The Office: Threat Level Midnight, 7.17

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Threat Level Midnight

Writer: B.J. Novak, Director: Tucker Gates

Summary (NBC): After eleven years of writing, shooting, re-shooting and editing, Michael is finally ready to present his long-awaited action movie, “Threat Level Midnight,” to his coworkers and love interest Holly. But is he ready for their reactions? “Threat Level Midnight” stars Michael Scott as “Agent Michael Scarn,” Dwight Schrute as Scarn’s butler sidekick, and Jim Halpert as archnemesis “Goldenface,” along with many familiar faces from Michael’s past. Guest stars: Amy Ryan, Melora Hardin, Linda Purl, Rashida Jones, David Denman, Andy Buckley.

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‘Threat Level: Midnight’ video clips

A trailer of Michael Scott’s film Threat Level: Midnight.

Entertainment Weekly reports (spoiler alert!):

B.J. Novak — who wrote the episode as well as Threat Level Midnight — sums up [the film]: “Action. Heart. Comedy. Music. Dance. And very violent wish fulfillment involving Toby. I don’t think cinema has seen a hostage murdered with such relish. We actually spent $10,000 on the shot of Toby’s head exploding, and we establish that Michael spent a similar amount.” Novak notes that the episode was the “most conceptually ambitious” in the show’s history; more than 50 percent of the half-hour is comprised of footage from the movie. (The full film, which is 25 minutes long, will be made available on the season 7 DVD.)

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