1. Jenna looks gorgeous! Marriage does good for John and Jenna. Thanks for the awesomeness Tanster! (As always!)

    [from tanster: it’s been a busy and exciting week! :) ]

  2. I can’t wait for drunk Jim and Pam. “THIS WAS THE BEST…DUNDIES…EVER! WOOOOOOO!” + “I’m a drunk driver” = Awesomeness.

  3. Bummer, the video seems to be down. I wonder if Drunk Jim and Pam will be frisky…I don’t think we have ever seen Frisky Jim and Pam ;)

  4. Ed Helms looks like he just woke up. Love Jenna’s hair. Can’t wait to see drunk Pam and Jim.

  5. So excited for a drunk Jim and Pam! I want silliness and lots of flirting! This may be the best V-Day ep yet.

    Jenna really does look amazing!

  6. Drunk Jim and Pam sounds like so much fun! I agree that Jenna looks really pretty. It’s nice to see her and John do an interview together.

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