could be as crazy as Michael, people won’t think she is a copycat (at least I think so). Or Karen is good choice too, since if so, it would add some sexual tension in the office.(such as a Karen-Jim-Pam tension)
    Another thing I’d like to mention is that people are inclined to forget the miserable aspect of Michael’s character. To some extend, this is why Michael often goes nuts to attract others’ attention. This is also a precious part of the entire show. I think this might set some obstacle for constructing a new manager character.

  23. Ricky Gervais is an obvious choice, I must admit. He’s hilarious and no one knows the part as well, and could jump right in. That would be too ‘king cool!

  24. To comment #27, “That’s what she said.” I also will cry myself to sleep. But I also think Ricky Gervais will make all my problems go away. So they should pick him.

  25. Oh my God, he is going to leave before the season finale. I am crying right now. It’s the end of an era. It is not going to be the same without Steve Carell as Michael Scott. But I do find satisfaction in that he will have more time to make movies, but my heart is broken. I wish he stayed for the entire season!!!

  26. Ryan would be another boss choice or Pam would be funny.
    They could even bring back the ceo of dunder mifflin

  27. He’s leaving BEFORE May sweeps?? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would they put what will undoubtedly be one of (if not the) highest rated Office episode ever before sweeps instead of during sweeps?

  28. This is definitely sad news to hear, but I still think that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives when I think about all the great times of watching Steve as Michael since June 2008. He seems like such a sweet person in real life who adds something to that character I doubt anyone else could. At least those times aren’t over just yet!

    I realize that it’s highly likely that the show’s powers-that-be want to test the waters without him before embarking on a whole new season. They see this issue more from a business end. They need to continue to produce a good show with good ratings to continue their own careers and livelihoods. Unfortunately, fanship got caught in the crosshairs this time around. It seems like they would have ended Steve’s last season with a little more class, but I guess they have to press forward in the name of “progress.”

  29. They obviously have someone outstanding coming in to replace him. The first ep w/o Steve will be during sweeps so they gotta have something good planned. I’m still hoping for Tim Allen! I’ll miss you Steve!!

  30. I wish they would just end the show! Nothing makes me more sad then reading things about how Steve Carell is leaving. Why don’t they just wrap it up in a nice bow and call it a show? Honestly. I love it the way it is now. Just something to add to my point: Isn’t the original synopsis of the show about the often crazy branch manager who tries to save his job as well as his ailing branch?

  31. @38. Alex – Jon Lovitz is PERFECT! You should help cast this show!! Please, Office gods, pick Jon Lovitz!!!

  32. I am going to call it now. Kelly will be the new boss thanks to the “Print in all Colors” program. I think it will work out well too!!

    If it’s not Kelly, Gabe, Jan or Holly would be awesome.

  33. Get Rob Wells!!! Not as a replacement for Michael but as a warehouse guy! This guy is funny and creative. he would be the ultimate edition to the office.

  34. I would love to see Creed be awarded the Branch Manager position for two episodes. The first would be a gloriously bizarre ascension. the second a gloriously bizarre abdication. I can think of little that would refresh me so much in these bizarre times. “Right on my brother.”

  35. #7_Glasses:

    Jim is not a contender for the manager position the same reason Pam didn’t finish art school…

    they’re both slackers.

    Corporate politics don’t really interest either of them and they’re both focused on the baby.

    There were a couple of episodes alluding to the fact that they’d both prefer to spend more time at home with Cici. However, just taking a glance back at previous episodes, neither of them realistically have the drive nor ambition to do anything other than make each other happy.

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